Elisabeth Hasselbeck Introduces Isaiah Timothy

On Monday (October 19), Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her return as co-host of The View – nearly three months after welcoming her son, Isaiah Timothy – and couldn’t help but gush about her third child.

“He’ll never be able to spell his own name, but that’s fine,” she joked. “He’s almost three months or so. He’s good.”

The 32-year-old mom-of-three also showed off the above photo that she took shortly after Isaiah’s birth on August 8. She then recalled a mishap she had while taking another picture on her iPhone:

I had just been feeding him, so I took this photo. You know when your baby smiles for the first time – I reach for the iPhone and take the photo. No wonder why he is smiling – because my nipple is in the photo! Awkwardly, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law saw it. It’s worse than drunk dialing, It’s embarrassing.”

Hasselbeck and her husband – former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck – have two other children: Grace Elisabeth, 4, and Taylor Thomas, 21 months.

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  1. No one will know how to spell the name. He’ll be correcting people for the rest of his life. Also, the baby is three months old. This is the best picture she could come up with?

  2. Clearly something is seriously wrong with this baby. Why wouldn’t EH have more recent photos? Why did the baby have to go back in to the hospital for a “few weeks”? It is so sad that EH is scared to discuss what is wrong with her baby because she thinks she will be viewed as less than perfect. It must be really serious. Perhaps he has Down’s Syndrome which looks like a possibility from the photo she did provide.

    • Sunshine you are clearly looking for a comment based on that horrible post. This is a baby you are talking about – why would you even comment about the possibility of Down Syndrome???

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