Suri Cruise’s Girls Day Out

Katie Holmes, along with her adorable 3 ½-year-old daughter Suri and stepdaughter Isabella Jane Cruise enjoyed a girls day out in New York City today (November 22). The happy trio started off with a shopping trip to Soho and lunch at Balthazaar.

Afterward they enjoyed a ballet performance and finished their evening with dessert at Serendipity 3.

Instead of her signature heels, little Suri was sporting a pair of bright green and pink fairy rain boots and a matching backpack.

She looks more like her mother everyday!

Isabella, who will celebrate her seventeenth birthday next month, is Tom Cruise’s daughter whom he adopted with Nicole Kidman.


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  1. I wonder, if Nicole Kidman is involved in Isabella and Connor life anymore? You haven’t seen her with her adopted children for some years now. Not even a rumor that she was spotted with them.

  2. katie is the perfect example of irresponsible parenting. actions speak louder than words!!!! come on your dressed in a jacket and your step daughter is too, and your 3 year old isn’t? nyc is pretty chilly ya know. oh geez i have no further say in this….

    • I’m sorry, but a seemingly happy, healthy, energetic three year old speaks volumes louder to me. Children are pretty vocal if they’re uncomfortable, I’m sure if Suri were cold she would tell her mother.

  3. Ok, I think Tom and Katie are a joke but I love that navy dress on Suri. Why does Isabella look like the badly dressed help? Does only Suri get the 3m dollar wardrobe?

  4. It’s been in the 50’s to 60’s in New York. The north east has been having an abnormally warm fall. I went out without a coat today too. There is nothing wrong with it. Jackets are often used as fashion accessories, and as you can see, she is wearing tights, so that will help keep her warm too.

    As for Isabella, maybe she didn’t want to get dressed up. Nothing wrong with that.

    You all are so quick to jump to assumptions. When I first saw this post I thought, thank god, she isn’t wearing heels. Maybe people will finally leave them alone. Guess people have nothing better to do with their time . . .

  5. As a parent of a 3 year old little girl, you cannot make them wear a coat if they are not going to, it is not like Katie and her Family were hiking up a hill in the snow. As for Isabella, she is 17 and you cannot force her to wear pretty dresses like Suri, she is going to dress how she prefers. I love how women and mothers can criticize so easily. Would you like strangers commenting on your life??

  6. In the second photo of all three of them, I actually think Bella and Suri look quite similar, which is interesting. It seems to happen quite often, that an adopted child will actually resemble another family member who technically they are of no relation to. Like for example, Zahara has the same nose and lips as Shiloh, even though they’re not biologically related. Anyway, Suri’s absolutely gorgeous and she seems like a very happy little girl 🙂

  7. Pick, pick, pick. I think she looks cute. She’s old enough to know when she’s cold, and to tell someone if she is. Even babies will alert you to being too warm/cold if you pay attention. Some people are just warmer than others. My husband considers this shorts weather (we’re on the East coast, too). At least she’s not wearing heels.

  8. I can say from experience….If they ought to be wearing a coat, *of course* you can make sure they wear a coat — and w/o uproar or badgering — it might impinge on your schedule the first couple of attempts, but it can be done. It amazes me how easily parents just throw up their hands anymore 😉 As for the criticism of critics: (1) I’m sure strangers *do* comment on us as we’re living our lives — and we shouldn’t care any more than celebrities should; (2) To the best of my knowledge, this isn’t a fansite, where policy and practice forbid saying anything remotely negative. Otherwise, a comments section is for, you know, comments (stated CBS policy forbids only outright ugliness); (3) Once you’re viewing stuff on this website, you’ve crossed the line of “not having anything better to do with your time,” so to speak (and I mean that in the kindest way possible…tongue in cheek) — so posting a comment, whether “Adorable!” or “Put a coat on that child!” really doesn’t make a gnat’s worth of difference. (IMHO, it should go w/o saying – haha)

  9. Anon #1 – Last time I heard they didn’t live with tom or Nicole, they live with Tom’s sister and they haven’t even met Sunday or Keith yet. Allegra – Connor looks exactly like Tom even though there’s no blood relation, they have the same mannerisms and features.

  10. Whoa Suri that outfit is crazy but adorable.!
    She is so cute!
    Oh my goodness I can’t wait to see how she dresses when she’s a teen.

  11. I feel so sorry for this child. She is being exploited and pimped out. How come we don’t get much of Angie and Brad’s kids? Cuz obviously they know how to protect there children and keep them out of the public eye. I feel sorry when this child is old enough to know how to use a computer. She wouldn’t even need to take pictures of herself.. just needs to google herself and find her pictures (from the day she could walk must I add) plastered all over the internet every single day of her life! Sad sad..

  12. I think that Nicole Kidman still is very involved in her older children´s – Isabella and Connor´s – lives. Why shouldn´t she be? They are after all her children just as much as Sunday Rose. As far as Suri is concerned she looks really adorable in these pics. But where on earth is her coat? Her mum is wearing one. Otherwise she looks just cute. Those rain boots are just beautiful. It seems that these colorful rain boots are a trend among Hollywood kids. About two months ago Zahara Jolie-Pitt was seen wearing colorful rain boots in France although it was still warm in South of France and now it´s Suri´s turn to wear these colorful rain boots. Suri must have had a lot of fun with mum Katie and big sis Isabella. Those two sure get along well although their age difference is quite big.

    • I don’t think it’s a Hollywood thing. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter. Rainboots are her thing. She has been wearing critter boots since she was 2 by her own choice. We finally discarded the fireman boots and the shiny red ones (believe me, she tried to wear them two sizes too small until I finally gave them away) but currently have frogs and a pair of ladybugs.

      Oh, and if you’re 3, they match everything. I had to put my foot down to wearing the frogs to a formal wedding…

  13. I hope i don’t sound overly rude. But, what is the big deal with a child NOT having a coat on. Suri isn’t complaining about being cold. If she were cold, then she would have one on. I know for my two girls, 2 and almost 5, I don’t make them wear a coat. I always have one for them with me. I ask if they want it on. Sometimes they say yes, other times they say no. So be it. It isn’t that big of a deal.

    It won’t kill Suri to not have on a coat. She is happy, and running around.

  14. wow she is soo pretty
    but the thing is, yes she is old enough to tell if she is cold or not .. but even if she says she is not cold, she should wear a jacket … hellow we are not in the bahamas …

    Katie should really get help from super nanny
    (or another nanny thing show) lol ..
    would be funny .. and it would be good for Suri !!

    The problem is, sometimes i do not like Suri at all …
    I don’t what her parents are doing but .. she looks
    less and less like a child .. she really looks like a ..

    Anyways .. whatever

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