Ben Affleck & His Balloon Beauty

Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck picked up his daughter Violet from school in Santa Monica on Tuesday (November 24). The father-daughter duo carried “Get Well Soon” balloons as they left the building. Violet – who put a soother in her mouth after getting into the car – will be celebrating her fourth birthday next month.

Ben has just arrived back in California for some family time after a few months in Boston working on his new flick, The Town.

Ben is married to 13 Going on 30 star Jennifer Garner. The couple are also parents to 10-month-old daughter, Seraphina.


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  1. With all of those get well balloons, I wonder who is sick? I hope it’s not Jen as she is a big cook and I would imagine she gets really into Thanksgiving!

  2. it can just as well be her sisters’ pacifier she found in the car
    we don’t know the background of this picture do we, so let’s not judge

  3. These are such beautiful pictures of Ben and his gorgeous doll baby. The balloons look like they are for a juvenile. Hope baby Sera is not sick.

    Which is worse thumbsucking or the pacifier? I notice that both Angie’s girls (Zahara and Shiloh) both suck their thumbs. Are they both harmful or it one worse than the other? Somebody please answer, as I really want to know.

  4. I know that both Jen and Ben have stated that would rather Violet not follow their career paths, but that child has such star quality. She is a natural with her happy persona. Captivating smile and sweet personality are so contagious. Even with that binky in her mouth she is still so freaking adorable.

  5. I thought the same thing – maybe she picked up the babies paci that was in the car. No need to jump right to “She’s too old”…..Benefit of the doubt.

  6. I find it hard to believe that this child is going on 4 next month and she has that ridiculous thing in her mouth, whether she found it or not, she should be capable of knowing.

  7. Suri still has her blanket instead of a proper coat, drinks from a bottle and now this child still uses a pacifier. Why?

  8. oh relax is only a soother and much easier to get rid of than a thumb so what if she’s four and still has one its not as if she is seen sucking on the thing all day long she may just still use it for naps and bedtime my daughter is 3yrs & 2 months and still uses her soother but mostly just when she is going to bed or if she’s really cranky during the day I have no intention of taking it off her just yet going to attempt for a santa exchange this year and if that doesn’t work will try again next year its not the end of the world!

  9. We don’t even let our 8 month old use a pacifier except for when she’s asleep! Even if she found her sisters, she should no better than to pop it in her mouth at that age. Unless she is used to using one, she wouldn’t just pop it in her mouth and start sucking.

  10. I never used a pacifier, and I never so much as sucked my thumb (tried it once when I saw my Kindergarten peers doing it, and that lasted all of 5 seconds), so I don’t know where to join in this pacifier debate.

    As long as she doesn’t end up like my 20-odd year old college classmate who sucks his entire index finger while in class. *shudders* Yea…that’s a sight to see.

    • Oh, aren’t you clever! One little typo and I should be shot, huh? Yeah, I’m 26 and I am a professional writer. So, yes, I’d reckon I know a bit more about the English language than you do. I would also guess I’m a better mother than you, if you even ARE one. Lame. Go back to kissing Jen Garner’s butt.

    • Well, since Jen Garner gets praised as basically being the best celebrity mother, I think it is very interesting that her four year old child is still taking a pacifier. If this was Suri, everyone would be up in arms about what a “horrible” mother Katie is. There’s a complete double standard. If we’re going to call Suri a spoiled girl who must get whatever she wants, than I would say it’s safe to say Violet gets whatever she wants, too.

  11. Has anybody thought that there is obviously a reason behind the get welk soon balloons whoever they are for so maybe Violet needs a bit of extra comfort for whatever reason.

  12. I read this theory that having a pacifier as long as the child wants it is supposed to have something to do with not starting smoking in later years – something about getting enough oral gratification. Considering what a miserable time I had giving up smoking, I would let my kid take a pacifier to college if it prevented that.

  13. I just enjoy seeing pics of celeb babies with their famous parents and find it a little odd that a lot of comments made are critical of parenting skills and/or the clothing choices of either parents and/or children to be somewhat unpleasant and some even bordering on cruelty. Please, I think children are such a blessing and should be cherished. Beyond that everything else is irrelevant.

    Thanks CBS for these beautiful pics of Violet and her dad. We rarely have an opportunity to see them as she is mostly seen with her mom.

  14. Maybe Violet has the pacifier because of seeing her baby sister using one. When my brother was born I started dringing my hot chocolate from a bottle again – and I was 8. I just wanted to do it because I saw him doing it, I guess it was my way of adjusting/reacting. I did it for a little while and then stopped. It was no big deal, it might be the same with Violet too. No link with “never saying no”.

    • Both you and your mother should be ashamed of this. You were old enough to know this wasn’t appropriate behavior, and your mother should have grown a spine and told you so. Any pediatrician will tell you that when/if a child regresses due to a new sibling, you don’t give in to it. You work to get them back to where they were.

  15. It seems like the celebs today have very poor parenting skills? Angelina Jolie’s Thumb sucking kids? Suri Cruise still drinking from a baby bottle? Violet Affleck with a pacifier? These are all shocking behavior from 3 and 4 year old children. I guess these parents don’t spend enough time disciplining? ….To each his own…but very odd.

  16. I’m not a mom, and i’m not planning on being one anytime soon, i’m 17, but i think that the pacifier can be really useful in a young age. My niece is 6 months old and she’s at that age when she takes absolutely everything into her mouth, i put the pacifier in her mouth when i think she’s gonna take something unhealthy there, she’s not old enough to understand. As someone already said, i don’t know the background of the picture, but if Violet is still using it, i don’t really see anything wrong with it. The only future problem would be her teeth and that can always be corrected. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that she had a little sister recently, kids tend to act more childish than normal when it happens.

    • Yes, a 6-month old will benefit from a pacifier sometimes. Even they should haven’t it all the time, because it will delay language development. A four year old no longer requires such a thing. That is just silly. Not being disparaging but, you’ll understand better when/if you become a parent in the future 🙂

  17. Someone tell me why the “professional writer” who can’t spell is so angry at everyone and Jennifer Garner? What causes someone to be so unpleasant ? Does she not have love in her life or what? Such terrible lives are witnessed at the holiday season no less. Yes, a 16 year old is more mature (thanks Maru!)

    • Got all the love I need, thanks! You don’t need to put “professional writer” in quotes, because it is really my job. I write technical documents. Typos are typos, but it’s good that YOU’RE so hate-filled that you have to pick on strangers. Perhaps, I think it’s a SHAME that parents don’t know how to act like PARENTS anymore. Sure, some KID who doesn’t have children can say “there’s nothing wrong with a 4-year old using a pacifier,” but I’d like to see what they say when they’re parents. It’s different when it’s your kid. Pacifiers cause speech delays. I’ve SEEN this happen, and it can completely destroy a family. When a child has something plugging up their mouth, they don’t talk. They end up YEARS behind. I watched my parents make this very mistake with my brother. They didn’t want to “upset” him by taking away the pacifier, and he didn’t speak until he was three! You have to be ready to be a parent when you have children! Part of that is letting them down when they are doing something they shouldn’t. You must not be a parent, because you really don’t get it. You don’t know me, so don’t judge me. Thanks!

  18. I have a bone to pick with Anonymous#1 – First, you did not criticize the content of the person’s post, but her writing. There is an unwritten rule that one doesn’t do this on comment sections of blogs. People from all over the world read these blogs, and many do not speak English as their primary language. I am not a native English speaker and sometimes make errors. Would this make my opinion less valid to you? Apparently it would. This perpetuates the stereotype that Americans are egotistical and think the world should and does revolve around them. You should be ashamed. Second, you seem to think the only way a person can be “mature” is to let their child do whatever they please. This is not “mature,” it is LAZY! Yes, the teens that come to this blog, seem to have no issue with a preschooler using a pacifier, but most parents wouldn’t allow their child to do this. When a celebrity is held up as an example to mothers, as Jen Garner often is, it is disappointing to see them allowing their child(ren) to do things that are not good. A four year old doesn’t need a pacifier. Maru, a six-month old is not a four year old. A six-month old has no good way of telling mom or dad that they are not feeling well. A four year old should find another, more appropriate way to comfort herself. There are speech issues with pacifier use, and permanent issues with tooth alignment and bite. Notice that Violet has very gapped front teeth and an overbite. She may have had these things anyway, but they are also caused by prolonged pacifier use. After a child is 6-months to one-year old, they shouldn’t need a pacifier during wake-time, unless they are special needs. It’s not responsible to just always say, “oh, it’s okay, they’ll give it up when they are ready” about everything. That is not parenting. I do hope that you are not a parent, because you are very immature about these issues, and you have a poor attitude.

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