Scott & Renee Baio’s Ponytail Princess

Look at those ponytails! Happy Days star Scott Baio, his wife Renee and their adorable 2-year-old daughter Bailey were spotted at the first annual Oscar Suite of 100 Stars at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 24).

In an exclusive statement to Celebrity Baby Scoop, Renee said all three of them had a great time at the event. “We had fun and went because Scott is good friends with the gent that put the event on. Bailey had a good time and got her first little ring even though the event was mostly for grown ups.”

And what is sweet Bailey into these days?

Bailey is very much into Italiano classes and she’s picking it up fast. Scott was holding out as he can speak the Italian language fluently. She is also all about “monkey George” (Curious George).”

Renee and Scott created the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation ® (BBAF) to raise awareness and much needed charitable funding for the metabolic disorder known as G-A 1 and other OA’s. To read more about their charitable efforts, click here to read our exclusive interview with Renee.

Follow BBAF on facebook. And be sure to check out Scott’s Twitter page where he posts candid pics of Bailey and provides information on metabolic disorders and other OA’s.


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  1. To Anonymous – I guess you’re not on this site very much because if you were, you would have already seen pics of her smiling.

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