Kate Hudson: “Ryder Dances To The Beat Of His Own Drum”

Musical talent runs in the family for 5-year-old Ryder Robinson.

Ryder’s mom Kate Hudson says that her son is a budding musician, taking after his rocker dad Chris Robinson.

“He loves to sing. He loves to dance. You get a guitar on him, and he’s mimicking a real guitar player,” the Almost Famous star tells USA Today. “Ryder dances to the beat of his own drum already.”

Kate, 30, also reveals that she looks forward to having another baby… one day.

“Contrary to what every tabloid writes, that’s not in the forefront of my mind. But I look forward to having more children.”

The Oscar-nominated beauty reportedly recently split from her beau Alex Rodriguez.

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    • She was nominated for the Best Support Actress category, but didn’t win, for ‘Almost Famous’. She won a Golden Globe for it, though.

  1. I really like Kate Hudson because I like the way she acts. It like she does not have to work very hard just to act because it comes natural to her. Congratulation to her for having a nomination in Oscar. By he way Congratulation to all of the people who were nominated in Oscar and Golden Globe, you all deserve it. Glee has become a sensation, and the leading man, Matthew Morrison as teacher and glee club director and founder Will Schuester, is making a huge buzz for his first leading role on a prime time TV show. He also got nominated for a Golden Globe, in the Best Actor category. That’s pretty good for the first time out, but to be fair, he worked his way up. A few short years ago, all he was doing was Off Broadway productions, small roles on TV and in film, though he had a steady gig on a soap opera. Another season or two, and he won’t need a payday loan again.

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