Ava Sambora’s White Trash Beautiful Runway Debut

Ava Sambora made her modeling debut at last night’s LA Fashion Week premiere of her rocker dad Richie Sambora‘s women’s fashion line White Trash Beautiful. The gorgeous 12-year-old was cheered on by her beaming mom Heather Locklear as she strutted her way down the catwalk.

This is the Bon Jovi guitarist’s first foray into the world of fashion. The inspiration behind the collection, according to his design partner Nikki Lund, is that “every single woman has a little bit of white trash in them and that every single woman wants to be sexy, and these clothes are designed to let a little bit of that diva out.”


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  1. I could never have rocked heels that high at 12 (or the dress for that matter!)
    Ava is gorgeous, she looks sooo much like Heather. In the pic together they look exactly the same. Love the one of Ava on the runway and her mom proudly taking a picture 🙂

  2. Maybe if she was a teenager this would be appropriate. Shouldn’t 12 year olds be playing…ya know something relevant to their age.

  3. What she’s only 12?! Kids in USA sure “grows up” very fast.

    Anyway, I don’t see the problem with those heels, she looks older than what she is so its appropriate for her just as it is for an 17-18 year old. ?

  4. Wow! She’s stunning.

    BUT! I dont understand how they can speak of “all sexy, single women, have a bit of white trash is them”, and then cast a 12 year old on the runway.

  5. Thats repulsive…casting a 12 yr old in a show about clothes to bring out teh sexy white trash in every woman? Heather Locklear must be an utter bloody nutcase and a shocking parent!

  6. 12? She looks 16-20. It may be a good thing now…but porbably not so good once she actually turns 20 and looks 30. Oh well, she’s cute. The outfit is horrible, though. And she really doesn’t look like her mom.

  7. She’s gorgeous!!
    But…let’s face it, she wouldn’t be a model if it wasn’t for her parents. The blank emotionless stare doesn’t really work in fashion.

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