Cate Blanchett: “Having Boys Is Great”

When she’s not turning heads on the red carpet or adding to her impressive collection of acting awards and honors, gorgeous mom-of-three Cate Blanchett can often be found vacuuming. Yes, vacuuming.

“I enjoy vacuuming,” the Oscar-winner tells People. “It’s a very satisfying noise when you hear all that grit sucked up from the floor and into the machine. Vacuuming is a big one for me and it’s those simple things that keep my life grounded. It can be quite therapeutic!”

Cate is also kept busy by her three sons Dashiell, 7, Roman, 5 and Ignatius, 19 months, and says she’s blissfully happy with her brood of boys.

“Having boys is great,” the Elizabeth star says. “It’s a neat position to be in and I love the high energy that comes along in raising boys. It’s fun.”

The very talented Cate, who is married to playwright Andrew Upton, will soon be headed to New York, where she will be playing Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire. Though she’s sure to have a packed schedule, she says they’ll “find a way to manage.”

“Theater is an evening event so you can’t put your kids to bed as often as you like but we seem to find a way to manage. The kids have been to New York before and they love it. We have lots of friends who’ve got kids and that helps. But they will come visit me at work. She adds, “We did a show earlier in the year in Sydney and our little child actually watched the show backstage, which is a really interesting and exciting place with people putting on makeup and costumes and so they love it.”

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