Julianne Moore Keeps Kids Grounded

Award-winning actress Julianne Moore may be used to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but she can still appreciate life’s little joys.

“My son made his bed this morning and I couldn’t believe it,” the shocked star tells The Times Online in a recent interview. “Every day I’m like, ‘Make-your-bed, make-your-bed.’”

Mom to son Cal, 12, and daughter Liv, 7, Julianne says that she and her husband Bart Freundlich try hard to keep their kids grounded.

“The kids go to a Quaker school and their father and I believe a lot in community and making sure you give to people less fortunate than you. We talk about responsibility a lot.”

Though they’re aware of mom’s celebrity status, Julianne explains, “I think they see it as separate from me. I always say, ‘I’m not on the cover because I’m famous. It’s because it’s my job, I’m in a movie.’ I stress work and accomplishment and not celebrity.”

The 49-year-old star of A Single Man says that she never doubted that she would one day be a mom.

“That was the one thing I knew I would do, that I would have children. And it was a pretty acute desire. The funny thing is I was determined to have a baby by the time I was 36. My son was born the day after my 37th birthday. He was three weeks late. It was like the universe was laughing, saying, ‘You see, you can’t control things.’”

Next up for Julianne is the thriller Chloe, co-starring Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried.


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  1. Wow Cal was three weeks late! I’m surpised they didn’t induce her! He musta been a big baby! This kind of interview is exactly why I adore Ms Moore and her family. She is such a wonderful level headed celebrity and the best mom.

  2. Could someone explain what a Quaker school is in detail? I know I could type it in a search engine but I want to hear what people’s opinions of it are too. Thanks ^_^!

  3. More specifically, Quakerism is a religion based on the idea that all of us have God’s light within us (“inner light”) and emphasizes self-reflection and realization. Quakers believe in the process of consensus (as opposed to majority wins voting) and in nonviolence. That’s just a brief overview- I am not a Quaker myself, but I went to a Quaker college (go Earlham!) and found it to be a wonderfully enriching experience. A Quaker school is by no means a place where indoctrination occurs, and I think that a school run by Quaker philosophies is vastly different than say a Catholic school (which is what most people think of when they hear “religious based school”)

  4. so do they teach religious things there? I just cant help but wonder why her kids go there if she doesn’t even believe in god. I figure her kids are raised to believe the same.

  5. GOD’S Truth is planted in ol human beings .they just dont want to admit it..If you love money u n fame die for it n means u will go to hell with it.LORD HAVE MERCY!!

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