Why Men Cheat: A Look At Celebrity Men Who Stray

After the shocking headlines in recent days of Monster Garage star Jesse James cheating on his gorgeous wife, Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock, we can’t help but wonder: Why do men cheat?

If the likes of Sandy B, Uma Thurman and Halle Berry get cheated on, is there any hope for the rest of us?

Sure, some women cheat as well (we’re still secretly hoping for a Justin and Britney reunion), but we can’t help but notice the long list of male public figures who have cheated on their wives. Click below to hear why the experts say men cheat, and see some of your fav celebs who have strayed from their loving wives.

Oprah’s leading expert on the topic, M. Gary Neuman, estimates that one in 2.7 men will cheat—and most of their wives will never know about it.

“For over 20 years, [I’ve been] living along with women, counseling, seeing the devastation and how overwhelming it is when they are cheated on and what it subsequently does to the children and the family,” Gary tells Oprah. “It’s not about blaming the wife. It can’t be. I mean, cheating is ridiculous. It’s wrong. And you can’t justify it.”

So what is the number one reason men cheat? Gary says 92% of men say it’s not primarily about the sex.

The majority said it was an emotional disconnection, specifically a sense of feeling underappreciated. A lack of thoughtful gestures,” Gary says. “Men are very emotional beings. They just don’t look like that. Or they don’t seem like that. Or they don’t tell you that.”

Every couple will face their ups and downs, but Gary urges couples to remember the love that brought them together. “Everybody deserves that. Everybody wants that. Because it’s not about the sex, what everyone’s been made to believe. Anybody, no matter how you look, can be admiring and kind and warm and give you that extra little pump and that extra kindness and hang on your words.”

So do cheaters usually ‘fess up? According to Gary’s study, only 7 % of men who strayed told their wives without being asked. Fifty-five percent of men have either not told their wives or lied after being confronted with hard evidence.

Both Jesse James and Tiger Woods have made public confessions, begging their wives for forgiveness. We can’t help but wonder if they feel bad for their actions, or bad simply because they got caught.

Take a look at some celebrities who have famously cheated on their wives:

  • Jesse James
  • John Edwards
  • Tiger Woods
  • Ethan Hawke
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Mick Jagger
  • David Duchovny
  • Michael Jordan
  • Bill Clinton
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Richie Sambora
  • Ryan Phillippe
  • Criss Angel
  • Frank Gifford
  • Donald Trump
  • Prince Charles
  • Eric Benet
  • Dean McDermott
  • Danny Moder
  • Jude Law
  • Woody Allen

Why do you think men cheat?


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    • Why do men cheat?

      Everyone gets angry but some women will say anything and do anything when they get anger. Why is it evil if men do the same thing. Every body makes mistakes but lets only concern ourselves what the man does. Women are not the only one to work to make the relationship work. The question is, did you notice what the man has done or even acknowledge it. You may not agree with it but every man atleast put some effort and tries. Women love to talk and talk and talk but have you listened? Some times a woman talk so much she doesn’t wait for a reply. Why does it seem like wives only want to talk to thier men when they are watching the game, out with their friends, or just having a good time. I seems like you actually do it on purpose and get mad if we don’t listen! If men even tried to do the same thing you would hang up the phone! Or ignore us! You hypocrite! It may seem like you ladies talk to us when we are always doing some thing. Women always says men don’t listen. To be quite honest you never want to say anything that we want to hear. You are always nagging about something we did or didn’t do. It’s never about something your man wants to hear. You see take it from a man you need to give us that first 30 to 60 seconds of fame. Its all about my man time for 30 to 60 seconds. Don’t let him see you looking at the clock. Ladies you will find that you will hold our attention much longer.

      It was said that there is no reason to cheat on your spouse. What if she cheats on you? Or you ladies cheat on him?

      So if the ladies are still reading this blog I would like to say that most men are about the same. We like food, sex, and for our ladies to pat us on the back for something trivial and meaningless. I think for women you should know your man and know him well. Know what he likes and doesn’t’t likes.

      For example: if you ever have some thing to say to your man ask yourself when is a good time to talk to him. If you want to be herd. A lot of times we just don’t care about the matter as much as a woman does. You ladies even get angry when we just don’t feel that passion like you guys do. I’ll admit; I acted like I cared but I really don’t.

      For example: My wife was worried about some bill. It is some bill because I was not listening to her when she was so worried about paying it. Look we have to pay bills our entire life with no breaks and no vacation. Who cares if the bill is late! Pay the bill next week or next month and call them to see if the late fee can be waved! Life goes on no need to ruined your week over! Not dsy but week. Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. That’s in the bible. Women worry way too much.
      My wife asked me one day, “You really don’t care do you? How can you be so care free?” I didn’t know what to say! I care about you, I care because you care, everybody cares a little! Can I have an instruction manual? It seems like everyone who comments on here have been cheated on or thinking about cheating! You may not even have a man. You have been hurt by men and you don’t want to be hurt again! My wife have said and done some pretty bad things. I wasn’t no boy Scott myself. We always seem to be able to work it out in the end. This blog is met to uplift and motivate! I personally think to understand a woman you need to talk to a woman. Same thing for ladies. I think most women are complex, emotional, & unpredictable. I really do believe that each women should come with an instruction manual. Or a how to book for beginners. I believe most men are simple, almost kid like, and very predictable! That puts us almost opposites.
      The saying is opposites attract. Can you remember what was said or what you may have read about the couples in the forties and fifty. I’m sure the all had issues but they made the marriage last and were happy. My point is we should always make the marriage work and do things to uplift each other.
      To this day I ask my wife this or that but sge won’t tell me because she wants me to already know. Or keep searching! I haven’t figured that out yet but at least I’m trying.

      If you ladies don’t listen to any us please listen to this. Nevery take advise from a single person or newly single person. Not if you want a man.

  1. Wow, what a one sided story. What is this? A witch-hunt list for the 21st century? It’s not like women never cheat and unless we’re part of a relationship we don’t know what goes/went down. What purpose does such a list serve?
    I’ve wondered about some posts CBS has printed before and this is one of them. What direction are you taking?

  2. David Duchovny didn’t cheat on his wife – the only story that ever came out was swiftly met with a lawsuit and the lady in question in the article denied the allegations. That’s it. I have no idea what he’s doing on that list!

  3. To be fair to the men on that list, some of them were never confirmed cheaters. A couple of them were accused by the public and media, but a lot of men in the public eye are. Just because People or OK Magazine says it doesn’t mean it is true.

  4. I don’t know who are but you took the words right out of my mouth! As being cheated on recently, I know exactly how she feels! It sucks and although he’s no celeb he pulled the same “I didn’t feel you loved me anymore” crap. I did everything for this POS short of wiping his butt for him.

  5. Men are weak. Just like Chris Rock said -“A man is basically as faithful as his options”. This is so sad but true as hell. I say once a cheater always a cheater. Kick em’ to the curb and never look back because you will only regret it if you don’t.

  6. It seems like this site is starting to be more “Celebrity Scoop” than Celebrity Baby Scoop!!!! Also,I agree with Shirilicious,Anonymous @ 4:35 pm and Anonymous @ 4:38 pm’s comments!!

  7. @Shirilicious..I don’t care what the back story is in someones relationship that I may or may not be privy to! The point is there is no excuse for cheating!! I was in a long term relationship and was cheated on and it had nothing to do with me because I gave the emotional support that men supposedly say is the reason they strayed!! It comes down to men wanting their cake and eating it too!! the men that do cheat and women cheat because they want something fresh and new as well as wanting to feel good about themselves and they also cheat because they don’t look at the bigger picture and see what it is they really have in front of them!! I myself have never cheated and not because I did not find others physically attractive(I DID!!!) but I did not cheat because I knew what I had, appreciated what I had, and felt it was enough in all areas!!! FYI..I am a guy so it is capable for a man to be faith and FYI I am a masculine gay male so its possible to be gay, masculine and still not stray!! It comes down to have the wisdom to see what you really have and if you feel its not enough then move on and I don’t care what your situation is!! No amount of money, etc is worth staying with someone you don’t want 100%, no amount of fear of breaking someones heart is worth your own happiness!!! You’ll be better off and so will they!!!

  8. I really wouldn’t put Dean Mcdermott in the celebrity cat. but think he saw the opportunity to further his career w/wife #2 Tori Spelling—so sad. Thats when he became known as a celebrity. Sorry but once a cheater always a cheater.

  9. Are you going to put out a list of actresses that cheat on their husbands like Leanne Rimes, Meg Ryan(w/ Russel Crowe), Valerie Bertinelle(according to her book) and Tori Spelling come to mind. If you are going to list Prince Charles than put Princess Diana on the women’s list

  10. women cheat too, of course. but more men cheat then women, and most never ever get caught. Whether male or female, however, cheating is wrong! And i don’t know about ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’, but cheaters DEFINITELY need to be punished.

  11. And they’re the victims, poor little things. These kind of excuses make me SICK. They would be better off saying “It’s my fault I’m lame and I have no respect for my family” than pull off that ridiculous excuse. So if you don’t feel “loved enough” you’d rather cheat than TALK about it? Disgusting. I find it so disenhearting that so many do it as well 🙁

  12. WELL SAID! These men lack COMMITMENT. Marriage is a commitment and commitment is when you love someone more than yourself! That’s marriage, when you love someone that you WANT to spend 365 days a year with and never get bored. That’s why you got married in the first place and if that’s the right person, there is NO NEED to be looking anywhere else. The old saying, ‘a man’s gotta look’, ‘no harm in looking’ (oh yes there is, as man thinketh, so is he’ and he’s already commited adultery in his mind); and if he’s SUPPOSEDLY found MS RIGHT for the rest of his life, then why does he need to look anywhere else. He’s looking in the WRONG DIRECTION! “no harm in looking’ is the oldest lie the devil ever told! If men ever realized how the devil USES a man’s weakest for his sexual ego, then they’d get mad and PUT THE RUN on the Devil himself! When a man first meets “Ms Right” the “DOESN’T want to spend all his time with boys”, he wants to spend it her, right? But once the conquest is over, HE dictates the boredom. IT’S A MUCH HIS RESPONSIBILITY in MAKING A MARRIAGE work as it is hers and when he stops courting her, HE LOSES THE FRESHNESS of LOVE in a marriage relationship. He’s lost his RESPONSIBILITY on HIS PART to be ‘THE MAN’, THE HERO, HER HERO! Men have stopped be THE HERO, LOST THEIR LOYALTY TO HER, AND HAVE FAILED TO LIVE UP TO THE WEDDING VOWS THEY MADE!

  13. I am a woman and I have cheated. It was stupid and I regret it but I did it. Men cheat because they are bored and see a better offer – or what they think in the moment is a better offer. I dont think men are any worse then women, and yes, it’s all wrong.

  14. As much of a sexist man-hater as I am, I do think that this article (and many, many, many out there) are very one-sided and unfair. So many things out there target men as being the bad guys, the cheaters, the rapists, what have you. It’s not fair. There are women that cheat as well, though I’d say it’s less common considering women do not usually have the sex drives that men do. I think it’s wrong no matter who does it. Why can’t they try talking to their partners instead of running off and jumping into bed with someone else?

  15. Women are just a likely to cheat as men… sometimes more. Google it if you don’t believe me. When men and women get together they desire to be around eachother emotionally and PHYSICALLY. You can’t just turn one side of it off and expect everything to just go on the same. Sex is a huge part of a relationship, ask any marriage counselor.

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