Eric Martsolf: Twins Need A Sense Of Individuality

In our second Days of our Lives interview, Eric Martsolf opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about life as Brady Black, the son of John Black and Izzy B and grandson of Greek tycoon Victor Kiriakis. Will his newfound love for Arianna dim the flame for bad girl Nicole Walker who was once wed to Grandpa Vic?

Eric opens up about his embattled character, a day in the life of a soap star, and how his wife Lisa and their 3 ½-year-old twin boys Mason and Chase keep him motivated to work so hard.

CBS: You and your wife Lisa Kouchak are parents to twin boys, Mason and Chase. Do you have any tips for parents with multiples?

EM: “If you have multiples, give them a sense of individuality. Take them on playdates with one parent or the other. We feel that they shouldn’t be ‘grouped’ as twins all the time–they need to feel special.”

CBS: How has fatherhood changed you?

EM: “It’s the hardest and best thing I have ever done. Everything else I believed was important pales in comparison.”

CBS: Do you and Lisa want to try for a girl?

EM: “Since our odds of having another boy are so high, we will probably not get the girl anytime soon! We are truly happy with the roost that we have now.”

CBS: Do your boys understand what you do for a living?

EM: “They simply point to the TV and say, ‘that’s daddy!’ They really don’t have a concept beyond that. I think they feel that money is something that grows on trees.”

CBS: You starred in Passions and have now joined the Days of our Lives cast. What are some of the biggest differences between working on the two shows?

EM: “It’s apples and oranges. Passions was a campy delight with supernatural overtones, and Days is a classic ‘sudser’ in every aspect. Even given the fact that Lindsay and I are working together again doesn’t make the two experiences any more similar–we are completely different characters from head to toe.”

CBS: On Passions, you costarred with Lindsay Hartley and Galen Gering. What is it like working with them again?

EM: “The fact that we all came from the same environment over at Passions gives us common ground. When the show ended, we all didn’t know what was going to be around the corner, and I think settling in the same camp months later served as a bonding tool for us all.”

CBS: Have you made some good friends on the set of Days? If so, who?

EM: “I socialize a lot with Lindsay, Ari Zucker, Nadia Bjorlin, and many more actually. The very people that I act with are the same folks who wrestle with my kids and eat barbecue with us in the summer. It’s a great blend of work and play.”

CBS: Do you have a lot of fun on the set of Days? Is it all drama and seriousness like your characters? Ever play any practical jokes on your costars?

EM: “Because of our extreme need to make the most of every second right now in our industry, the practical jokes are rare. Jokes take time, and because of the budget restraints reflected on our industry lately, there is a real sense of getting things done quickly. But don’t get me wrong, we have a good time!”

CBS: Tell us what a day in the life of a soap star is like.

EM: “Not so glamorous! Waking up at 5:30 to beat the LA traffic, eating breakfast in the car, getting makeup on ( which men love, right!), running lines, knocking your scenes out, and getting the heck out of dodge to go catch your kid’s soccer practice.”

CBS: Have your sons done any acting? Do you want them to enter showbiz?

EM: “Being an actor is a tough gig – much instability in what we do. But if my sons show interest, I will support them. That’s all a parent can do.”

CBS: How are you able to manage your work schedule and your family life?

EM: “The hours I spend on set or at work have truly been cut down in recent years. Time is money, so production has worked hard at getting the work done in a shorter period of time. I usually have all afternoon to spend with my family in most cases. The trick is not to define yourself by ‘what you do,’ but rather by ‘who you are.’ I work my butt off for my family…that’s what matters in the end.”

CBS: Can you give us any inside scoop on what to expect from your character, Brady Black?

EM: “I hope Brady has a pretty busy 2010. I can tell you that Nicole Walker is definitely going to be a factor in his happiness department. His newfound love for Arianna is on thin ice with that baby snatcher around! Ha!”

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  1. His boys are beautiful!

    I wonder what race his wife is…she looks bi-racial. It’s not important but as a person of mixed race myself I’m curious about these things…

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