Happy 2nd Birthday Bailey DeLuca Baio!

Name: Bailey DeLuca Baio
Birth details: November 2, 2007; 5 weeks premature; weighed 5 lbs., 12 oz.
Parents: Scott and Renee Baio
Siblings: Kalyn, 20-years-old
Fact: Bailey tested positive for G-A 1 within days of her birth (which was later determined to be a false-positive test result). Scott and Renee have since created BBAF to raise awareness and assist families affected by G-A 1 and other OA’s.

Happy birthday Bailey Baio! Proud mama Renee Baio told Celebrity Baby Scoop all about Bailey’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday (November 7):

She had an awesome time. It was a very small party this year with just our close friends and family. The location was Lollipop Dream in Sherman Oaks, Calif. We hired a Belle from Once upon a Princess. The Ariel was Kalyn. She handmade that outfit (no sewing machine, all sewn by hand) BB was also a lil’ Belle. The guests dressed up and made crafts (purses & picture frames) had a tea party and Belle sang to the children before the Tinkerbell cupcake cake and cupcakes were presented. Each lil’ guest left with a gift bag filled with Prince/Princess gifts. Some of the guests brought BB a present, but were asked to make a small donation to BBAF instead of gifts. We took her to see Terry Fator’s show on her actual Birthday.”

Click below to read about what Bailey is into these days and hear about the terrible health scare Scott and Renee endured when Bailey was first born…

Sounds like her birthday was a blast! And what kinds of things does your adorable 2-year-old love to do?

Bailey is into ALL of the Disney princesses. She loves to have tea parties. Scott plays ball with her a lot and is trying to teach her tennis (and later will come golf). She loves to dance (like ballet). She likes the wiggles, Terry Fator, Dancing With The Stars and America’s Funniest Videos. She is all about music dancing and for us to read her books. She loves hanging out in her big sister’s room as she finds lots of things to get into (makeup, her pocket book, her cell phone).”

Sadly, Bailey was actually a twin: “We lost Bailey’s twin at 12 – 14 weeks of gestation, right before finding out the gender,” Renee told Celebrity Baby Scoop. Not only did Scott and Renee endure this loss, Bailey then tested positive for G-A 1 within days of her birth.

Renee and Scott created the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation ® (BBAF) to raise awareness and much needed charitable funding for the metabolic disorder known as G-A 1 and other OA’s. To read more about their charitable efforts, click here to read our exclusive interview with Renee.

Follow BBAF on facebook. And be sure to check out Scott’s Twitter page where he posts candid pics of Bailey and provides information on metabolic disorders and other OA’s.

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