Melissa Joan Hart: “Being A Mom Is The Most Rewarding Thing In The World”

At the young age of 33, Melissa Joan Hart has done it all! She captivated TV audiences in the 90s as a teenage witch, she’s also a writer, TV director and producer, singer, businesswoman and mother-of-two. Melissa will return to the small screen alongside fellow former teen star Joey Lawrence in the ABC family sitcom, Melissa & Joey.

So how does she do it all? In an exclusive interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop, Melissa opens up about her two adorable sons – Mason, 4, and Brady, 23 months – how she balances her career and family life, playdates with pal Jaime Pressly and the rewards of motherhood.

CBS: You are mom to 2 young boys: Mason, 4, and Brady, 2 in March. How has motherhood changed you?

MJH: “My biggest question these days is…is it motherhood or age? I feel much more run down and have a lot less time for the simple things like reading a book and dinner with friends. But being a mom is the most rewarding thing in the world. Holding a cold, metallic statue will never fulfill you the way your child’s little smile will.”

CBS: Tell us a funny story about each of your boys.

MJH: “Mason is hysterically funny. The things that come out of his mouth are precious. My favorite is when I am ready for a night out and he tells me ‘Mommy you look perfect.’ Who taught him that? It melts me. Brady won’t speak but the charades we play is both hilarious and frustrating depending on the scenario. He growls a lot like a dinosaur which cracks us up.”

CBS: How do you feel about the paparazzi taking pictures of your family? Are your boys scared of the paps?

MJH: “They are pretty kind to us and stay back and the kids get more confused than scared. Mostly I feel bad when there are other kids on the playground and they are snooping in the bushes and the other moms start to worry. It’s like a stake out.”

CBS: You are set to costar alongside fellow former teen star Joey Lawrence in the ABC family sitcom, Melissa & Joey. Are you excited to return to TV?

MJH: “Joey and I are both very excited. We adore working in comedy and there is no better schedule in Hollywood for a parent than the old fashioned sitcom. We are ready to make people laugh and have a great run!”

CBS: How are you planning to juggle your time between home and work while filming Melissa & Joey? Will you have a nanny helping out?

MJH: “We have a wonderful nanny who moved east with us and we couldn’t make it through the next few months without her. The boys adore her and we are all friends too. It’s going to be tough to work some crazy hours for the next few months but we will make it work. Mostly the boys will stay home with Mark and Canyon (nanny) because we want them to have stability. But I suspect I will get lonesome and beg them to spend a few solid weeks with me this summer. I will never go more than one week without seeing them though.”

CBS: You recently moved to the east coast from L.A. How are you all settling in? Do the boys seem to like it there?

MJH: “Love it!”

CBS: You opted for a drug-free birth with your second son, Brady. Do you think many medical interventions during birth are unnecessary?

MJH: “I don’t think pregnancy or labor is easy in any capacity. I think it is unfortunate that people are opting to make birth a medical issue instead of a natural process but it is a very private choice and you will never hear me lecture someone on the difference. Now if someone wanted to know the ins and outs of how I did it, I will tell them about every minute and detail.”

CBS: You graced the cover of People in your bikini after losing 42 lbs. of post-pregnancy weight. Have you kept the weight off? What is your best advice to moms who can’t seem to lose the baby weight?

MJH: “I think I have actually got to be in better shape since Dancing with the Stars, etc. That cover gave me the motivation to really learn how to live differently and I stick to it now. Best advice is to eat more often during the day but smaller meals. 5 small meals a day, tons of water and good night’s sleep.”

CBS: With more and more young celebrities undergoing plastic surgery, would you ever consider going under the knife in the name of beauty?

MJH: “I wouldn’t rule out surgery but I also don’t like the look of people who have been pulled too tight. So I would be afraid to get a botched up job.”

CBS: You’ve worked in show business since you were four. How have you kept a level head?

MJH: “I think I am as level headed as they come, but don’t we all!

CBS: Do you want your children in showbiz?

MJH: “Not really but I wouldn’t stop them if it’s really in their hearts. They are both very dramatic and musical so it might be coming.”

CBS: Have you and Britney Spears remained friends?

MJH: “I have not seen her in 8 years.”

CBS: Do you and pal Jaime Pressly get together for playdates?

MJH: “Jaime and I hang every chance we get. She is such fun and a good friend.”

CBS: Do you and your husband, Mark Wilkerson, make time for date nights?

MJH: “We prefer lunch dates since dinner we are usually wiped out and the kids are asleep and we always feel like we should be snuggled up on the couch after they pass out.”

CBS: Why are you and Mark are a good match?

MJH: “We respect each other and appreciate each other. And only one of us gets to be crazy at a time!”

CBS: Are you and Mark planning to try for a girl?

MJH: “Probably, but we will be happy with whatever God has in store.”

CBS: You are the oldest of eight children. Do you have regular playdates/get togethers?

MJH: “We are all spread out over the country but I see one of them at least every week it seems.”

CBS: Would you ever consider doing a reality TV show documenting your family life?

MJH: “That’s a lot of pressure and work especially with small children but if it was a great concept, maybe. It couldn’t just be our normal lives on tape.”

CBS: Tell us about your candy store, SweetHarts, in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

MJH: “I have always dreamed of opening an ice-cream/candy store with my mother and this was our chance to go after that dream. The design was important to me and now we are working on getting all the kinks out and making it more eco-friendly. It’s tough to run a restaurant but it’s a little dream come true and I am determined to see SweetHarts blossom into a little piece of heaven for kids of all ages!”

CBS: You will always be Sabrina to so many of us! What was it like starring on that wildly popular show in your early 20s?

MJH: “I knew I was part of something “magical” HA! I had such fun and worked 12 hour days with my best friends for 7 years. Who can ask for more?”

CBS: Are you working with any charities?

MJH: “I like what Save the Children is doing in Haiti right now. The charities closest to my HART are Friends of the Family in Southern CA, March of Dimes and Lupus LA.”


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  1. This woman is a fraud fake liar, who uses her family for publicity.
    Track her on Twitter, she isn’t who she makes herself out to be.
    Melissa is not the wife or mother she portrays herself to be.
    See this woman for who she is, she is all about publicity and getting attention. She even says on Twitter being a mother is a favorite role.
    Her family image is an act. Twitter has revealed what she really lives like. Her wife and mother act is a publicity stunt. She recently celebrated her sons birthday at her candy store in LA and invited paparazzi, took a bunch of publicity shots for her new show with Joey Lawrence. In truth she spends most of of her time in New York and LA, her husband stays in Westport raising their kids. When promoted DWTS she told interviews how much she loved WestPort and how she loved to do so much on the east coast. She then called herself out as lier and admited, she spent less then 6 weeks in Westport when they moved there. Her husband had major surgery, he was in bad health, truth is she wasn’t with him while he was in the hospital. While her husband was in the hospital, she was in LA shopping, partying and attending events. Also struck me as odd, consider her “family mother image”, her husband was in the DTWS
    audience a total of 1 or 2 times. She admited she didn’t want him there watching her dance, huh? Yea, a bit weird. The entire DTWS season she also showd frequent pictures of her children as publicity, one intrusive picture of her son at school with kids holding vote for Melissa signs. Yes, her sons school made Vote for Melissa signs and flashed it on TV. She doesn’t watch her kids all day, she doesn’t stay home cook or clean.
    She attends events, drinks, parties in New York, and shops.
    She is not your “busy working mom” as she wants you to believe.
    Anything she does is for publicity, “family events” and pictures with her kids is an act which she gets paid for. She also is on Twitter all the time trying to get endorsements and free products. She Tweets about Mustela and Born Free products a lot, she wants free products so she retweets their products.
    She will be in LA all summer, posing, working, attending events and partying. It is also a lie she sees her family every week, she has gone 20 days without her husband, and near 2 weeks without her kids.
    Mommy will be free in LA this summer with no kids or husband enjoying every free moment she can. And expect lots of cute family pictures to promote her show and candy store.

  2. She will in LA all summer, Twittering how bad she misses her sons in West Port. Then check the star websites where she is posing on red carpets and cheap d lister events, how sad will she look?

    pretty easy to leave your kids when you have nannies, house cleaners, and a husband to raise your little movie props.

  3. well then stop posting pictures of your boys online and at public events!
    Stop taking your kids to public events and red carpets

    CBS: How do you feel about the paparazzi taking pictures of your family? Are your boys scared of the paps?
    MJH: “They are pretty kind to us and stay back and the kids get more confused than scared. Mostly I feel bad when there are other kids on the playground and they are snooping in the bushes and the other moms start to worry. It’s like a stake out.”

  4. Great interview… Melissa gets more and more beautiful all the time. i’ve been a big fan of her work for many years. she’s my number 1 favorite actress of all time and I can’t wait for her new show..

  5. Melissa if you do read this, I think you are great and have had the opportunity to speak with you some. Ignore the people who are trying to bring you down and do your thing. You have a beautiful family.

  6. One time “mommy” was at a free publicity event for Hanky Panky panties.
    Then she went around telling people she had her husbands name on panties.
    I guess she wanted free panties, she made fool out of herself going around saying she threw away her panties and her husbands name on them.

  7. This comment isnt directed towards the great interview with Melissa Joan Hart, but rather the vicious words that Anonymous was trash talking her. While I dont personally know MJH, I respect her as an actress and believe that she is doing the best she can in raising her sons, being a great wife and trying to balance her work all at the same time. I do follow her on Twitter and wonder if she gets paid for mentioning products, or gets them for free, but so what, what is it to you Anonymous?! What celebrity (or non-celebrity) doesnt like getting free stuff?! Sounds like you are just a bitter person who took the time to bash a celebrity.

  8. what great wife doesn’t see her husband for 20 days, by choice.

    And the day he had surgery she is in LA posing on a red carpet.

    She makes choices, she makes the choice to live in LA and be away from her family.

    Going around asking for free panties is just tacky, even worse announcing she has her husbands name on them. Gross, why do we need to know she threw away her panties.
    She has been in New York much of the time, not West Port.
    Recent pictures show her partying with Kelly.
    Remember she has a nanny, she can leave as long as she wants to and do what she wants when she wants.

    Masons birthday at Sweethart’s was total publicity stunt to promote her show and over priced candy. Who invited the professional photographer to his birthday? Took pictures with her co star Joey.
    She has her kids pictures splashed all over the candy site to.
    Why are pictures of her home and kids all over the internet?

    Don’t deny the Farrah fawcett comment either.

  9. I never said anything about the Farrah Fawcett comment, so I’m not denying anything, although I do admit it was a little tacky, but that doesnt mean I’m going to trash talk her for it.

    And what’s this about her being away from her hubby for 20 days?! There is nothing in the article that says that, she says “I will never go more than one week without seeing them though.” And she is not living in LA, her HOME is in Westport, she will be staying in LA for the time she is shooting her sitcom, its only going to be for the summer, so its not like she is going away for a year or something.

    As for Mason’s birthday, I wasn’t there, nor have I been to the store, but what parent wouldnt want a professional photographer there?! I know for myself, I would much rather have someone else taking pics of the party so I can enjoy it myself, instead of me taking the pics most of the time. And yes, Joey Lawrence was there with his kids, because you know what…its a kid’s party, and they (Melissa & Joey) are friends so why wouldnt he be there.

    Look, evryone makes choices, and they have to live with them. I would much rather stay at home with my kids, but I have bills to pay so therefore I have to work, much like other parents who have to work as well. There are plenty of other working celebrity moms (& dads) who have to work, yes, its their choice to be an actor, but its what they love and its their profession.

    There are lots of other celebrity parents out there who use their kids for photo-ops, but IMO why not?! Its like the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind”.

  10. These comments are ridiculous.

    Melissa is a wonderful and HANDS ON mother/wife. Her JOB forces her to be away from her family for a week or so at a time (how many businessmen travel for work? How many flight attendants, pilots, MILITARY are away for MONTHS at a time??) She makes EVERY effort to see them as often as possible, but allows them to have NORMAL lives at home in CT and some stability in an unstable line of work! When Mark and Melissa need help, the nanny helps! She is NOT the primary care giver!

    When Melissa is at a red carpet event, should she look miserable? Or sit in a hotel room alone crying for her family? She has to make the most of where she is in life. Also, she brings her children when they’re invited, and she gives photos to public outlets because THIS is what keeps the paparazzi from bothering them! She doesn’t avoid showing them off, and therefore no one has to scream in the kids faces or shove the camera at them! THIS is why her children are NOT afraid of cameras.

    Melissa spends a LOT of time at Sweetharts because SHE LOVES IT THERE! Its her store that was created to be a party-place! Why wouldn’t she have her own sons’ party there with his friends and HER friends (Joey Lawrence is a good friend of hers).

    Melissa also gets asked a LOT about products she uses and has used which is WHY she says it publicly. All celebrities receive free products whether or NOT they say their name. Born Free is a baby product Melissa REALLY believes in and uses, thats why she mentioned them a few times.

    She does not get paid to show/sell photos of her family, so she’s not using them at all. She loves her family and THATS why she shows them off! Those boys are adorable. Melissa is approached by news outlets/baby sources because PEOPLE are curious! She doesn’t take the photos herself and beg people to publish them! The stories are made because some/many people want to see her and her children. I believe this is because she is a GOOD mother and a great role model!

    As for the “panties” comments above, I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about her throwing them away, but AT LEAST SHE WEAR PANTIES! (Think back to L. Lohan, B. Spears, etc). Just because Melissa like a product doesn’t mean she’s endorsing them or getting anything from them! You don’t talk to you friends about things you use or like?

    Also, when she goes out for a night in NYC DON’T FORGET that NYC is only ONE hour away from Westport! You make it out like she took a flight to another country. Just because you cross state-lines doesn’t mean you abandoned your children – her kids go to bed, have a babysitter/nanny, just like everyone else does! She’s entitled to a few nights out (she does NOT go out every night, she’s not in tabloids like other celebs).

    So stop judging and hating when you have NO idea whats going on in her life. Thank GOD she’s not like most of the other celebs out there.

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