Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Paint The Town Red

Both in red dresses, Katie Holmes and her 3 1/2-year-old daughter Suri Cruise were spotted out on the town in Boston on Friday (November 6). Suri was sporting a cute red dress, jacket and flats at the beginning of their travels. As the outing continued, Suri had a wardrobe change into a short-sleeved pink dress.

The mother-daughter duo caused quite a stir last week when Suri was seen drinking from a bottle on the set of Katie’s new film, The Romantics, in New York.

The pair are in town to visit papa Tom Cruise who is currently filming Wichita in the New England city.


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    • I’m pretty sure someone who is part of a religious cult based solely on the writings of a science fiction writer doesn’t have a whole lot of room for derision of others and how they raise their kid. Bottle habits and all..

    • So because this person is a Scientologist, they shouldn’t have an opinion on the bottle thing, even when he’s/she’s in agreeance with pretty much every other poster on the issue?? One person even picked on their spelling. Judgmental losers. You people are the reason bullying is still popular at schools. Get over yourselves.

  1. I cannot believe the pictures I saw the other day of Katie feeding Suri a bottle!

    This child is 3 1/2 years old, wearing high heeled shoes and drinking a bottle!

    There is something terribly wrong here!

  2. Why are people so concerned about what she wears and the fact that she drinks out of a bottle? There are children around the world STARVING to death and you think there’s something wrong with Suri? Why don’t you put your time, effort and “worries” into something that actually matters.

  3. What about teh fact she changes outfits DURING an outing? Has anyone else ever done that? Into a sleeveless dress????? But enough about their parenting kookiness….Katie sure has that look on her face …the one where your kid is being a total pain in the neck?Or maybe its the paps, but she doesn’t look like she is having fun.

  4. I was excited with the first picture thinking, they finally dressed I properly ! Then just as I would have expected, she switched dresses.

    People need to stop complaining that we have negative comments on this family.
    Believe me, the site owners LOVE the drama that Katie and Suri bring to their web site ! In fact, they egg us on.

  5. hey annoymous the site owners just post the pictures the photo agency has and The Cruise Holmes family is photographed probably everyday, several times a day so of course there will be a lot of photo’s of them. You don’t need to be rude to the site owners here. They do a great job for this site and I just want to thank them for running it so well.

  6. I really don’t think Katie would have forced Suri into the short-sleeved dress. She obviously wanted to change. Suri looks like a happy kid, it is honestly ridiculous how much her parents are criticized on how they’re raising her. She’s healthy, she’s happy, who really cares what she drinks out of or whether her dress has sleeves or not?

  7. Anyone thought that maybe she ruined her dress and had to choice. Do any of you people have kids? Let her parents raise her. Just stick to blogging. The bottle won’t kill her you know. Neither will she walk with it down the isle.

  8. Suri wears her famous beautiful ruffled waist silk dress in red by Holmes & Yang Collection, and Cozy Chic Toddler Jacket by BAREFOOT DREAMS IN BAMBOO ECO COLLECTION, leggings by AMERICAN APPAREL and Petite Safir – Shiny leather studded pumps in black color by MALOLES PETITE.

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  9. the only dress Suri wears again again and again are the ones from Katies collection (in blue, pink and red). Who can spell “PRODUCT PLACEMENT” ? Nice one Katie…pimping out your kid to sell frocks….

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