Camila Alves Bumps It At Bed Bath & Beyond

A very pregnant Camila Alves made a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond Wednesday afternoon (December 16) to pick up some holiday essentials with the help of her 17-month-old son, Levi, and her mother.

The expectant mom looked beautiful in all white while wearing some rather cozy looking footwear.

Camila and husband Matthew McConaughey are currently awaiting the arrival of their second child, due later this month or early in the New Year.

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  1. yes, i noticed two things. her mother Multo generaly spends with her a lot of time. we can see them together very often what i think is great they have so colse relations. and second is that we see her mother so often with Camila or babysitting Levi and people still thinks that she is a nanny

  2. I think it is great his grandma is around too, especially if Matthew is on a movie shoot. Why do you think Levi is a dwarf? I believe he is still a baby, Just over a yr old. He is so cute… Definitely looks like momma, but daddy is in there too.

  3. I understand why Anonymous asked about dwarfism, I have wondered it myself at one point or another- but I think Levi just has a LOT of hair, making his head look pretty large… plus he has virtually no neck, LOL!!! Only time will tell… but my goodness, that kid is cute, lol, I love his unique features. And Camila looks radiant, as usual. Very curious to see what they’ll have next 🙂

  4. While, I’m sure you can’t use the words class and respect in the same breath as paparazzi, I really wish they would learn some. The pics of her from above really bother me. Taking pictures down the shirt of a pregnant woman is so classless and disrespectful! I wish CBS would take those pics down.

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