Gwen Stefani & Her Bakery Boys

Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale took their two boys – Kingston, 3, and Zuma, 1 – to the La Brea Bakery in West Hollywood on Sunday (October 11). The always fashionable family bundled up on a cool fall day in Southern California. On the way in, Zuma was sound asleep on Gwen’s shoulder and Kingston was playful as usual.

We just spotted Gwen and Zuma at LAX over the weekend, while Gavin and Kingston were seen enjoying some one-on-one time. What a cute family!


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  1. FInally…. someone else notices that the bleach his hair!!!… everyone is always bashing suri and company, and other kids for being kids.. and yet the one 3yrold.. that something truly needs to be talked bout, which Kingston is a beautiful boy, but YOu don’t bleach your brown haired kids hair Blonde!~

    • Exactly! I love Gwen but she seems a little over the top with making fashion statements with her kids. Kingston doesn’t look like a normal little kid, he looks like a little model…Gwen better be careful, once he goes to school he’s going to get teased for his clothes and hair.

  2. Yeah, Kingston looks much better with his natural hair color. I don’t know why Gwen bleached his hair, I disapprove it. Anyway, I’m in love with Kingston :))))

  3. Gwen can do whatever she wants with her kids. Almost everytime there is new pictures of Kingston there never fails to be comments on his hair, I don’t see anything wrong with it, it’s up to Gwen, she’d never do anything to hurt Kingston. It’s probably not something I’d do myself but for goodness sake please leave Gwen alone.

    Anyway, Kingston and Zuma are my favourite celeb kids, they are adorable. I love Kingston’s boots and hair!

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