Dalla Nonna: Calendar Necklace

Have you ever worn a piece of jewelry that EVERYONE commented on? I found out quickly, that I (or should I say my necklace) was on everyone’s radar when I wore my calendar necklace from Dalla Nonna Jewelry. This exquisite piece features a calendar month on a delicate chain with a beautiful sapphire placed on a date of your choosing (birthday, kids birthday, anniversary, etc.).

The calendar necklace is Dalla Nonna’s signature piece, it exemplifies Dalla Nonna’s blend of tradition and trend by combining vintage chic with modern elegance. Each piece is executed in 14k gold (rose, yellow or white) or sterling silver. And it allows the wearer to keep a special date close to her heart.

Dalla Nonna translates (from Italian) to mean “from the grandmother” and is designed by Rebecca Richards and Jessica Bohrer, who are lawyers by day and jewelry designers by night. Inspired by vintage pieces handed down from their mothers and grandmothers, Becca and Jess fell in love with the idea of taking something old and making it new again.

Tinseltown moms Courteney Cox and Jessica Alba are among the many who have fallen in love with this necklace!

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  1. I bought this necklace in white gold with a white sapphire, which was a huge mistake on my part because the marked date is not noticeable at all. I contacted Dalla Nonna to see if the white sapphire could be exchanged and I was told no and that I could buy another one I wanted. As if money grows on trees. Very indifferent owners. My advice is to be really sure what you put on the necklace because Dalla Nonna will not offer any solution to any issues you have with this product. I’m beyond upset.

  2. I paid $630 for my calendar necklace and I think it looks like a dog tag. Plus the clasp constantly moves to the front and i have to constantly adjust it. I truly regret buying this item. Maybe it would look better in rose gold, I purchased a white gold one. I just don’t think it looks delicate.

  3. I brought my wife the calendar necklace in white gold 2 years ago for the birth of our first child. Whenever she wears it she gets asked about it, she loves it, one of my best gifts. I just recently ordered her the little letters necklace from dalla nonna for the birth of our second child.

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