Ali Landry: “Must Have Products For Parents & Children”

Ever wonder which products celebrity moms can’t live without? I know I do! With the best of the best at their fingertips, celebrity moms are usually in the know when it comes to hot products.

Actress Ali Landry, owner of the boutique children’s clothing line Belle Parish, put together a list of her top “must have” items exclusively for Celebrity Baby Scoop! The Bella star compiled a few of her recommendations for parents, children and moms-to-be. We just spoke to Ali a couple of weeks ago in regards to her adorable clothing line and from what we’ve seen, this mama has excellent taste!

For Moms-to-be

  • Momzee Jeans– “The best fitting, best looking jeans!”

For Moms:

  • Moby Wrap Baby Carrier– “Estela loved being in this wrap, but I think I loved it more because it allowed me to sit through an entire movie while she cuddled in her favorite spot!”
  • Dunsten Baby Language DVDs – “This DVD was a lifesaver for us! It allowed me to understand and meet the needs of my newborn from day 1.”
  • Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tanks – “I lived in these for the entire time that I was nursing Estela. They were so comfortable and practical!”
  • The C-Panty – “This is a new product that I was just introduced to at ABC Kids show. For moms who have a c section, these new panties look like a dream!”

For Babies:

  • Dolly and Dimples™ – “Their Mary Jane socks with lace trim are great! They are so beautiful and actually stayed on her little feet.”

For Children:

  • Mabel’s Labels – “Not until I sent Estela to preschool did I really appreciate how amazing these labels are. We put them on everything!”

For Dads:

  • Happiest Baby on Block DVD – “Alejandro mastered the techniques on this DVD. I called him the Baby Whisperer. I owe everything to Dr Karp as with the help of the Happiest Baby On The Block we had Estela sleeping through the night at 2 weeks old.”
  • Bump T Shirts for Dad – “Alejandro wore this t shirt during the pregnancy and in the delivery room. In fact, he still wears it today.”


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