Holly Robinson Peete: Clair Huxtable Personifies Who I Strive To Be

Multi-tasking mom Holly Robinson Peete is a good example of a Hollywood mom that seems to be able to balance it all. The mom-of-four who is currently featured on Celebrity Apprentice has a list of projects ongoing, including a recently released a book, My Brother Charlie, co-written by her daughter in hopes of raising awareness on life with autism, her role in the organization HollyRod, and a talk-show she is developing. The busy mom, who recently sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss her role in bringing awareness to autism dished to OK Magazine why her marriage to former NFL player Rodney Peete works, and shares her working mom inspiration.

On her working mom inspiration, Clair Huxtable of The Cosby Show: “I loved her strength as a mom, she was a working mom, and I think she really personifies who I strive to be. I don’t always have it together, but in my fantasyland, I’m Claire Huxtable because she had everything. She had a thriving family, put her hand on her hip and everything was all right.”

On finding time to spend with her husband:“You force couples time. You have to schedule it. It takes the sexy out for it to be an appointment, but it’s really not sexy if you’re divorced. The most important thing is to schedule time. We go to hotels. We’re always like, ‘ooh, honey, a new hotel is opening. Let’s try it out.’ So hotels are key, and trying to keep it fresh because we have very little intimate time with four kids. There’s always someone knocking on the door or trying to get in our room, so we don’t have a lot of intimate moments.”

How the couple complement each other: “We’re yin and yang. I’m the hare, and he’s the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race for him, and I’m always like ‘hurry up, we’ve gotta move faster.’ I’m always behind him, pushing him. I think we have a lot of the same interests, even though we approach things differently, but in the end we know that our partnership is what makes us both strong. Together, we’re a good union. I think apart we’re not as strong.”

On how they are stronger together: “We’ve been married for going on 15 years, so I think we’ve been able to understand that as a union, as a family, that’s where we pull a lot of strength from being this family unit. I don’t know that we’d be that strong as people if we were apart. Some people need to be apart to be strong, but I think we need to be together to really maximize the things that we have in our life.”

The Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper star is mom to Ryan Elizabeth, 12, R.J., 12, Robinson, 7, and Roman, 5.

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