Mark Wahlberg Makes Time For Date Nights

Family man Mark Wahlberg says he makes time not just for one date night a week, but two.

The handsome star of The Departed tells UK’s Cosmopolitan magazine that he and his wife Rhea Durham, who are expecting baby #4, still manage to keep the spark alive.

“I try to be romantic. Having kids means once they’re in bed, being romantic is cuddling on the couch and watching TV. But we do have date nights every week,” he says, adding, “I have one with my daughter and one with mommy.”

So sweet!

Mark, 38, goes on to reveal that his very first date with Rhea was not at a posh restaurant or glitzy nightclub, but to church!

“We met through a mutual friend in New York. I asked if she wanted to hang out the next day and she did, so I said, ‘Well, come to church with me.’ She was raised a Christian, not a Catholic like me. She did come – and now she’s converted.”

Mark and Rhea are parents to daughter Ella Rae, 6, and sons Michael, 3, and Brendan, 1.

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  1. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought being a Catholic was also being a Christian? Maybe he meant that she was a Protestant??

  2. Hah – thought that was Melania Trump for a second. (Also – pretty funny quote: “She was raised a Christian, not a Catholic like me.” Alert the Pope!)

  3. Mark could have been misquoted. Just add a “but” somewhere there, and:

    “She was raised a Christian, [but] not a Catholic like me. She did come – and now she’s converted.””

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