Giuliana & Bill Rancic: “We’re Starting IVF Next Week”

After a year of trying to conceive with no success, Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, are about to start IVF treatment.

“We’ve [already] done IUI; we’ve done quite a few things and we start IVF next week,” Giuliana revealed on The View this week. “We’re on it.”

The 35-year-old E! hostess says that she’s been trying to put on some weight in hopes that it might help.

“My diagnosis was I wasn’t ovulating consistently and so my doctor recommended that I gain weight in order to start ovulating consistently,” she said. “He said five to 10 pounds, which I know isn’t a big deal but I had to bite that bullet because I work out every day of my life. I love feeling good, waking up, working out.”

It’s a point that The View host Whoopi Goldberg took issue with, saying, “You want to have a baby, you need to prepare your body for that other person who’s going to be there. There’s no ‘buts.’”

Bill and Giuliana, who tied the knot in 2007, put off starting a family while they focused on their careers. But when they decided to have a baby they realized “it’s not as easy as we thought it was going to be,” Giuliana says.

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    • There is only 24hours in a month that a woman can get pregnant so timing is everythink. YOu just have to have sex every couple of days and hope for the best. they will make awesome parents and funny ones at that.

    • I would like to say thank you very much for been on T.V shearing all your problems in falling pregant it makes us all know we’re not along in the world. You both are great people thank you. Happy Anniversary hope you had a great evening.

  1. Honestly, I think it’s ridiculous. A year of trying to conceive is normal, even for super healthy individuals. These people should just relax, eat well, (exercise less!), go on vacation and stop worrying. Babies are not a product you get at the supermarket. They’re not there on the shelf the moment you want them. And doctors who do IVF so soon are just trying to make money off these probably very healthy, normal (but well-to do) people. Also, it might not be her case, but all of these women who have starved themselves for years in order to look good should think twice. It’s true, she’s probably too thin and she risks she won’t be able to carry a baby to full term if she stays that way. Not ovulating consistently should not be a reason to start such a procedure. I’m appalled to such superficiality.

    • Shame on you for assuming that they are selfishly doing IVF. Infertility is a PAINFUL crisis and unfortunately “relaxing” won’t cure this Do your research before you assume pass judgement on such a sensitive and prvivate issue.

    • You are an idiot. Do you have kids. Do you have any idea what people go through to get children. It is not as easy as “stop exercising and go on vacation”…. Why don’t do some research before making stupid comments. You are so insensitive.

    • You obviously have never TRIED to get pregnant. Shame on you for criticizing somebody for wanting to have a family and create a life.

      A year is a VERY LONG time to try to get pregnant. Every single month you are let down and fell like a failure. You try so hard and do everything right but your wish doesn’t get fulfilled. It’s extremely difficult. It’s the one thing you can give your “all” to but you get no results in the end.

    • Good comment but this is America where everyone expects overnight results. I think the problem is Bill, being as goal-oriented as he is. What is worrisome is that he does not care that he is selfishly putting his wife’s health in potential jeopardy. I speak from experience on this matter as it has taken my husband and myself 5 years to conceive naturally. I knew that if we could not conceive naturally, there was a problem and good medicine is about restoring a body to its natural state and NOT pumping a woman with hormones as though she were an animal. (Women, get a grip -how many men would be injection their private parts with hormones at the risk of getting cancer in those areas?) Of course, I had to avoid US doctors and go abroad to eat healthy, get proper treatment. And yes, I have now reached full-term in a healthy pregnancy and expect to go into labour any day.

    • IVF is not like shopping at a super market. You can’t just get a baby when you want it. I give a lot of props for everyone that has to go through this process. It is very emotional and scary and the only reason why couples do it , is because they absolutely have to. It takes a strong ad brave woman to pump her body with all these hormones, it’s not a walk in the park. And who is to say she is the problem? Many men are the problem, even if they look good on paper. So shut your mouth.

    • Clearly you are quite uninformed! Its a very typical statement for someone who has never struggled with trying to fall pregnant – ‘go on a holiday’ ‘relax’ ‘eat well’… yep, those are the sure fire remedies to getting pregnant! Get your head out of the clouds and stop being so opinionated about topics you so obviously know nothing about!

    • if you havnt tried to get pregnant you should shut your mouth…… if your too big you can have trouble getting pregnant if your perfect you can have trouble……. so unless yourv tried and no the pain and emotion you go through then shut you mouth

    • if you havnt tried to get pregnant you should shut your mouth…… if your too big you can have trouble getting pregnant if your perfect you can have trouble……. so unless yourv tried and no the pain and emotion you go through then shut you mouth

    • omg who r u 2 pass judgement on some1 who only waits 1yr before going ahead with IVF. I waited 7yrs before i went ahead with IVF and trust me vacations, relaxation even diet n excercise DONT work 4 every1, and im only 27yrs old and managed 2 lose a much needed 13kgs by doctors recommendation. Now i dont believe its a matter of researching before u comment but keep in mind that every woman is different n most of those theories if not any actually work n unless its something u have personally gone through it isnt appropriate 2 make that sort of comment

    • Until you have been there you should not comment it is one of the hardest thing for a woment to go through so until you have been through it and have to do daily shot just to get pregnant and the emotions keep your comment to yourself. Because you will never know this is my second time through IVF so i understand completly.

    • You r a smart person!!!! i love it… i was an Australian size 6 or an xs and my husband and i were trying to have a baby for two years!!! i was thinking what can i do… so i thought what would be healthy for a baby and put on 10 kgs next thing u know i was pregnant and 3 months after having my gorgeous baby girl i got pregnant with my baby boy. We have the happy family we wanted!!!

    • As a physician who treats patients with infertility, I was happy that finally two “celebrities” are openly speaking about it. I have so many patients come in and assume that since “so & so” got pregnant at 44, they will have an easy time as well. The process is expensive and many of those celebrities turn to egg donors. I’m happy that they are speaking about their plight on national television, too many of my patients have been ashamed of their infertility for too long. It’s much more common than you think and I commend them for taking the reins and knowing that they want a child and are taking the actions necessary to make it happen.

  2. Anyone else see them on The View? Yep, her doctors ordered her to gain weight as she wasn’t consistently ovulating- due to starving herself! Now she is resorting to IVF when she could most likely rectify the problem by *gasp* EATING. She reluctantly gained 5 lbs, and is freaking out. If she can’t bear to gain weight in order to regulate her body and maintain a pregnancy, she shouldn’t be a parent. It takes a hell of a lot more sacrifice than gaining a few. She probably only wants one though because everyone in Hollywood is doing it. Makes me sick.

    • Her doctor never said that gaining 5lbs will solve everything. I weigh a healthy 135lbs at 5’8 and I do NOT need to gain anymore in order to get pregnant but for some reason I’m unable to ovulate properly to get prego …after trying for 5 years. Do your homeword if you think that’s all it takes….to gain weight and relax. There are plenty of overweight women who cannot get pregnant so what do you say to them? Unable to ovulate properly each month means your hormones are imbalanced. It takes a long time for docs to figure out the perfect formula for your body…..meaning pills, shots and patches. Every patient is a different case.

  3. does she think the baby is just delivered to the door or does she realize she will also gain weight while carrying the baby? disgusting. i’m sorry, this is personal … not to share with the world.

    • I’m proud of this couple for sharing their difficulties with us. When we talk about such issues, others can gain from it. I’ve had trouble for years to get pregnant so I feel I can really relate to this couple. This couple is showing the world that they are a REAL couple with REAL life problems. I’m proud of them for not trying to act like their celeb life is perfect.

  4. They’re probably trying to sell a reality show to some freak network…Disgusting. That’s when social services should intervene…
    Oh, and she can’t gain a couple of pounds???? because she’s so used to exercise so much??…she’ll see how time she’ll have to exercise if and when she has a baby…but I’m sure she’ll go to a plastic surgeon who in a couple of hours will remove the excess fat so that she can regain her confidence as a woman…

  5. Funny though…because many thin women conceive easily. I was only 44 kilos when I conceived my 2nd child (NOT because of dieting…my body went a bit haywire with the breastfeeding of my first and my metabolism went sky high….) so maybe they do have a legitimate health issue …its probably not JUST the weight.

  6. Why make a national announcement about something so personal…it’s like announcing: “My husband and I are going to have sex tonight”…who does that?!

  7. (Wow… she looks so much better with brown hair! I mean, wow! Several years younger too.)

    I think it’s super odd how people try to have babies at mid to late thirties and expect it will happen right away, if at all. 35 is considered the caboose of the fertility train when it comes to a woman’s reproductive years. Also, having a baby after 35 carries major risks for both mother and baby. There is a much much greater chance of chromosomal defects for the baby (Down’s syndrome), miscarriage, etc. Biologically speaking, the baby is better off when born in a woman’s prime (age 18 to 25).

    • This comment is not fair at all. She didn’t meet her husband until after 30 yrs old so what do you say to women like that? Should she have settled for some low-life in her 20’s just so she could get pregnant? Yes it’s easier to get pregnant in your 20’s if you’re doing it the natural way BUT life has its way of changing our plans so if you wanna get pregnant in your 30’s then that’s what IUI’s and IVF treatments are for. They have a high success rate these days.

    • This must be coming from someone who is her twenties.
      Like the other poster said she isn’t trying to have a baby now because she was busy partying and kept putting on having a baby. She didn’t get married until she was in her 30’s. For some you aren’t lucky enough to meet someone when you are young and have everything go as you planned. I think they make a great couple god willing they will have their babies that they desearve.
      I feel compassion for her because I am also older and am single and hope to meet someone soon. I am already preparing myself for having difficulties having kids. I know for some women who are over 35 still managed to get pregnant quickly and if I am not lucky enough to be one of those I will consider other options. I do think I will pursue adoption over iVF though.

  8. I am happy for Gillian anb Bill. I love there tv show. They are a sweet couple and I am glad that they want to have children. They will make great parents. And for all you peolpe out there saying crap about them, you nor I really know who they are. so dont judge. Didn’t your parents every tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.


    • These people with mean comments have never suffered through infertility. They must not understand what it’s like to want something so badly with all your being. You dream of being a Mommy all your life and then when you finally meet Mr Right and try to conceive… doesn’t happen. The clock ticks very loud for women. It’s so painful when judgemental people say such hurtful things when they have no idea what it’s like. I wish G & B all the best of luck!

  10. For women at or over 35, the recommendation is to see a specialist after 6 months of trying and not getting pregnant. The doctor said to gain 5-10, and she did gain 5. We can criticize, but we can criticize any potential parent.

    I’m impressed that they are being public and open – information about infertility is kept quiet so often that people don’t realize how often it happens. If they instead kept it quiet and pretended they got pregnant naturally, it would lead young women to a false sense of how easy it will be to get pregnant later in life. I think their honesty will help others, whatever the motive.

  11. I think some people who left comments are too jealous and far too negative – I find them funny and amusing hence why I watch them on E. Anyway, I know personally the struggle I’m currently having with fertility and its nice to know you are not the only person out there 🙁

  12. I think that G. is lying that they were only trying a year, because she once said that they will immediately start a family and they want a whole lot of kids. She’s still young, why do IVF? Maybe that’s the only solution right now?

    If God want to give you a child, he will sure provide.

    Why they made a reality program of them selve? I watched it once, it was so boring. What do we can expect of these 2, when they look boring. Ieuwww

    • She is not still young 35 when trying to conceive is not young. Only trying for a year at 35 is not an only, is is actually a long time and they should have sought help 6 months prior

  13. I think it is great they are sharing their struggles with everyone…if it helps just one person realize they aren’t the only one with these issues, then it is a positive step.

    This is their lives and they are living it how they know best – we should not be critical of their personal choices – they aren’t hurting anyone.

  14. For me, it’s nice to know that even celebs struggle with infertility like me. After we tried for one year to conceive naturally, we were given the green light to see an infertility specialist. You are not considered “infertile” until you’ve tried for a year. This is what my docs in CA, AZ and WA have said so I believe this is the universal rule. We had many IUI’s (Giuliana has had one). Our doctor said that now that I’m in my early 30’s, it’s time to move on to IVF (this is what Giuliana is about to do). To answer Farida’s comment here, Giuliana doesn’t have a lot of time to keep trying with IUI procedures so she’s moving on to the more aggressive, expensive, but better outcome of IVF. Giuliana’s issue has to do with problems ovulating. The good news is that the shots she’s taking to get ready for IVF will help stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs! IVF is much more successful for women with a number of different infertility issues.

    I’m a very spiritual person who has suffered a lot for 5 yrs trying to conceive. I believe that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be BUT there comes a point when you become very helpless. You put all your energy and emotions into trying without any outcome. So, it’s not so easy to just say, “If it’s God’s will”. You obviously have enver wanted something so badly.

  15. Ignore all the insensitive, cruel, ignorant, nasty, unintelligable comments.
    As with any openess about infertility, it is a shocker where negativity will rear it’s beastly ugly head, sometimes it isn’t even a holier than though stranger, sometimes it’s immediate family or firends.

    I’m on my 3rd IVF.
    I’ve had 4 miscarriages and one failed IVF.
    I’ve lived my life to be a mother to the point of pursuing childcare and education to facilitate being the best mother I can be, I’m 28 and have been married for less than two years.
    I’m average weight and height and have a very healthy lifestyle, I’m even about 15lbs “overweight” and don’t give two hoots about it.

    I’m really glad that Giuliana and Bill seem to be facing fairly straight-forward fertility issues that should be resolved with IVF.
    “Sperm, meet Egg, Embryo be sticky.” My good Tuscana friend had the very same tilted uterus and now is the best mom I know to two happy healthy 5yr olds.
    And I wish G&B, as any other couple living the hells of infertility, all the best of luck in succeeding and reaching the goal of parenthood.

    I really, really want my life back …but not nearly as much as I want a baby.

    PS for all you nitwits go get a life!!

  16. To any person reading this. If you have never suffered from PCOS, Tubal obstruction, Insulin resistance (which by the way produces more male hormones than female hormones) etc. Don’t Judge! I am also going for IVF this Saturday…whohoooo!! I suffer from all the above! Don’t even tell me, that if it’s God’s will. So then, if it’s God’s will, you will die of cancer, don’t get treatment or if you have a heart attack and need a bypass, you can’t…..??? Cause it’s not God’s will? No dear friend, I think you’re wrong! It’s God’s will to help us through infertelity, through the pain of cancer, through a heart bypass. Only thing you need to do, is thank the dear Lord that you are healthy, don’t have problems whilst other do. By the way… a normal healthy couple have a 22% chance of getting pregnant each month…. it’s not as easy as Pie! I wish G & B all the best! And to G: Something personal I want to share with you! I got a scripture the other night in Matt 15:28. And Jesus said to her: “Woman, you have great faith, your wish will come true.” May your wishes also come true.

  17. to those who think hvg a baby is a piece of cake, you are very lucky and be thankful to God for that. before i got married i thought it was the easiest thing to do. make love, conceive, get pregnant, go into labor, be a mom. it is definitely not that easy for me. my dh & i have been trying for 4 yrs, and so far no luck. was diagnosed for PCOS and have been on clomid for a few yrs already. did and iui and it failed. and yes, my last resort is ivf and i am praying hard that it will work.
    so to those out there who have it easy, it is so not. and those with infertility (including me) issues, it is an ongoing struggle. we want to me mothers too.

  18. I have been struggling with infertility for 3+ years and have often been told that if God wanted me to have a baby then it would happen. Well tell me this, if God decides then how is it that all these people who abuse, kill, and abandon their children are able to have kids. Are people saying that it is God’s will to have children abused. People can say this to me all they want, but I will never believe that God would choose an abuser over me.

    I wish Guilianna and Bill all the best, my prayers are with them.

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  20. some of the comments on here make me sick i have had fertility proplems for nearly 6 yrs i had an ectopic pregnancy and through the surgery i lost my other fallopian tube so my only way is through icsi and alot of people cant afford all i can say is to them people with there nasty comments should keep it shut untill they have been through it them selfs im also doing an online petition to axe the postcode lottery so people get there three tries on the nhs this is the link
    it would be brill if you could sign and hopefully make our dreams come true


    I am currently going through IVF and HOW DARE do people that have never been down this road comment so horribly. You have no right.

    I pray for G and B and take my hat off to them for sharing it to the world as IVF can be very daunting especially when you think you are the only one going through it. I have got so much from their series and the similarites of what they are going through to what we are going through has eased me I must say.

    Love to you both Guiliana and Bob. Majority of the world are with you and the pea brains that make their stupid comments can go jump. Obvioulsy the ladies that are commenting on G’s weight are FAT themselves. Go lose some weight jealous biatch’s

  22. I just want to say ovulation is a big factor when it comes to conceiving & you have to ovulate to conceive there is no way around it. Some people may have unexplained fertility issues. I personally do not ovulate regularly & have recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome after trying to conceive for over a year with no success. The choice to move forward with fertility treatments is really up to the individuals & their doctors no matter if they are celebrities or not. It is really disheartening when people make rude comments or pass judgement on others. I believe it is a sign of ignorance because they no little about fertility issues & have never been in that situation themselves. Good luck to all & Best Wishes !

  23. That’s great, I truly believe that everyone should have the chance of raising a child. Some people can’t do it the natrual way and they should not suffer for that. Thankfully, we’ve created a way to fix these issues, and couples can raise a child no matter what is in they’re way. Kind of off subject but Bill has some really nice teeth, look like we go to the same Hicksville dentist. Hopefully they will take their child to the same dentist.

  24. Everything happen for a reason and for you to make a statement that you are angry with GOD, my dear it could have been worst then you miscarriage this child . You should get on your knees and thank him for giving you the one time shot to expect a baby that you couldn’t carry. I wish you luck in the future, that one day it will happen to you, but remember GOD move in mysterious ways.

  25. “Medically assisted procreation” can fall into two categories: that which the Church condemns or that which the Church approves. For example, the Church condemns in vitro fertilization as intrinsically evil. You can read the teaching document, DONUM VITAE, to learn more about this teaching. The document is on line at This is a beautiful teaching my the Church that will help you see the reasons why some forms of medically assisted procreation commonly known as reproductive technology is wrong. On the other hand, there are excellent programs to treat infertility such as NAPRO TECHNOLOGY which is totally in line with Church teaching, and you can learn about these from the Pope Paul VI Institute:

  26. i wish bill and gillianne all the best of luck. my husband and i unfortunately tried at the ages of 40 to get pregnant and it just would not work. we tried everything and finally gave up. at the age of 45 we ended up raising a six year old nephew. we were better prepared at that age to take care of a child. they take so much more patience. i have to admit advances in medicine are better now. just be patient and it will happen one way or another.

  27. Personally, I feel deeply for Gillian and Bill. Between Oct. 2009 and Aug. 2010 I had three miscarriages. My husband and I have been married three years. My heart breaks for them because I too have wanted so long to have a child of my own and it hasn’t worked the way we thought it would. When you plan to get pregnant you never stop to think “What if.” I give Gillian and Bill so much credit for sharing their story with the world. It is very tragic and hard to deal with. For a while, I though I was some horrible person. Why can’t I get pregnant but all these little girls are having one nearly every year? It makes me sick beyond words. People tried to comfort me saying it was all for a reason. Well there are no words that anyone can say to make the situation any better. It takes time and a wonderful partner to get through it together. I hope that they become stronger with this experience but never give up.

  28. You are so illiterate you don’t even know how to spell irritating (not irretating), nobody cares what you think or that you are so jealous because G&B are famous and nobody knows who you are.
    Best of luck to G&B! You are in my prayers 🙂

  29. I went to the same Fertility center as Giuliana in Highwood park IL. I was in the patient waiting room the same day as her in the Fall. ( She looked great even with little makeup) Giuliana is sure lucky to get VIP treatment from the center. I went to get my eggs retrieved and found 50 patients lined up outside the office. My husband and I had to sit on the floor outside the office. For $11,000 they could at least give us a chair to sit on. I felt like a barn animal. I think she should change fertility centers and do one cycle privately without the cameras . I just think the center is getting a bit to busy and they can not handle the volume in their lab. Nonetheless I’m sure they cater to her, but the lab environment plays a large part in IVF . My IVF did not work either and I’m changing centers. I wish her the best of luck !

  30. Hi Giuliana, I know aht you have been going through, as myself i had 3 failed IVF, and now hoping that the fouth one will be sucessful. Good luck and I am sure this one will be the one.

  31. I love you so mach i wish for u the best and u r family if u have any question e mil me with all my experience with my 3 boy’s i will be there for u i love u.

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