Introducing Heidi Samuel!

Supermodel Heidi Klum has officially changed her name to Heidi Samuel to reflect her husband Seal’s surname, reports PEOPLE.

The papers, filed today (November 20) and approved by a Los Angeles commissioner, provide a one-word reason for the name change – marriage. Heidi and Seal, who welcomed their fourth child together just last month, have been married for more than four years.

Heidi, 36, looked stunning earlier this week when made a surprise appearance on the runway in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York.

No word yet on whether or not she’ll adopt the surname professionally.

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  1. I can understand why she wanted to change her name but she has to think about her daughter Leni she will feel left out being the only one with the surname Klum, Heidi should change Leni’s name to Samuel.

  2. I love the name Heidi Samuel! That shows how much she loves Seal. Maybe she´ll change Leni´s last name too at some point. I don´t think that Leni´s biological father Flavio Briatore will mind about the name change.

  3. i think “heidi samuel” is great. but she’s also a business woman, there are tons of stuff have the name “heidi klum” on them, so it’s like changing a brand name. if you’ve been to germany, you’d know there are “heidi klum” candies. lol i don’t know…..maybe she will still use klum on her products.

  4. As the oldest child in a family where my mother remarried and had 3 more kids, while i kept my mothers last name around the same age, I can attest to not really feeling left out. She probably wont care, its her last name, its not like anything big is changing for her. When shes older she might toy with the idea, but I bet unless Heidi changes it, she will keep it. I kept mine until I married, and i never felt excluded, left out, singled out, etc.

  5. I’m from germany and I can asure you there is no such thing als heidi klum candy

    Her name is connected with the show germany’s next topmodel ; and some kind of jewelry and sandals

  6. @ Anon,
    There are Heidi Klum gummy candies and they are made by Hill side candy.
    She also has a skin care line called in an instant. Are you sure you’re German?

    • I’m absolutely certain I’m from Germany. And after searching the Internet I can explain: Heidi promoted Gummy candies for a german firm named “Katjes”, and now “Katjes” (with a little help vom hill side candy) as entered the US by putting her name on it.

      So, I think it’s understandable that a girl from Germany (me) didn’t know anything about that, as the candies are just called “Katjes” here.

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