Elin Nordegren’s Nike Drop Off

Elin Nordegren was photographed dropping off her 2-year-old daughter Sam to preschool in Orlando, Florida on Thursday (January 29).

The estranged wife of Tiger Woods showed her support for her hubby’s biggest endorser – Nike – by wearing a baseball cap and shirt with the company’s famous ‘swoosh’ logo. And although she was showing love for Nike, she is still not wearing her wedding ring.

Elin and Tiger are also parents to son Charlie, who turns 1 on February 8.


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  1. For goodness sakes, the woman’s name is Elin Woods, not Elin Nordegren! Elin Woods did not opt to keep her maiden name when she married. Since 2004 Elin Woods hasn’t used the name Nordegren for anything she has done or been a part of, including activities in Florida.

    Why does the media keep using Elin’s maiden name when they mention her, as if her last name weren’t Woods? Does the media have a problem with the fact that Mrs. Woods legally took her husband’s name when she got married?

  2. Elin Nordegren has been a loyal wife to Tiger Woods and a devoted mother to their children. God Bless Elin and her children.

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