Galen Gering: Fatherhood Is Truly Amazing

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” How many times have us die-hard Days of our Lives fans heard that one?! Celebrity Baby Scoop was thrilled to chat with three of the hottest characters from our favorite daytime drama: Rafael “Rafe” Hernandez, Brady Black and Arianna “Ari” Hernandez.

First up is Galen Gering as Rafe, the sexy suitor of bad girl Sami Brady. Galen opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about on-set playdates with Alison Sweeney‘s son Ben, his longtime love Jenna and their two boys Dillon and Jensen, and how he juggles his family life with his scandalous life in Salem.

CBS: You married your longtime girlfriend Jenna Hudlett 10 years ago! What is your secret for a successful relationship?

GG: “The secret is… she’s awesome! And as much as we spend a lot of time together she’s also cool with me spending time with my friends, playing beach volleyball, snowboarding, etc. We strike a nice balance.”

CBS: You and Jenna have two sons: Dillon, 3 1/2, and Jensen, 1 1/2. How has fatherhood changed you?

GG: “Being a father is the neatest thing ever. Watching your kids grow and developing a relationship with them is such a blast. It’s truly amazing! I love when I come home and they both run to me screaming, ‘Dada!’”

CBS: How has your relationship with Jenna changed since welcoming your children?

GG: “Well, the difficult thing is that there’s less time to go around…before we could go on a date anytime without worrying about a baby sitter or waking up at six in the morning. So you’ve got to make time for one another and be creative.”

CBS: Are you and Jenna hoping to try for a girl?

GG: “Are you crazy!?! Yes, of course she wants a girl. We went to this house the other day and they had twin girls with these pink beds and it was all very cute and but I thought she was going to cry. I said, ‘Honey, we need to leave.’”

CBS: Have your sons done any acting?

GG: “Yes, just the other day Dillon didn’t want to go to school and said, “No, I’m sick.” Then he does this convincing fake cough and I asked myself, where the hell does he learn this stuff? Professionally…let’s wait a while.”

CBS: Do you want them to enter showbiz?

GG: “I want to support what they love to do – within reason.”

CBS: Does Dillon understand what you do for a living?

GG: “I don’t think he fully comprehends that I’m on Days of our Lives or else he wouldn’t treat me like his slave. ‘Get you orange juice, really? Don’t you want my autograph kid?!’”

CBS: You starred in Passions and have now joined the Days of our Lives cast. What are some of the biggest differences between working on the two shows?

GG: “The speed at which we work has been ramped up a lot but mostly I enjoy the pace. It’s exciting and challenging. At times it’d be nice to have an option to do other takes and try things a little differently because that’s one of the great and fun things to do as an actor. It’s not a luxury we often get though. Hey, it’s show business not show fun.”

CBS: On Passions, you costarred with Lindsay Hartley and Eric Martsolf. What is it like working with them again?

GG: “They’re both very talented and sweet people who love to work and are what most people would consider super agreeable. They bring a lot of good stuff to the table. At times, it’s also surreal to be on a different show with a similar dynamic.”

CBS: Have you made some good friends on the set of Days?

GG: “What a nice set it is! People are really cool and mostly seem to get along. Fortunately, Alison Sweeney and I hit it off. It’d be really different to have to spend so many hours with someone you couldn’t stand. Trust me, it’s happened.”

CBS: Do your boys ever have any on-set playdates with any of your costars’ kids?

GG: “Ali’s son Ben and my son Dillon are buddies. They are so cute together it’s ridiculous. We were all up at my place in Mammoth together and they played incessantly for days.”

CBS: Do you have a lot of fun on the set of Days?

GG: “We have a good time and laugh a lot, but when the camera is rollin’ it’s time to deliver. You don’t want to be that guy holding up production.”

CBS: Is it all drama and seriousness like your characters?

GG: “With that said, we joke constantly. Everyone likes to laugh and there’s a lot of fodder day in and day out.”

CBS: Ever play any practical jokes on your costars?

GG: “There was a giant cardboard sign for an NBC show that got canceled that irritated Ali. James Scott and I took the gigantic sign and put it in her dressing room. It was pretty funny.”

CBS: Tell us what a day in the life of a soap star is like.

GG: “Work on your lines the evening or day before you go in to the studio, depending on how much material you have. Get into the studio at 7:15 A.M. (6:15 A.M. if you’re a girl), get coffee, shave, go to hair and makeup and have them try and spruce you up, get more coffee. Go to dry block, which is when the director tells you where to go on the set during the scenes. Then hopefully run some lines with your co-star and make magic happen!”

CBS: How are you able to manage your work schedule and your family life?

GG: “Due to the speed at which we move now, our schedule has become much better and it’s actually a heck of lot easier. It’s great – what a gig!”

CBS: Can you give us any inside scoop on what to expect from your character, Rafael Hernandez?

GG: “Hopefully, a lot of incredibly exciting, moving, and funny stuff will be in his near future! Maybe he’ll get back the love of his life, solve the Sydney kidnapping mystery and then get Sami pregnant with another set of twins…you’ll have to watch to find out!”

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  1. He seems like a wonderful person, very grounded. I think the life of an actor is a bit overexaggerated, after it is a job like another, however a good looking man that doesn’t spend all his time wondering about womens attention but seems to live for his family and more importantly his wife. Good luck to u, I hope I can be just as successful and happy as u.

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