10 Pregnant Celebrity Cover Girls

Not too many years ago it was considered risque to wear tight-fitting clothes while pregnant, let alone show off your gorgeous baby bump in its flesh!

Let’s take a moment to thank Demi Moore who single-handedly changed this archaic way of thinking. While pregnant with her second daughter with Bruce Willis, Demi posed for the August 1991 edition of Vanity Fair baring her baby bump. This groundbreaking picture – dubbed “More Demi Moore” – had a lasting impact on society.

Since then, many other pregnant celebs have proudly displayed their baby bumps.
Click below to see who later bared their bumps….

  • Britney Spears (Q Magazine, Nov. 2006)
  • Monica Bellucci (Vanity Fair [Italy], Jul. 2004)
  • Cindy Crawford (W, Jun. 1999)
  • Christina Aguilera (Marie Claire, Jan. 2008)
  • Halle Berry (InStyle, Feb. 2008)
  • Eva Herzigova (Vanity Fair [Italy], Feb. 2007)
  • Paz Vega (ELLE [Spain], Aug. 2009)
  • Myleene Klass (Glamour [UK], Aug. 2007)
  • Britney Spears (Harper’s Bazaar, Aug. 2006)
  • Lisa Rinna (Playboy, Sep. 1998)
  • Monica Bellucci (Vanity Fair [Italy], Mar. 2010)
  • Britney Spears (yes, again!) (ELLE, Oct. 2005)

Who rocked their bump the best?

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  1. ok some people on here need to chill out..seriously.i think they are all beautiful, and how is showing your baby belly..creepy and weird?? hahaha lol.

  2. some people on here are too old fashioned,, “pregnancy should be a personal experience”. well it says above “not too many years ago it was risque to wear tightfitting clothes while pregnant or even bare your belly naked. were in the 21st century people–go back to 1929. hahahahahaha.

  3. Embrace your pregnancy but no need to pose for it on a nationwide cover. It’s just very tacky.. IMO that is.

  4. I love seeing pregnant women and their bellies. Its just art to me and so fascinating. I find those people creepy who really can see something weird on a baby bump. THEY ARE GORGOUS!!!
    By the way i would be happy to have seen my mothers baby belly like that…unfortunately she never made a pic like that of it.

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