Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Yo Halloween!

Yo Gabba Gabba! RadarOnline caught Brangelina and their brood trick-or-treating in the Los Angeles area on Halloween night (October 31).

Brad looked hilarious dressed up as DJ Lance Rock from the kids TV show Yo Gabba Gabba! Angie went as the walking dead, while 8-year-old Maddox was a dead army soldier, 4 ½-year-old Zahara was Batgirl and Shiloh, 3, was a jet fighter.

Check out the pictures of the Jolie-Pitts trick-or-treating on Halloween at!


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  1. I’m not usually someone who cares what people do, but as someone who lost a fiancé in the war, I find letting a little boy dress as a pale, dead army soldier with blood coming from his nose to be in very poor taste. 🙁

  2. I’m not sure Maddox’s costume was entirely appropriate for a country at war… my boyfriend has recently returned from Afghanistan and still has nightmares about the explosions he faced and the friends he lost. I’m sure people will tell me that it’s not our decision, but I seriously question Brad and Angie’s choice here. Shouldn’t we teach our kids a little sensitivity?

    • Leave Maddox alone Blame your previous president BUSH, kids don’t understand about war???

      • Have your beliefs if you wish, but at least consider that America is not the only country at war; America is not the only country experiencing casualties of war. Soldiers dying is a devastation shared worldwide, and that realization should be a somber, mournful one. It’s not something that is silly or worth celebrating in costume. I would have though Angelina and Brad of all people, who have had the privilege of visiting war-torn countries, would encourage respectful sorrow in their children for the deaths universally endured in wars. It’s surprising to instead see that they’ve even spread mock blood below their child’s nose, a very realistic manifestation of trauma.

      • I don’t think that I accused Maddox of sending the country to war. And you’re right, kids don’t know about this stuff, however, Brad and Angelina certainly do. This doesn’t have to be about politics – it’s about teaching children sensitivity. How would you feel if you lost a loved on in the war and had this costume come trick-or-treating on your doorstep?

        Leave the caps lock key to Kanye.

  3. Maddox costume is not poor taste. Its only for one night to me he looks like a zombie not a dead soldier. If he was Hitler then people should complain. But what I find poor taste in costume is noah cyrus now that is a costume no little girl should wear.

    • “to me he looks like a zombie not a dead soldier”
      Really? A soldier uniform (complete with trousers and jacket) looks to you like a zombie costume?

    • your calling a toddler trans gender? wow.

      and has anyone noticed that angelina is also wearing the white spray stuff that is making everyone assume maddox is a dead soilder? maybe maddox wasen’t intentionally going as a dead soilder. maybe angelina bought that for herself and maddox wanted to wear some too. just a thought.

  4. These pics are absolutely cute. Nice to see the Jolie-Pitt family doing normal things like going trick-or-treating. Brad looks just hilarious in that costume and also the kids look just adorable. maybe Maddox chose to dress up as a soldier and to me it´s alright. he can wear whatever costume he likes. Zahara looks just adorable in that Batgirl outfit and Shi is really cute in that camouflage outfit. It´s easy to see that she adores her big bro Mad and wants to dress just like him. Wonder what Pax was wearing. He must have been kind of scared of all the cameras and stayed behind. Maybe he had a camouflage outfit too. Angie looks really wonderful too.

  5. Because someone at Radaronline described the costume as a dead soldier you accept itas a fact gmab Because I’m sure they passed out a press release with a description of the costume to the paparazzi. Shiloh’s outfit doesnt look like a jet pilot either. I’ve seen these pics on 10 sites and for some reason this is the only site where Maddox is seen as a dead soldier. Interesting. I really doubt it, Angie has visited soldiers 3 times this year including passing out giftcards to families at Walter Reed. I really doubt that they would be mocking dead soldiers

    • He is wearing army fatigues, white face, powder in his hair, with blood under his nose. Is there really any guessing what his Halloween costume was?

      As a teacher, if one of my students came to school dressed like that on Halloween, he or she would have been sent home immediately with a guidance meeting to follow at a later date. And I am not exaggerating with that.

  6. I agree, Traveler, to me he looks like a zombie soldier, and I see nothing wrong with that either. Halloween is a celebration of scary and spooky things, and just because some costumes might mesh with reality a little bit doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate or meant to be offensive. I don’t think it diminishes the unfortunate circumstances that surround war, no more than a samurai costume would diminish the tragic end (to some people) of the Samurai era in Japan, or an Elvis or MJ costume would diminish or mock the very sad ends to Elvis/MJ’s lives. The soldiers knowingly face death every day, that is an unfortunate truth, and an even worse truth is that some die. It makes us sad, yes- but that doesn’t mean we have to judge Angelina and Brad for a costume that wasn’t meant to be (and shouldn’t be) a political statement. I don’t think the costume makes light of any soldier’s death. I think it’s an expression of imagination of what may happen after it.

  7. People, lets not make excuses for something like this simply because it is done by Brangelina and you are a huge fan.. It is sad that a parent (no child can think of such a costume by themselves) can choose this for a child.

    • What kind of children do you know? He’s 8. He can think for himself. I’ve known four year olds who decide what they want to be for Halloween and are just as descriptive and thoughtful as any adult. Quite thinking kids are mindless.

  8. I don’t see the problem with it. So he’s a dead soldier. Soldiers die in honorable ways too. Maybe he chose the costume himself and decided that he thinks dying for his country (or whatever his reason I don’t know) is cooler than being anything else. I highly doubt he’s trying to make a statement.

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