Victoria Beckham’s Movie-Going Munchkins

A comfy casual Victoria Beckham, 35, took her three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5, to see Alice In Wonderland at Universal Citywalk in Universal City, Calif. on Friday (March 5).

The crew was spotted leaving the show with leftover snacks in hand as Victoria chatted on her cell phone and finished up her drink. Perhaps the outing was a continuation of Brooklyn’s birthday celebrations? The oldest Beckham boy turned eleven just yesterday, while Cruz celebrated his fifth birthday on February 19.

The boys’ father is Victoria’s husband of ten years, David Beckham, 34, who is currently in London doing what he does best.

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  1. Awwwww..Victoria looks like her old self back in the year 2000-2003/04 when she constantly in track suits and snickers! So there..who said she’s always in posh get up and never dress down? But I admit..this is her MOST dress down yet SINCE she went to live in LA.

    And the boys look HAPPY AS ALWAYS! And cute! Oh, oh..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN! No big party for you, eh? Guess you didn’t need it, big boy, as much as Little Cruzzy did! Haha.. ;D

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