Brad Pitt Would Like To Send His Kids To School

Angelina Jolie, 34, and Brad Pitt, 46, have been spotted all over Venice these past few weeks, along with their six children, putting to rest many of the breakup rumours which have been surrounding them lately.

“They’re staying together as a family and have vowed to work out their problems,” a source recently revealed to the UK’s Now magazine. “No matter how much they fight, they agree on one thing: they adore their kids and will do anything in their power to ensure they have happy lives.”

There are, however, a few things that the couple might not agree on – namely that Brad would like to be able to send his kids to school. A source tells ShowbizSpy that the proud father is starting to worry about their busy lifestyle and the effect it may be having on his kids. “They do their best to travel with the children and take them to kid-friendly places like amusement parks and petting zoos,” says the source. “But because they’re currently being home schooled, they rarely spend time with other kids. Brad wants to change this, but he’s not sure how because school poses security issues.”

The Jolie-Pitt kids may have many advantages in life but Brad is hoping for some sense of normalcy as they grow up. “They don’t have the opportunity to socialize like other children,” continues the source. “But other kids don’t have the paparazzi hunting them down.”

Though Brad and Angie have thwarted a possible split, it looks like a new set of challenges is just around the corner. Life & Style has obtained exclusive details about a new tell-all book which “will answer all the questions Brangelina fans have yet to have answered,” says author Jenny Paul.

According to Paul, who has spent six years investigating the Jolie-Pitts, the book will reveal sordid details about the couple’s relationship, former paramours, and that Brad and Angie plan to have 13 children in total: “Some will be adopted, some will be biological,” says Paul, adding that “the power base in the relationship has changed”: “Angelina wore the pants first, but now Brad’s the one wearing them.”

Do you think there’s any truth to this new tell-all? Will you be picking up a copy?


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  1. There is absolutely no truth to this new tell-all. Just a new way to make people buy this trash. I most definitely will not buy a copy of this tell-all book. I´m so fed-up that these tell-all books about this couple are coming so close to one another. And none of them tells the real truth about this couple. I think that in real life they are very loving parents to their children and very devoted to each other as well. In the recent picsd they seem to be happier than ever. As far as the school question is cocerned it´s true that their children should be able to attend normal school but home schooling is a perfect choice in their case right now. The paps would be haunting them outside their school all the time and the other kids would suffer from all that attention the Jolie-Pitt children get all the time. But there are other ways how the children can interact with children their age. The playgrounds and petting zoos are great places for them to meet children their age. At some point Angie sure will realize that the children need stability in their lives and the whole family will stay in one place for more than three or four months. Actually she joked about that a few years ago in an interview. So she knows full well that they have to find a permanent home soon.

  2. This story is not right at all, I mean how is going to school a secruity issues? The beckhams do it, and they have obviously bad some huge some secruity issues( two kidnapping attempts) and I’m sure that as parents they’ll realize their kids need some sense of stability, even thouh they will get great experinces from so much traveling.

  3. There are plenty of kids more famous than the Jolie-Pitt kids and they manage to get a quality education. If the Obama kids can go to school, the Jolie-Pitt kids can, too.

  4. Why is this site quoting tabloids?Now magazine and Life and Style are 2 of the worst,lying pieces of crap tabloids out there.

  5. “They don’t have the opportunity to socialize like other children,” continues the source. “But other kids don’t have the paparazzi hunting them down.”
    That’s bs, we get daily shots of Violet Affleck going to school. It bothers her parents, but she’s still going.

  6. True or not, it’s ridiculous. If other famous people do it, they can too. It’s been 2 years now since Angelina said she would quit. But i guess she’ll quit acting when the kids are all grown up and ready to leave “home” (wherever that may be). They’re both putting their careers FIRST before anything else, and that includes a more stable life for their kids. Just my opinion.

  7. yes…. is she 3 1/2??? that’s strange…. well i read somewhere that maddox bullies pax and zahara fights with shiloh for everything… i was’t quite sure about that, until i saw a video on youtube with brad and angie and the boys and maddox was poking pax with an umbrella and making him cry and maddox only got told off but continued on doing it. if it is actually true i think a social inspector should visit them asap. i have the video but it doesn’t let me post it…

      • the site is not letting but if u go on youtube and look for it- it’s called Maddox and Pax Kung Fu Fighting In New Orleans and is uploaded by llmsam on 22 November 2009 or givme an e-mail, i can send it to u.

        • and this is what i read! i just found it and it says about Shiloh’s tooth!!!!!!

          Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Is Lonely & Bullied By Her Siblings

          Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have the hard task of educating 4 children under the age of 7 years old. A lot has been said about their parenting skills but they are just kids… fighting and some bruises are bound to happen.

          With four kids come four very different personalities, which all seem to clash. And the sibling rivalry is brutal.
          Maddox, 6, is constantly pushing Pax, 4, around in an attempt to show him who’s boss, says a source. “But Pax is no wimp, and he fights back.”
          But it’s little Zahara, 3, who really rules the roost! “She screams and shouts at the boys when she doesn’t get her way,” says the source. Not even Shiloh, 22 months, is safe — and the toddler has the battle scars to prove it. “Z is always pushing or scratching her.”
          Zahara’s picking on Shiloh is usually motivated by snacks. “Z once clawed Shiloh’s cheek after she tried to take her cookie,” says an insider who witnessed one incident. “She’s always pulling on Shiloh’s hair so she can steal her food.”
          And little Shiloh has more than her hair to worry about! Recently while Shiloh’s three older siblings roughhoused, she got knocked down and chipped a tooth! “Angie gets worried when Shi plays with them,” says the insider. “She always comes back with a scraped knee or a fat lip!”
          In fact, another source says food is a problem with all the kids and blames much of their rowdiness on a poor diet. “They eat fast food, pizza, chips and sugary soft drinks,” says the source. “Brad and Angie let them eat what they want because it brings harmony to the chaotic household.” To make matters worse, the insider adds, “because bedtime is whenever the kids feel like it, they get overly tired and cranky. Brad and Angelina don’t like to be too strict.” (source)

          The kids were also seen eating Cheetos and other type of snacks raising the question: Were Brangelina feeding their kids with junk food? This is stupid… of course that when the kids are out with their parents you won’t see them with a bag of vegetables and cereals…

          “If Zahara wants ice cream for breakfast, she’ll get it,” an insider told. And Cheetos, too, if photos of Zahara and her three siblings, each munching on their own bag of yummies, is any indication.
          Seems one reason for all the fast-food fixes is that Brad and Angie don’t want nannies and chefs taking care of their brood. “They like to take care of the kids on their own,” the source revealed. “But they can’t cook, so they look for food that comes out of a box and doesn’t have to be cooked — and the kids just love fried foods.”
          But a friend of the famous couple has another take on the trend. “Brad and Angelina work really hard at letting their kids be normal. That means they let them do stuff we all did as kids, like eat chocolate or scarf down a bag of chips.” (source)

          Angie and Brad are getting ready to welcome their twins and double the trouble. This brought even more speculation around Shiloh and how she feels… Shiloh is reportedly a lonely baby and she is not taking the twins news that well, it seems like she is jealous…

          Golden child Shiloh is one lonely little girl and she is “acting up” and acting out as she looks for attention.
          Shiloh is already having trouble adjusting to her new life in France, where, insiders say, the family plans to remain through the end of the year at least. They just leased a $70 million estate in country. “Shiloh just hasn’t had chances to make friends and socialize,” says Angie’s friend.
          “They’re aware that this is the end of Shiloh’s time as the baby of the family,” says Brad’s friend. “As much as they want Shiloh to feel secure, she’s going to have to make do with even less attention from Mommy.” (source)

          Oh come on!! Of course Shiloh and all the Brangelina’s kids will eventually be jealous… that happens in big family… well it happens in every family… it’s normal, it’s one of the stages of growing up!
          People are expecting these kids to behave like adults who can control their emotions and actions… everyone needs to let them be children and fight, play and eat junk food…
          Kids seem to be happy and that is what really matters!!

          • whoever wants links for the video or the article just let me know and write down some e-mails, coz i can’t post them here…

          • I’m stoned, people read tabloid and convince themself that they know what is going on into someone house. It has been proved many times that tabloids only speculate and invent stories.
            Now i understand why tabloids are still going strong despite the craps they write, it’s thank to people like you.
            It’s amazing you take tabloid’s stories for facts.
            They write te same story about Suri Cruise saying that she only have cupcake for breakfast, and acte like a little terror with the personal, but everyone who has meet her say she is a ham.
            They said that Shiloh wasn’t brad’s daughter and she is his clone.
            They said that zahara’s bio mother wanted her back, she deny it.
            They said that Shiloh has a princess birthday party and it turn out that she is a tomboy.

            The video you are talking about is on youtube, i saw it , and none of the children is crying. If you looks, the boys start playing with the umbrella, Brad saw them and come to make them stop, so Pax run to hide in his mother’s arm, mostly to avoid his dad rebuke, and the unbrella was taken away.

            I really don’t see what is so shocking into this video. I grew with three brothers, and so are boys.
            You are purposely taking things out of proportion, to prove things you know nothing about.
            However experience show me it’s completly unecessary to argue with people like you. So good luck to you, you will need a lot of it if you apply the same reasoning in your personal life.

  8. These kids need to interact with other kids, not just with one another, their parents and their ten nannies. Apparently what they have is a good life, but you know, luxury isn’t everything.

  9. i really hope those six adorable kiddies get the stability they deserve. IMO, angie is an unfit mother. I am judging her by photos, interviews, and decisions. She gives her sons knives and dresses her two biological daughters as boys, and she’s thinking of adopting a seventh child, even though she full well knows she’s going to put her career before that child too. its awesome that brad and she wanna adopt because SO many children need homes, but she’s not providing them with attention and stability – based on the stuff she says and the trail of nannies that she has employed.

  10. Well I’ve seen that video the entire video its over 20 minutes and Pax started poking Maddox first. It was taken in NOLA. As for the kids traveling most of the traveling has been for Brad’s movies IB(Germany), NYC(Burn after Reading), These kids attend international schools where there curriculum is the same in every location. When they are in LA they return to their home based school . There were pics of of Zahara leaving school 3 weeks ago on X17. NOW tabloid is worse than American tabloids this whole story is BS. How do you know what kids they interact with. How do you know if the assistants or other staff don’t bring their kids along. These kids attended school in NYC when Brad was filming burn after reading , there are pics of them attending school in Prague,attending school in New orleans when he was filming Benjamim Button. They attend school in Long Island when she was filming Salt. So they have plenty of interaction w/ other kids.Celine Dion’s son never attended a school until this year. Is she unfit for not allowing to interact or socialize with other kids for 7 years. So AJ is unfit so I guess so is weed smoking and constantly drinking BP is also.Maybe you should contact CPS

  11. They started dragging those children through airports, as though they were pieces of luggage, years ago. Most stars protect their chilren from the prying eyes of the public. The Jolie Pitt’s orchestrate outings as though they were planning movie scenes. Undoutedly, we are not seeing the entourage of nannies lagging not too far behind.

    These poor little bunnies don’t know where their ‘home’ is and probably don’t even have their own familiar rooms, beds, yards, friends, schools and play places. Most great moms organize their schedules around ballet, hockey, soccer and school schedules. These poor wee kiddies are carted around the world, time zones and hotel rooms to the point where there can’t be any normalcy and stability, all to keep up with dear old mom’s work schedule, it seems.

    Ms Jolie keeps talking about making them citizens of the world? How about helping them to be good citizens in a kindergarten before they tackle world peace? It is clear that the parents don’t seem to have a lot of knowledge around children’s developmental needs. How many kids remember much of what happened in a predictable world before the age of five? Their brains can’t process all the lofty ideals she thinks she is transmitting.

    Half of the media frenzy erupts when she starts talking about ‘open’ relationships and how monogamy isn’t essential. Perhaps that may be so for her but what are the children to think about a mom who is publicly disrespectful of their dad? Is it any wonder the tabloids send out rumours. Her half-reasoned comments cause a lot of the uproar. The only folks to be hurt by her galavanting will be those children. Beyond their public portrayal of a relatively unstable relationship and the public parade of their children, they openly comment about their offspring in disparaging ways.

    Now, thanks to the constant airport runs, Mr Pitt’s comments about Shiloh’s insistance on being called John on Oprah’s world, Jolie actually calling her first daughter ‘a blob’ in magazines, Pitt describing Pax urinating on furniture and the self described ‘chaos’ they brag about in interviews, their children are becoming targets of ridicule. What do the children of Merryl Streep look like? Privacy is possible. I just don’t think that they really want it.

    Brad did have a relatively ‘normal’ childhood and you can see him trying to offer some of that while ‘mom’ just keeps on signing up for more work! Hopefully, he’ll win the day and have a bigger say on trying to give the children some stable home life. Hope springs eternal. They really are beautiful children!

    • I agree, she puts her career first! and about shiloh’s chipped tooth- hat’s horrible! and i believe that the other bully her-we’ve seen many pictures of her face bruised. and it is all angelina’s fault!!! she should teach them to love each other and treat then like equals!!!!!!!!

  12. No matter what this couple do you haters will never be fair…..comparing one family to another is just crazy…….you can’t tell about a book until you open it…. So until you know the couple and their family personally what you hear is just that hear-say. You can’t tell by a few pics and by mags selling a story.

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