Padma Lakshmi “Wants Nothing More To Do” With Adam Dell

Earlier this month, Adam Dell was revealed to be the biological father of Padma Lakshmi’s now 1-month-old daughter, Krishna Thea. According to a friend of the Top Chef host, the 40-year-old venture capitalist has been trying to “get back into [her] life” ever since – something that Padma, 39, has no interest in.

“Her relationship with Dell was nothing more than on-again, off-again flirting,” the source tells PEOPLE, adding that the fact he’s hired a publicist is “a disgrace”.

She moved on months ago. The only role he will have in her life going forward is as the biological father of her child. She wants nothing more to do with him.

Padma chose to keep quiet about the paternity of her child back in October when she announced her pregnancy and continued to remain silent as stories of Adam’s involvement surfaced, saying, “I have a newborn. I just want some peace and privacy.”

One source close to Adam claims he is merely “seeking more liberal visitation rights with his child”, denying his desire to reunite with Padma. The new mom’s friend says, “Adam… signed an agreement spelling out visitation and should live by it. Padma is.”

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  1. She moved on months ago. The only role he will have in her life going forward is as the biological father of her child. She wants nothing more to do with him. That fine but she still has to deal with Adam because he needs to be with his daughter. If she has no interest in Adam why did she choose to have his baby?

  2. Not only that, but I remember when Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing were going through a similar thing, although Bing only wanted to provide financial support & Liz tried to have none of it. Bing was an ass (and maybe Dell is too, idk) but courts said she could not refuse support on behalf of his bioligical child. Even previously agreed upon, once the child is no longer “theoretical” (as in a fetus), it is a whole new legal ballgame.

    Sorry, Padma.

  3. (I just realized she was married to Salmon Rushdie previously.) I agree — you did a little more than flirt, Padma!

  4. Flirting doesn’t lead to babies. She decided to have a baby with this guy so she needs to take responsibilty and deal with it.

  5. Looks like Padma was looking for a sperm donor only and got a father instead. Good for her daughter.

  6. I think this woman is being selfish. It seems like she used this guy just for getting pregnant, and that’s disgusting. Grown women don’t do that. She should be aware that this is not about her, is about a baby girl instead. If she only wanted some sperm, she should have gone to a sperm bank…

  7. She has it bad for Jews and Indians. For her this makes sense, Adam Dell brother of Michael Dell and rich attorney in his own right. She will be taken care of for a LONG time. Watched some show Jeremy Piven’s (who I think is a brilliant actor) was hosting on the Travel Channel. I believe he was exploring different countries, and actors/actresses native to those countries would give him a tour. She and Jeremy flirted openly with each other, definately some chemistry. Almost like the camera was not there. Kudos to Adam for insisting on being in his child’s life!

  8. If she wanted his money she would’ve stipulated it in the original agreement they made. It appears to me that he wasn’t really that interested in being a father at first and now that she’s here he wants to spend more time with her which happens often. But I don’t see him running to court to pay child support he just want to see his child more often! In the end it will be the courts decision and they decide what’s best for the child.

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