Pete Wentz Totes His Barefoot Boy

It was a boys’ day out for Pete Wentz and his 16-month-old son Bronx Mowgli, who were spotted taking a trip to Starbucks in Beverly Hills, California today (March 31).

The Fall Out Boy rocker, who is married to singer and actress Ashlee Simpson Wentz, recently revealed that he wants baby Bronx to grow up with an understanding of the world outside of the Hollywood “bubble.”

I want my son to know that the world doesn’t revolve around this bubble that we live in. In order to empathize with all [the world’s] children, he needs to see them as the same as him.”

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  1. I agree with Anna. He never wears shoes. It’s not like he’s 6 months old, he walks now. But now has to be carried everywhere. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Maybe but some children/babies just dont like them :/ and its must be hard to let him walk because paps..

  3. Am glad everyone realized that this baby never wears shoes. I dont care paparazzi are there, even if he is carried, he should wear shoes. Its not like its a rule, but he should!

  4. Maybe he is not smiling because he is frightened by the huge camera’s being pointed at him. The paps use huge camera’s with long lenses. They also shout things out as they snap away! He is a baby so he hasn’t learned to just smile and keep walking like his daddy has!

  5. Babies seem to hate shoes, especially baby boys. My baby cousin who is the same age as Bronx loves being barefoot, and especially on hot days going out to the mall with him would mean losing a shoe because he takes them off. He’s a baby, and he’s always carried because of the paps, it’s not like he’s walking in murky dirty floors.

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