Carolina Dieckmann Is A McDonald’s Mama

Brazilian beauty Carolina Dieckmann took her her two sons – Davi, 11, and Jose, 2 – to a McDonald’s in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday (January 20).

We just spotted the 31-year-old actress and her two boys enjoying the sand and surf on Pepe beach in Brazil.

Carolina, whose career began in modeling, is currently married to Jose’s father, Tiago Worcman. Davi’s father is Carolina’s ex-husband Marcos Frota.

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  1. again? wow! i thought that it was “accidental” post. so if we see brazilian celebrity moms i wait for more forginer mom. for example greek singer despina vandi who appeared on charts in all europe?

  2. What the heck??? I am brazilian and don’t understand what she is doing here…it is not like she has an international career…I am sure most people here don’t have a clue who she is..

  3. I do have a clue and I’m not Brazilian at all! Maybe there are a lot of Brazilian readers. Blogs and websites also have in consideration their public, it’s not just TV channels, newspapers or radio stations that do so. If there are people here who care to know about her (considering the kind of site this is) what is the big deal?

  4. Wow, this site loves Carolina Dieckmann.

    I live in Rio, this photo was taken in the Fashion Mall. She is always in that shopping.

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