Trista Sutter: “It Was Harder To Lose Weight This Time”

Trista Sutter, former star of The Bachelorette, is the first to admit that taking off the baby weight is really hard work. The 36-year-old mom-of-two gained roughly 43 pounds before giving birth to her second child in April. She is now down to 108 pounds and talking about her weight loss with Life & Style. “It was harder to lose weight this time around. I gained 10 more pounds this time” with Blakesley, 6 months, than with Max, now 2.

Trista went on to say it was hard, yet rewarding to find the time for herself: “I’m in mommy mode all day long, so to have an hour to myself four times a week to just sweat it out is a little relief for me. My routine is a mix of cardio and interval resistance training.” Trista also said her diet was different the second time around. “I had gestational diabetes with Max, so I really had to watch what I ate at the end of that pregnancy. With Blakesley, I didn’t have diabetes, so I went all out — I ate everything.”

After six to eight weeks of hard work, Trista started to see results. “I’m definitely my own worst critic. I’m very critical of how I look and feel, mainly because I want to feel sexy for my husband,” Ryan Sutter, whom Trista met on The Bachelorette and married in 2003.


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  1. Why on earth are we still hearing about this nobody Trista?!

    Her 15 minutes of fame have been over for a long time!

    Go away Trista!

  2. She is so selfish.

    Our world is falling apart right now due to war, recession, poverty and etc. and this idiot thinks we give a crap about her weight?!

  3. I wish she would just go away. I guess she makes money for exploiting herself and family. I don’t care about her body b4 or after baby. N I am not jealous, I love myself and so does my husband.

  4. I watched her season of the Bachelorette, and by the end of it, all I could think of her was that she is just a very shallow, superficial person. The wedding special–oh my goodness.

  5. Trista Sutter is media trash!

    She is desparate for attention.

    She will always be a nobody.

    She is just an every day average person married to a regular guy!

  6. Have any of you ‘haters’ considered the possibility that perhaps the interviewer from Life & Style magazine ASKED HER about how losing weight after baby #2 was for her? Was she supposed to reply, “No comment?” She answers a question and then gets trashed for it. Obviously reading about it interests you, otherwise you wouldn’t have read and commented on the article. Maybe y’all should lighten up a bit! Yeah, the world seems to be falling apart, but ‘hating on’ other people doesn’t make it any better!

  7. We are NOt haters!

    We are just stating the facts about this pathetic nobody of a woman who keeps exploiting herself and her family for money!

    • That sounds a lot like hate to me. But what do I know? I’m just glad that everyone doesn’t feel justified in spewing unkindness. The world would be a much worse place, then!

      Remember, just because you don’t like someone (that you’ve never even met), doesn’t mean that everyone shares your opinion, nor does it mean that your perspective is FACT. What you’ve stated is your OPINION about this person, and you’re entitled to it; just don’t confuse that with fact. You may be right, and you might be wrong. I’d rather err on the side of caution, and give the other person the benefit of the doubt, especially because what we read and see of these famous people isn’t necessarily the whole story and/or under their control. At least that’s how I see it!

  8. So because the world is so called ” falling apart” she isn’t aloud to speak about her life. The magazine probably came to her and asked her about her 2nd baby and how she lost her weight. This is a women’s magazine and a lot of women are probably interested in how she lost the weight. Just because “you” haven’t heard of her doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to speak out about her life, weight loss etc. Calm down people. Don’t read about her if you don’t like her.

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