Jamie Lynn Spears Locked In Custody Battle With Casey Aldridge

Just when Jamie Lynn Spears was flying high due to the effects of newfound love, she was brought back down to earth at breakneck speed thanks to her baby daddy Casey Aldridge.

The young man’s mother was recently overheard saying that if Casey wants to live the good life then he should fight for custody of his daughter, 20-month old Maddie, so Jamie Lynn would be forced to fork over child support. Continue reading…

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  1. This story sounds iffy but, assuming it’s true – what ‘good life’ are they talking about? Jamie Lynn has no where near the net worth of her sister, so I don’t know what kind of bank they’d expect to get out of her.

    By the way, what a rotten reason for anyone to seek custody of a child. 😛

  2. It hasn’t even been confirmed that they even split (I personally don’t think they have, but who knows) so this story is misleading.

  3. casey is being a gold-digger i bet he knocked up jamie-lynn at 16 so he could live the good life if this is true i could see a dramatic custody battle coming and poor 1 year old maddie has to the center of it..Casey is going to use his daughter fo excuse if i was jamie-lynn i would not give anything to casey if hes just going to use it for fame and not care about maddie..Jamie lynn has become a really good mom despite that she was a teenage mother.and britney spears has completly turned her life around for her 2 precious little boys….

  4. i don’t believe this story, if it is true, thats really sad and casey would be an Ahole!
    I think they have split up but i think the tabloids are using there split to spin stories like this one.

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