Nicole Sullivan’s Holiday Wish: “That My 2-Year-Old Not Have A Melt Down!”

Nicole Sullivan – mom to 2 1/2-year-old Dashel and 3-month-old Beckett – is getting ready to celebrate the holidays.

With the new addition to her family and working on Rita Rocks, Nicole has had a very busy year and is looking forward to a little R&R.

“We are going to go up to Santa Barbara for New Years and sort of nestle up in a cozy cabin,” Nicole told OK! “So that will be very exciting!”

The 39-year-old comedienne joked about her holiday wish:

That my two-year-old not have a melt down!

And how is three-month-old Beckett doing? “He is doing really good. He is smiling away and holding his head up on his own. We are getting some little giggles, too!”

The busy mom of two said that she’s started a weight loss program to help take off the baby weight.

“I am doing Jenny Craig now. I am the Jenny Craig spokesperson now so it’s going great and it’s been a slow and steady pace with a couple of pounds a week and it’s been awesome.”

The Kim Possible star said that the holidays will not slow down her weight loss goals.

“We have a whole plan. My counselor has a whole book on it and it’s great because Christmas week the goal is to maintain and she says that you don’t have to lose anything Christmas week. That’s going to be a win.”

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