Camila Alves’ Motherhood Secret: Don’t Stress!

Dazed and Confused star Matthew McConaughey is famously laid-back. But what about his partner, and mother of his two kids, Camila Alves?

“I try to keep [life] as simple as I can,” Alves, 27, tells People. “I try to keep it as calm as I can.”

As proud mom to son Levi, 20 months, and daughter Vida, 9 weeks, Camila is juggling motherhood and her relationship with Matthew, her career as a handbag designer, and her latest gig as host of Bravo’s Shear Genius. So how does she manage it all? “The word ‘stress,’ I don’t believe in that,” she says.

In fact, she’s loving every minute of motherhood. “Every stage they go through, it is something different and new and exciting,” she says of her two tots. “Levi’s so much fun! He’s just into everything. He’s repeating everything … putting words together.”

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  1. Lol! easy for her to say…Is that the nanny trailing them with the baby? The nanny is probably the “stressed” one. . .

  2. right and this is coming from a woman who’s nanny is constantly with the baby and is like ten feet behind them in those photo’s. Sure its going to be stress free if you have a nanny to pass the kid off to. Yeah like she doesn’t have any stress, please.

  3. First of all the woman who is with them is not the nanny but Camila’s mom-Multo.
    Why should she be stressed? I live a simple life and dont feel a lot of stress even with a baby.

  4. Yes, I wouldn’t be stressed if I had a nanny to help out too!!!! And even if the ‘nanny’ is her mother Fatima (not Multo), she still has more help than most people, so of course she’s not stressed. How nice that would be! hahaha…..

  5. okay first off, the other women with them is not a nanny, it their grandma. I don’t get why people assume cause celebs have nannies, they don’t take care of their children or have to deal with as much stress and responsibilites as any other mother. Nannies are their to HELP, not raise their children, and everyone knows if they could afford a nanny, they’d get one. My mom said if she would have actually needed one, like i think some celebs do, she would have gotten me and mother a nanny. Does that make her a bad mom? no, give celeb parents a break.

  6. Fatima?? Her mom’s name is Multo Abrigado. Anyway I agree, Camila has a help from her mother. But should she apologise because her mom can help her and does it? Come on people! There is nothing wrong with taking help from mom or nanny to rise your kids. Your kids deserve it and you deserve it too.

  7. Hey, nobody said she was a bad mother. But she does have help (whether that be her mother or a nanny) and that would make it a little less stressful, that’s all. Not everybody has that. The only thing I don’t get is how everyone makes out a celebs life is so much more stressful than other ‘normal’ people.

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