Julie Bowen & Oliver Pucker Up

Awwww! Lost star Julie Bowen planted one on her sweet 2-year-old son Oliver at the March of Dimes 4th Annual Celebration of Babies in Beverly Hills on Saturday (November 7). Julie and husband Scott Phillips are also parents to 5-month-old twin sons, John and Gus.

The 39-year-old mother of three sons (under the age of 3!) recently admitted that So You Think You Can Dance, The Colbert Report, Hung and Mad Men are her current favorite TV shows.

It’s because I have no life,” she joked. “All I have is kids. There is no event worth paying $100 for babysitters that can’t be beat by watching TiVo.”

Bowen currently stars on the season’s breakout comedy, ABC’s Modern Family.

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  1. She was on about 5 episodes of Lost and that was several seasons ago.. her character has not been on is some time. She’s been on Weeds more recently than Lost (albeit another guest role). I am used to articles referring to the most recent body of work..this seems haphazard.

  2. I personally think that people should stick to commenting on the story rather than criticizing the writers of the post. I think that CBS is doing a great job…who cares if they associated Julie Bowen with LOST? I know her from many projects, it really doesn’t matter 🙂

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