5 Most Girly-Girl Celebrity Daughters!

Celebrity girls are just like ours. There are tom-boys, girly-girls and those who don the standard issue jeans and t-shirts. They run the gamut from dressing in pink tutus to dressing just like dad. But the ones that really steal the spotlight are those cute adorable ladies in training. Here are Hollywood’s five most girly-girl celebrity daughters!

Suri Cruise:
Suri is the queen of all the celebrity princesses. With her reported multi-million dollar wardrobe, her pension for wearing lipstick and her high heels, she is so three going on thirty. She hates jeans and just loves a flirty dress. Plus she already keenly interested in fashion even going so far as dressing mom Katie Holmes. It does not get much girlier than Suri.

Zahara Jolie-Pitt:
Now at first glance, you would not immediately think girly-girl when looking at Zahara. She tends to wear earthtone hues and simple European designs. But in contrast to little sister Shiloh, her look is totally all girl. She also tends to accessorize very stylishly with a nice scarf or eye catching hat. One of my personal favorites is her Alice + Olivia black dress coat. Pricey but totally worth it.

Princess Tiaamii Andre
You have no choice but to be a girly-girl if your mother names you Princess. Your fashion fate is pretty much sealed. Katie Price aka Jordan dresses her daughter is oodles of pink, very feminine and pricey clothes. She even totes around a mini Louis Vuitton bag on occasion. Will she inherit her mom’s outrageous fashion sense? Time will only tell!

Sadie Sandler
Sadie loves her royalty. Often wearing or carrying something branded with a Disney princess, and she seems to like them all. This three-year-old loves to dress in those go-to girly-girl colors of pink and purple. Her parents are pretty conservative in their dress, so will Sadie continue her bright girly ways or will she become a jeans and T-shirt type like good old dad (Adam Sandler)?

Stella McDermott
What happens when not only is your mom a total girly-girl herself but she also just happens to have a clothing line full of cute girl gear? You go femme. You have not choice. And when mom even names a dress after you, than you just have to wear it. That’s it. No discussion. That’s exactly what happened to Stella, the young daughter of Tori Spelling, who when out and about often sports items from Tori’s line Little Maven.

Who’s your favorite girly-girl?

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  1. I think Liv Freundlich should be on this list, she goes with mom Julianne shopping all the time, and loves to get her nails done and Julie has said when Liv was little she used to call the people at the salon the ‘nail ladies’ and would say ‘Lets go see the nail ladies mommy.’ and she would get her nails painted bright neon pink.

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