Nicole Richie: I’d Be “Heartbroken” If My Kids Got Tattoos

Although papa Joel Madden is covered in them, Nicole Richie doesn’t want their children to get tattoos.

The jewelry and clothing designer has small tattoos of her own while the Good Charlotte rocker’s arms are fully inked.

Richie recently admitted she would be “heartbroken” if their two adorable children – Harlow, 2, and Sparrow, 5 months – decided to join in the body art craze:

To be honest, I would be heartbroken, but what can I say? I would say wait until you’re 18, that’s what I would say.”

Would you be heartbroken if your kids got inked?

What do you think?

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  1. My mother and I are both getting tattoos for my 20th birthday coming up next week. I would say what she said, although I wouldnt want them to get tattoos, once they are 18 they are able to decide for themselves.

  2. I admire tattoos that are beautiful pieces of art and that hold a deep personal meaning to that person. I too would be heartbroken if one of my children got one on a whim to just fit in or stand out in a crowd. I’ve always strove for individualism in my family and it upsets me when people don’t think for themselves. To get tattooed to just be tattooed is not OK for us. But to get a tattoo that has deep personal meaning behind it and is something that is symbolic that they can cherish well into old age, I’m fine with.

  3. If I were her, I’d been more “heartbroken” if my daughter got knocked up twice without being married. She should focus more on setting better examples for her children instead of worrying about ink on a body.

  4. I personally think raising a child who became a drug addict, partied their teens and early twenties away with no degree to show for it, acted like a total brat on national television, drove intoxicated on the wrong side of a freeway, spent time in jail, and had two children in two years by a boyfriend of two and a half years would be far more heartbreaking than having them get some ink on their body. Maybe it’s just me?

    • Hahaha yes Lauren, You are totally correct! I would be much more ‘heartbroken’ with any of the things you have mentioned over a tattoo!

  5. Oh good lord, how hypocritical! I have eight tattoos. I waited until I was 18 to get my first, that is how I was raised and how I’ll raise my kids..with the attitude of, fine with you getting them if you want, just wait till you’re 18 and make darn sure you know what you want because it’s gonna be there the rest of your life. But in no way would I be “heartbroken.” Heartbroken is your kid winding up dead/seriously injured, in jail or prison, knocked up repeatedly at a young age, being a generally bad person, being hooked on drugs, or selling their bodies for money.

    And what does this say about her and especially Joel?? He’s covered in them and she still says things like this? Pot calling the kettle black here. I bet he doesn’t feel the same (except maybe about the “wait till they’re 18” part).

  6. You know when you have a small child its unthinkable that they would mar their perfect gorgeous bodies that you have created. I think its a mum thing. It doesn’t have to be rational, it just is.

  7. What a strange thing to say considering both parents have tattoos (and the father being covered in them).
    It’s nice that Nicole managed to (seemingly) turn her life around, but I can’t help and think, too, that she is starting to sound hypocritical. And not just here in this interview. Lauren said it best, with Nicole’s previous life choices the last thing she should feel heartbroken about is her children going this one route Nicole did herself.

  8. I guess she won’t feel so strongly about this when her kids are adults, but I’d imagine that right now, looking at their tiny perfect bodies that she and Joel created, she probably feels sickened at the idea of someone sticking needles into them.

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