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Nadya Suleman “insists” bikini bod isn’t result of surgery – Celebitchy

Lady Gaga sings for kids – FameCrawler

Brooke Mueller in the ICU – ICYDK

Katie Price thinks twice about tweeting –

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  1. No procedures to get that stomach?! There is no way that she got that stomach without some sort of procedure. It would be impossible for her stomach muscles and skin to bounce back like that on their own. Yes she looks great but don’t lie about how you got there.

    • Don’t forget that she also lied about the number of implanted embryos for her last pregnancy. I’d take any and everything she says with more than a grain of salt.

  2. LOL, I’m sorry but that is one of the most unattractive pictures of a woman in a bikini I have ever seen. The angle is just awful, as are the way-too-tiny bottoms. This woman is a freak show! Why on earth is she on the cover of anything?!

  3. This woman is crazy, she needs help not magazine covers. I saw a part of the TV program about her yesterday and her older children are clearly out of control.

  4. i really hate it when they compare octomom to kate gosselin they are totally diffrent people kate is succesful while octomom is living welfare..anyways when is octomoms episode of supernanny coming on lol jkjk

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