Rebecca Romijn & The Twins: Got Milk?

So cute! Actress and model mom, Rebecca Romijn, unveiled her milk mustache with her adorable 1-year-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, in the newest ad for the famous Got Milk? campaign.

The 37-year-old Ugly Betty star is also a spokesperson for The Great Gallon Give, a campaign that will donate 200,000 gallons of milk at to raise awareness of its importance in building strong families.

We just spotted Rebecca and the twins out for lunch with daddy, Jerry O’Connell, last week.

What do you think?

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  1. While the text says that she’s the one drinking the milk, the visual message is how great it is for those little babies. Need I point out that BREASTMILK is the best thing for those babies, not cow’s milk, the biological equivalent of walking out in the field and sucking on a cow’s tit? Seriously, milk is not a health panacea for either the moms or the babies. Ever heard of milk allergies and lactose intolerance (90% of Asians are lactose intolerant)? You can get as much or more calcium from vegetables. Another sellout to the dairy industry.

  2. Oh my gosh- those girls are absolutely beautiful! Good genes I guess, but my goodness are they cute. And their little outfits and dimples…you just wanna pinch them, lol.

  3. Thank you Diane Sam for making these facts plain! 🙂
    It’s sad how many people are so uneducated that they choose to give their names and faces for the “got milk” campaign.

    Having said that: The twins are sooooo cute! 😉

  4. If she wants to be the spokesperson for the campaign, let her. Those girls are her children and she can raise them however she wants. If you don’t like it, do it differently with your own children but no need to preach like your word is the bible.

  5. She spent the first year of her daughter’s lives promoting breastfeeding. for most babies, cow’s milk is a natural, healthy progression.

  6. Wow, those babies are adorable!! And I agree, if you don’t like milk, then don’t drink it. I personally love it & drink two cups a day, but where I’m from, that’s the norm. No one in my entire immediate & extended family is lactose intolerant nor do they have any dairy allergies, likely due to our northern European heritage. Most people, not all of course, but most who suffer from lactose intolerance come from regions of the world where dairy products are not a large part of the diet, many Asian nations being a good example of this. But then you go to many regions of Europe where dairy products have been a huge part of the diet for centuries & very few people have an intolerance to it. And both dairy products & vegetables have their benefits, every product is different & has to be looked at individually. But I’d much rather see a child drinking milk than soda any day.

  7. Since I don’t see the milk “mustache” on the babies and the ad states milk for her only, I don’t read a visual message that cows milk is for babies.

  8. Her milk mustache looks… weird and unnatural, LOL. But my oh my, are those little ones sweet, how cute are they!? Simply adorable…
    The jury’s still out for me on the benefits of milk beyond childhood. I more have a problem with the growth hormones, antibiotics, and other nonsense being given to the animals and therefore transferred to us when we eat their flesh or drink their milk.

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  11. Wow! I am sure these twins are going to make a mark in hollywood like their mother. She is looking really cute with that mustache and so are the twins.

    Sherlyn Max

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  13. And what a great campaign it is as well! I think milk’s probably one of the healthiest drinks that I just can’t get enough off. Plenty of proteins and vitamins in there to help maintain a healthy body. All the best! Kettles and Toasters | Slide UK

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  27. Looks like Rebecca’s twins would be a star too. They have already become popular though. Anyways best of luck to the kids.

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