Jennifer Lopez: Max & Emme Love Playing With Makeup

While celebrating longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes’ new book About Face last night, Jennifer Lopez couldn’t resist talking about her twins Max and Emme, 2 next month, who apparently enjoy playing with makeup.

Oh, my God, does she play with the makeup,” Lopez joked to People. “Both of them do. Max too. They like to paint themselves and you.”

Lopez also hinted that if she were to appear on Glee “up against so many high schoolers,” she’d bring Barnes along to wield his toolbox on the set. “That’s Uncle Scott,” she says. “It’s just like when you go to an office and you have all the same people every day. The hair, the makeup, stylist, the manager. They become like your family. My manager is the godfather to my children.”

“Uncle” Scott couldn’t resist gushing about his honorary niece and nephew.

Emme’s just like Jennifer, she’s really refined and she loves jewelry. She has a little bracelet and she always turns it and looks at it.” Barnes continues: “Max is all boy. And she’s such a girl. She’s says, ‘Look at my shoes!’ She shows you her shoes. He wants to play, he wants to rough house and she’s like, let me sit here and look at my dress. And I say, ‘Your dress is beautiful!’ And she says, ‘Beautiful.’”

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  1. OMG! What a beautiful pair of twins! Max looks exactly like Marc and Emme reminds her beautiful mum a lot. These two should be so lucky to have Marc and Jennifer as their parents. I found the make-up thing really funny. It shows that their parents are artists. Emme will break many boys´ hearts in the future and Max will break many girls´ hearts. Those two are cuties.

  2. My nephew always loved playing with makeup, it was hilarious! He grew out of it by about the age of 2 and half but before then, he just loved it.

  3. I am really a great fan of Jennifer Lopez, she is amazingly beautiful.I has seen her last movie anaconda in which her acting was really amazing to watch.I think she should do some movies the audience will love it.

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