Pamela Anderson Defends Son’s Violent Reaction

Pamela Anderson is currently living in a beach side trailer with her two sons, Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11, while their Malibu home is being renovated. According to the Baywatch star, her two boys with ex-husband Tommy Lee are “terrorizing” residents of the trailer park.

In addition to “riding their dirt bikes through the whole trailer park, going crazy, doing flips,” it sounds like the boys are also reacting to mom’s past career choices. The 42-year-old mother of two went on to say that Brandon got in trouble at school for protecting her honor.

My son got in trouble at school for beating somebody up. Well, not really beating somebody up. Just one of the counselors, who’s 18 or 19, made a rude comment about me to him. Brandon threw his Red Bull (drink) on him and then went after him and they had to peel him off him. Now I’m getting called into school. But I think when somebody says something bad about your mother, what are you supposed to do? It is hard when other kids are like, ‘I’ve seen your mom with her clothes off!’ I’ve tried to teach my kids I have no problem with nudity. Violence isn’t good but Brandon was really upset, he was shaking and crying and looking in my eyes. It’s so sad.”

What are your thoughts? Should Brandon be disciplined for his violent reaction?

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