Angelina Jolie & Her Giggly Girls

We can’t get enough of the Jolie-Pitts! Angelina Jolie was spotted outside a supermarket with two of her six children – daughters Zahara Marley, 4 ½ and Shiloh Nouvel, 3 – in Brignoles, France on Monday (October 5). Shiloh gave us a toothless smile, while Zaraha giggled and skipped alongside her mom and little sis.

Brangelina has just returned from the Middle East where they helped raise awareness for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who remain in exile. While in Jordan, the A-listers were spotted with their 1-year-old adorable twins: son Knox and daughter Vivienne.

The couple are also parents to Maddox Chivan, 8 and 5 ½-year-old Pax Thien.


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  1. good on angelina for letting her kids choose their own style – couldn’t be more apparent than in this contrast between z and s. cute!

  2. Love these pics and agree; love that Angelina allows her kids to follow their own style. Zahara’s smile is great to see. Say what you will about Brangelina but their kids seem happy, well cared-for and contented.

  3. They really are sweet. And Shilo looks like a Brad Mini-Me here… Evenmoreso with that missing tooth. What’s with that by the way? Did I miss something? She looks like the sweetest Denis the Menace charachter that Brad would have played as a little kid… And I mean that in a really good way…

  4. These girls are just so adorable! It´s great that Brad and Angie let their children to express their individuality in their clothing. Zee looks just beautiful in that dress and Shi looks hilarious with that hat and tie that certainly belong to her daddy. It´s wonderful to see Zee smile for a change. She normally looks so serious and almost hostile when she goes out with her parents and siblings. But I don´t blame her. She has this most beautiful little smile which surely lightens up the room when she enters it. Shi and Zee seem to be really close to each other. It´s easy to see when one watches how tightly Zee and Shi are holding each other´s hands. They are really inseparable. They sure share a room at Miraval. These children seem to be very well cared-for and totally happy.

  5. I think Shiloh just look too cute 🙂 and it’s even more cuter the she wants to wear boy’s clothes and be named “john”.. that’s a great help to their future personality. I think all brangelina kids will grow determinate and strong, happy to be the way they are, with no difference.
    And Zahara is very very pretty, more girly lately 🙂 Angelina and Brad sure are great parents!!

  6. Wait so people have a problem with Suri wearing nail polish and heels, but a strapless dress on a jolie-pitt kid is appropriate? I”m all for letting kids have their own style, but Zahara should not be allowed to wear that dress.

    • The dress has shoulder-straps, and she’s wearing what looks like a tank-top underneath. The right strap slipped (and Z is adjusting it in the latter photos).

  7. This is very cute and funny. Zahara’s dress is not strapless–it’s a regular little girl’s sundress, but the strap has slipped.
    What is the deal with Shiloh missing a tooth? She’s only 3 and baby teeth don’t usually fall out until age 6 or so. Or was there an accident?
    Anyway, an adorable group.

  8. Vivienne looks like a mini Angie. Too cute. I love how Angie is not ashamed to go out with her kid dressed like that LOL. Most mothers would be like “nu uh.. ” shiloh looks like she’s in her dress up play clothes . Last time she was carrying around her play sword. lol

  9. To Ally: You have got to be kidding. Nobody’s gender identity is set in stone at the age of three.

    To Lucia: Check the photo again. Z’s dress has shoulder straps.

  10. To Annie: Pax knocked Shiloh’s tooth out by accident while they were playing football. According to all accounts, Angie cleaned Shiloh up and she ran right back to the game. She’s one tough little kid.

  11. They are so cute. Love Shi’s style… I was a tomboy myself growing up… hated dresses and skirts so much.. my mom said even as a toddler I cried when she put me in a dress ^^
    now I don’t mind so much anymore… 🙂

    • She is a beautiful little girl who enjoys active play with her two older brothers. Do you have a problem with that?

  12. Shiloh is just like my dtr. They have their own identity and strive to be different. She will prob be the actor in the family. Love her. Angie and Brad are doing a great job as parents, the children look happy and sure they are having fun having siblings. They will grow up having an interesting life. Angie once said that she saw a little bit of herself in Shi. I love this little girl!!! She has always demonstrated an interest in what is going on around her and was never really shy around the paps.
    Z will be the girlie girl. Looking forward to see what type of personality Viv will have.

  13. I am SO glad that no one on this blog is saying that Zahara’s hair needs to be braided or anything. Praises be for that!

    Wish there wasn’t such a big hub-bub over Shiloh’s choice of clothing, though. If the reports are to be believed, the girl is a tom-boy who loves rough-housing with her big brothers.

  14. I love how Shiloh dresses herself! It’s really cute 🙂 When my sister was that age she practically lived in a white and blue checked hat with a red rose on it and a blue silky dress with pink lacy edging that were both too big for her. My parents couldn’t get out of them! Kids that age are just starting to know what independence is, and often like to dress themselves. I think it’s adorable.
    Shiloh reminds me so much of a little Sofia Vassilieva, the girl in Medium and My Sister’s Keeper. Her and Zee are both gorgeous, and as someone said earlier, Zee has Angelina’s smile, even though technically they’re not related. I think it’s interesting how that sometimes happens. I know a woman who is an absolute clone of her mother, but I found out a few years ago that she’s actually her adopted mother. Anyway, gorgeous girls 🙂

  15. I doubt that story about Pax knocking teeth out its from Star Magazine and they are always making up lies about this family. another tab claimed she was playing football while another claims the tooth was removed by a dentist for a medical reason

  16. This might be a cultural thing (I’m from Scandinavia) but I don’t just get the gender spesific thing. IMO all that should matter is wether the children are healthy, happy and loved and that’s what I see in these pictures.
    Don”t we all think nodays that women can do do all the things men can so why can’t they look like what they want.

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