Jennifer Garner & Her Walking Wonder!

Look who’s walking!

Jennifer Garner was spotted with her two gorgeous girls – Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 13 months – shopping in Los Angeles today (February 15). This is the first time we’ve seen sweet Seraphina walking. What a cutie! Big sis Violet got a lift from a friend while mama helped Seraphina navigate.

Jen’s latest star-studded chick flick, Valentine’s Day, topped the weekend box office after raking in 52.4 million dollars.

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  1. Aw! Sera’s walking! That’s so cute! And Violet’s adorable, as always! I love her outfit! Both girls are in pink. So cute!

  2. Except for the dimples, Sera is a carbon copy of ben affleck. She is so adorable right now – but I do wonder how her dad’s masculine features will look as she grows. I hope she doesn’t go the rumer willis route.

    All three look lovely.

  3. Little Sera wants to walk but Violet still insists on being carried everywhere? It’s kind of strange (yet also amusing) to see that lady struggling to carry Violet who is watching her baby sister walk with a look of disdain on her face.

  4. Yes I agree that Seraphina is the carbon copy of Ben Affleck! Its so cute how she resembles Ben Affleck from her eyes, nose and facial expressions. I’ve noticed that Jen dresses up her girls with same colors and sometimes Jen too picks clothes similar to the colors of her daughters outfits. how cute! I wish they have another one!

  5. Seriously, enough with the “Violet’s too old to be carried” comments. She’s newly four. That’s not too old. Heck, I’m 17 and I carry my 5-year-old stepsister out and about. If the adult’s happy to do it, as the friend seems to be, then I don’t see the problem.
    Anyway, the girls are both gorgeous, of course, and it’s so cute how little Sera’s learning to walk 🙂

  6. How cute!!!! Sera looks so sweet walking.

    I agree, if the person who is with Violet, and can carry her, then what is the big deal. I wish I could still carry my 5 year old, but she has just gotten to heavy for me! She is my little girl, I carried her until I was 6 months pregnant, and was not able to anymore.

    Both very cute little girls!

  7. honsetly why do people care if children are still being carried dont you realize they deal with paparazzi following them everywhere trying to get a photo..

  8. Why does everyone want Violet to look like her mom and Sera look like her dad when both of them really are a great mix of both their parents? Anyway, they’re adorable!

  9. Seraphina looks like she’s ready for a day of tennis with her cute skirt. And Violet is styling with her leggings and necklace. They’re both so sweet.

  10. I see no masculine features on Sera. She doesn’t look like Ben either. It’s Jen all over again. So adorable to see her walking!

  11. I think Seraphina looks a lot like Ben.
    You can go on You Tube and see Ben as a child actor on “The Voyage of the Mimi” PBS Show. Sera is a combination of both parents. But if you see pictures of Ben as a baby/ child and compare them to Sera. You can see that Sera is a mini Ben. I don’t think people are being mean spirited when they say Violet looks like Jen and Sera looks like Ben. (I’m was told I look like my mom all my life. My sister was told she looked like my dad and ……she does.)

  12. sera,you’re literally the cutest one year old i know! can’t wait till you guys comeover tomorrow and i can finally see you walk!

  13. OMG! Sera looks so adorable! And she´s walking! How cute is that! I think that there are no masculine features in Sera at all. To me she looks a lot like her mum Jen. But there are some features that she has inherited from dad Ben too. Still she looks very feminine to me. Both she and big sis Violet look absolutely cute in pink. There´s nothing wrong if Violet wants to be carried. maybe she was tired and wanted mum to carry her. These two sisters will be truly beautiful and break many hearts in the future. They most certainly have already broken their dad´s heart! LOL!

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