Shanna Moakler: “I Am Constantly Striving To Be A Better Person For My Children, For My Family”

While she is rarely seen on our website, make no mistake that Shanna Moakler is one involved and hands-on celeb mama! Keenly aware of the paparazzi-infested spots to avoid, this protective mom of three says that she is a “great mother,” although she has been criticized for not being as involved as her ex. Stating that the cameras “ruined” her marriage, Shanna vows to protect her family as much as possible.

In a candid look at her life, her children, her dreams to be “seen as a serious actress,” her belief that “anything is possible” with ex Travis Barker although they “both have a lot of growing up to do,” Shanna spoke to Celebrity Baby Scoop with an open heart and an honest voice.

CBS: You are mom to three children: Atiana, 10, Landon, 6, and Alabama, 4. How has motherhood changed you? What is the most challenging part of motherhood? The most rewarding?

SM: “Motherhood changed me in so many ways. I look at the world different. I was a young mother, and a single mother quickly. I am constantly striving to be a better person for my children, for my family. I want to give them the opportunities I didn’t have.

Having three kids, I find the most challenging part is just making sure I take the time to individually nurture their different needs. They actually work very well together and I’ve made sure that they have a mutual respect for one another and their ages. I really try to make time to sit with each on daily, talk to them, see how they are feeling. Coming from a divorced home, I want my children to know they are loved. I want to breed confidence and I want them to know how to work through life’s challenges; alone and together.

The most rewarding part is seeing them grow and develop into these beautiful personalities and people. There is nothing like when your babies tell you they love you!”

CBS: How are your children doing?

SM: “My children are wonderful! They are all in school now and they are adjusting well.

My oldest daughter is 10. We have now gone through an Abercrombie & Fitch stage. It’s the ‘cool’ thing to wear! The Gap is a thing of the past. Watching her start to do her hair and find herself is cute. She is my arts ‘n crafts fanatic!

Landon is really into music. My ex Travis has a band mate who plays the guitar (Mark Hoppus of Blink 182). It’s funny ’cause Landon wants to play the guitar and his son (Mark Hoppos’ of Blink 182) wants to play the drums! Everyday I have a new rockstar in the house. I’ve already told him no tattoos! Landon also is a Lego boy, and it’s my favorite thing to do with him.

Alabama is my girly girl. She just loves nails and makeup! This Christmas I got her a ‘real’ glitz pageant gown. She begged for it. Watching her open it was amazing! She was like Elizabeth Taylor: ‘oh myyyyyy God! I wanted thissssss sooooo bad!’ It made my holiday!”

CBS: Do you want more children in the future?

SM: “I do. I would love to have at least one, but I would have two.”

CBS: You and Travis Barker have been on and off for years. Perhaps there’s a chance for reconciliation?

SM: “I believe anything is possible, but we both have a lot of growing up to do (still) and we also have a lot of healing. We have gone back and forth as we both have the same dream. We both have strong personalities and we have different parenting styles. This has made it hard.”

CBS: Although you and Travis are not together, he seems like such a hands-on dad. Are you two able to co-parent well amidst living apart?

SM: “Travis and I are lucky, we live very close to each other. So, yes, we try very hard to work with each other per our schedules and co-parent [situation]. We are both very hands on and our children come first. Always have.

Travis is a morning person and loves driving the kids to school. I am a night owl and prefer to take on the bath times and homework, etc.”

CBS: What is the custody agreement with all 3 of your children? Do they live with both sets of parents, or are they with you full time?

SM: “We split the week. I have them weekdays and he has them on the weekends. I try to work with him and his schedule as much as possible as we don’t really have 9 to 5 jobs. Sometimes he is gone for months. Others, I am gone for weeks. So we try to accommodate each other as best we can.”

CBS: Your children are rarely seen on our website. Do you make a point of staying away from paparazzi-infested spots? Do the paps drive you crazy? Are your children scared of them?

SM: “I make a major point to stay away from paparazzi spots. Sadly, by doing this, I have been criticized as not being a good mother as I am just not ‘seen’ with them as much as my ex is. I find it sad that being considered a good mother meant I had to parade my children around Robertson and Malibu. I have chosen to pass.

Sometimes paps do scare my children and other times not. I have allowed the cameras into my home, I let them see me when I go out with friends. They have covered my marriage and I think it ruined my marriage.

There is one part of my life that I don’t share with anyone and that is my family and children. I don’t need the public or my ex to tell me I am a good mother. I am a great mother!”

CBS: How do you manage your busy career with being a mom to 3?

SM: “Now that all 3 kids are in school, it gives me much more time in the day to do the meetings and the personal things I need done. I have a lot of help and I just make lists and I prioritize. I figure out the kids’ time-frames first, after-school programs, etc., and then I make mine from there. Things come up but we work together.”

CBS: What is the hardest part about being a celebrity mom?

SM: “The public becomes interested in your children. They make websites for them, your kids in essence have ‘fans.’ This can be flattering but at the same time a little scary. There are times as well I want to ‘show off’ my kids like other moms and I simply can’t.

The public can also be cruel when life challenges you. The first thing people will say is ‘oh, the poor kids’ or attack the fact you are a mother, when they really know nothing of the matters at hand or how I parent.

I have said before in blogs as well, when people attack you as a mother, I think it’s the lowest form of abuse to a woman and being a celebrity it’s for the world to see.”

CBS: If you could make one confession about being a mom, what would it be?

SM: “That I am obsessed with their toys! LOL. I love the Barbie and Tinkerbell movies and could watch them over and over.”

CBS: Do you cook? What are some of your favorite family meals?

SM: “I actually just started a cooking class. I go every Wednesday. My kids are vegetarians. Atiana is agua-vegetarian (she eats fish), but I love to cook.

For breakfast: quiche! And my kids love it. I also love pasta. I make it fun for the kids and let them dip their pasta into their sauce. My kids love to cook as well and we make homemade pizza together and cookies. It’s one of my favorite things to do with them: cook!”

CBS: You were Miss USA in 1995. Do you want your girls to enter beauty pageants?

SM: “I have no problem with my daughters doing beauty pageants if they so choose. They may like it, they may hate it. Beauty pageants get a bad rap, but most pageant contestants are some of the most intelligent, driven women I have ever met. They are brave and they want to better themselves and be involved in their communities.

We need role models and we need systems that are positive for young women. This may bot be everyone’s ideal, but it works. My experience in pageants have taught me confidence, poise, amazing life skills and I have met friends for life along the way.”

CBS: What do you think about beauty pageants for children?

SM: “I think they are fine as long as the child wants to do it. I also think networks like to exploit the glitz ones that you see on TV. I think there are far worse things mothers are doing than spending time with their daughters and dressing up and dancing.”

CBS: Have you told your children about your past nude modeling career? What will you say to your girls if they want to pose nude when they are young adults?

SM: “My children know and I try to make nudity not a big deal in our home. We have art with nudity as well. I do teach my children self respect and self love and that our bodies are to be honored.

If my daughters wanted to pose nude, I would support them, but I would also let them know how it has affected my life and in what ways I thought it was going to help and in what ways it has hindered.

There are times I wish I hadn’t posed and others I am very proud I did. I think honesty and communication and really helping your children learn what is best for dad or I, or Bob and Joe, may not be best for them.”

CBS: When you were growing up, did you envision your life to be the way it is? What dreams have come true? Which ones haven’t?

SM: “In some ways, I envisioned red carpets and being in front of the camera. I have a strong, beautiful family. And yes, children I wanted very much. I worked very hard to be able to live the life I have and I do love it.

I did not envision my children coming from a divorced family. My parents have been married for 40 years and I know the joys of having your parents together. It is something I wanted my children to have.

I can’t saying having your marriage woes played out in the public was part of the plan either! But it’s life and it’s part of what I signed up for to an extent.

I have dreams of being seen as a serious actress and not as someone played out in the tabloids. But I have an amazing life thus far, more than many can dream of. I get to do what I love, great family and friends, TV shows, marriage, babies, the wedding, etc. For me, everything from here on out is a perk.”

CBS: I read that one of your favorite books of all time is Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. Please tell us why you love this book and what spirituality means to you. Do you teach your children about God and do you want them to have a sense of spirituality?

SM: “I am a very spiritual person and I think it’s what has helped me get through so many challenges where most would crumble. It’s also another area of my life I don’t share with most. I pray every night. I teach my children to have a personal relationship with God.

I find it very important to be able to ground yourself and to be able to connect and listen to your intuition, especially when you are lost. I don’t want my children to pray just ’cause they were told to, I want them to have a clear understanding of what prayer is and when they are ready to help them find a true, loving connection from prayer and what it means to them, I think this is very important.

I meditate often and sometimes my kids like to try with me.

I found this book [Conversations With God] so wonderful as it’s how I always envisioned our universe and the heavens – I just couldn’t put it into words and he did for me. I read many books dealing with spirituality, but this was by far life-changing and one of my favorites.”

CBS: What’s next for you?

SM: “I am working on my cosmetic line SMOAK which I am very proud of. It is a mineral line that is simply amazing! It’s chic, it has the healing benefits of minerals but it’s not like you are powdering your face with dirt. The products are divine and I am truly living a dream with its creation!

I am also working and back as the co-executive director of Miss California USA and I am very excited for Miss USA this April!

I am in the works for a couple reality TV shows which will be fun and getting back out there for scripted projects!

Besides that I am ‘Mama.'”


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  1. I have to say, I love Shanna’s views on motherhood. I think that she is a modern woman, and mother with very realistic views on raising children. I understand her stand on keeping her children out of the spotlight, however, I would love to see more pictures of her with her children out and about! I am a huge fan of her and her makeup!

    • Would you actually support your (present or future) daughters in nude modelling?! Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. This ENTIRE interview is made up of lies. Shanna is NEVER with her kids. She is always at a bar or club. Worst mother of 3 I’ve ever seen even in Hollywood. Shanna Moakler is a piece of garbage. Poor excuse for a mom.

  3. Im sorry but even when she IS seen with her kids, she treats them like accessories. And it sounds like she is basically begging to be back with Travis.

  4. Wow those people saying negative comments, get a life. You don’t know Shanna, you don’t have any idea on what you are talking about. How do you guys know she is a bad mother? And uses them as accessories? Come on grow up, I can say I have read her tweets and takes them to Disneyland and Lego land and other family outings! That sounds like being a parent to me! People have to stop judging people. Notice nobody posts their name either! Good job Shanna keep up the good work!

    • The fact that you’re reading about all that via twitter is making everybody’s point. How many parents who aren’t using their kids for publicity spend all their time twittering about where they went? That’s why people think she uses them as accessories and as adorable little career boosters. And what difference does it make if people post their names? It’s the internet; the chances are that Tina isn’t really your name and nobody would ever know or care. It has no relevancy to the comment itself.

  5. If you follow Shanna on twitter, you’d know she is with her children A LOT. Travis would have never married her if she was a bad mother to atiana and landon. They do have alotof growing up to do. I’m still routing for them.

  6. What a loser. Posting this on her twitter is another one of her desperate attempts to try to prove to everyone that she is a “good mother”. sorry but a few “quality time” pics of your family don’t convince me you are a good mother at all, in fact it makes me think you are even more of a fame seeker now. I would focus less on partying every weekend when Travis has the kid’s, and learn how to spell. Your spelling is awful, or as you would tweet it, “Youre spelling is aweful”. Get a real job.

  7. Look’s like Shanna is posting on her own interview here again, people. Hi Natalia, I mean, Shanna. Nice spelling, and by the way, it’s “rooting” not routing. Keep a dictionary by your side, Shanna. It does wonders! lol

  8. lies, lies lies lies. Poor Shanna, please get a dictionary. Your spelling is horrible, girl. Or as you say, “youre spelling”. Get a real job, doll. No one cares about has beens.

  9. funny how this site has to feel they should approve comments. I don’t like this woman at ALL…and I know plenty of people who disagree with what she is saying. Mostly because she comes across as fake, and sorry Shanna but no one said you had to parade your kids around anywhere to prove you spend time with them. You are one notorious party girl, no self respecting mother would do what you still do, joint custody or not. Whatever happened to free speech and being able to have your own opinion? Let’s see if celebabyscoop will post MY post. If this one is approved, I KNOW I was censored before. Not cool.

  10. She is not a perfect parent, but I bet those who post without a name aren’t either. She seems to really love them and if she and Travis are trying to co-parent,more power to them.

  11. oh Pleazzze!!! her and her night owl, honey child when you became a so called Mother, you rearrange your schedule to the children. Not getting ur ass out of bad to dress and feed your kids in the morning and kiss them off for their day. But you damn well take photos of yourself in Ho makeup looking like a clown!!! Get real – your kids have nannies and Travis as a Dad, your no mom everyone knows it. EVERYONE SAW IT ON NATIONAL TV!! you wouldnt get your fat butt out of bed! Go give someone else bull, your way past a z list honey, you wanna hang on your ex coat tails for a photo op, and we all know it. He deserves a woman and a mother and it is a matter of time he will find her. You have a fork stuck in you – your done with him and alot of other people!!

  12. wow some of these comments sound so bitter, at the end of the day she has Travis Barkers babies and you don’t! She has everything you want….keep hating.

  13. Angi, no one said she had to be the perfect parent. She really should just focus more on tucking her babies into bed every single night, not just when she has them with her M-F. With friend’s like Lizzie Grubman, I’m not surprised that she is the way that she is. Lizzie is a horrible mother as well, and the company you keep, Shanna, is they type of person you really are or want to be. I’m glad that Travis realized that he didn’t want to have a wife who was more interested in slinging back cocktails than in waking her lame butt up to take her children to school herself. Sorry, but Travis shouldn’t have to come over to your place JUST to take the kid’s to school because you are still recovering from your hangover..ahem I mean “lack of sleep”…since you’re a “night owl”….heh. Yeah. I don’t and won’t buy it. Just like Smoak. Btw, may I add you looked extremely retro (old) on the Wendy Williams show. Thanks for making me laugh, I loved that silly costume you had on. That was very brave of you to have dark eye makeup with dark lips. I have got to try that look this Halloween!

    • Jamie, Shanna is an amazing mother who loves her kids more then anthing in the world.

      Its pretty sad that you took the time out your day to bash her and her mothering style. For someome who dislikes her her so much, you sure know quite alot about her. You must be a Shanna Stalker or a Travis groupie. GET A LIFE!

  14. Shanna is a bad parent…that’s why i take them to skool 4 her. She is not as sweet as u all thnk. Mama needs 2 grow up and be a parent. Your glory dayz R over!

  15. Does being a night owl have anything to do with the fact that I log into my twitter at 5 am and see that Shanna mOakler is posting on HER twitter at 2 am on a thursday /friday morning about coming out of a bar, with Stephanie Pratt? Shanna, you’re pathetic and no wonder you have Travis take the kids to school. You are obviously too hung over. BAD MOTHER! No wonder Wendy Williams called u out on Tv on having wrinkles. I am your age and I don’t smoke or drink like you and have NO wrinkles.

  16. Thought it was an honest interview, should not matter if you agree with her or not. So many mean comments…..lots of wasted energy being negative people.

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