Jon Gosselin Taking “Absentee Mom” Kate Gosselin To Court

Kate Gosselin has been keeping busy working on Dancing With The Stars, and ex-husband Jon Gosselin is now concerned that Kate is spending too much time away from their eight children. An attorney for Jon, 33, told TMZ that the worried dad plans to file an emergency petition to take “absentee mom” Kate to court and gain primary physical custody of their children and also reverse the spousal support, which is costing Jon $22,000 per month as of now.

A source close to Jon revealed to US Weekly that he “seems genuinely upset that the kids are growing up with strangers most of the time. Even when Kate’s at the house, she has a nanny there to do all the work. Jon is anxious to find a place of his own close to the kids so he can have a little more stability for them.”

Kate and DWTS partner Tony Dovolani have been rehearsing at the Gosselin family home, where a daycare has been set up for the children. Kate just recently admitted to US Weekly that she is working to support her family but would love to stay home, saying, “I hate being away from my kids. If it could all go away because I was financially set and I could stay home and I could bake and cook from scratch, like I love to do, I’d so be there.”

The Gosselin’s, who were married for 10 years, are parents to 9-year-old twins Cara Nicole, Madelyn Kate, and sextuplets Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope, and Joel Kevin who will soon turn 6.

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  1. When he was in bed with other women cheating on his wife, I’m sure he wasn’t worried about his kids then.

  2. Here we go again. Another scenario where Jon, instead of going out and looking for a decent job to support his family, has now elected to take Kate to court, so he can sit on his lazy ass at home. If he had any sort of real job, then Kate wouldn’t be forced to earn money to pay the bills. I guess he has run out of women who are desperate enough to be seen with him. The paps have lost interest, time to go home to the kids.

  3. Why doesn’t Kate get a “normal” job that would at least keep her in the same state as her children? I’d be concerned if I were Jon also. She leaves the state every week while her children stay there with strangers. Would it be so bad if she left them with Jon instead? At least they’d be with their father and not nannies.

  4. Bull….Sh….t Jon always wants attention when is ex-wife is getting it. Eight is a lot and if a nanny helps out good for her…..even when they were together people were helping them….I bet he needs money and attention….poor baby.

  5. I feel terrible for these kids. They went from having such stable, loving, routinued life and home to this mess. I don’t think I’d conisder myself a huge Kate fan, but I do think she wants what is best for her kids, and although she might have been a little fazed by all the money and celebrity she wants them to have a good life. As far as her getting a “normal”, she could not provide for here children with an average salary. There is no way she could ever afford 8 kids, let alone that house with a nurses salary. It makes sense that she did DWTS but it sucks that her kids have to see less of their mom now too.

    • I call bull on this. I know a family with 10 kids that gets by on less than $50,000 a year. If they can do it, so can Kate. She might have to give up her million dollar mansion and her expensive hair appointments, but that would be in the best interest of her children. The family with 10 kids, might not live the high life, but they get to spend a lot of time together and that’s way more important than money. Besides, if Jon is paying $22,000 a month in child support, then Kate wouldn’t have to work at all if she’d just simplify her life a little.
      Plus, there is absolutely no reason for her to have nannies anymore. The little ones are school age now and able to mostly take care of themselves (i.e. feed themselves, dress themselves, entertain themselves, etc.). The family I know with 10 kids doesn’t have any nannies and never did.

  6. Whatta total tool he is…I had sympathy for him when Kate as yelling at him all on the show. But he’s continually shown what an absolutely useless person he is without with out someone directing him to do the right thing. Left to his own devices he always embarrasses himself. He doesn’t like that she has gone out and is making her own money and he’s flittered away any positive press and wants a piece of her pie. Total looser! I don’t love Kate but she’s like a lot of women in her position; she’s looking out for her children and her own future. Jon can’t seem to think much beyond the right now. Poor kids.

  7. first time i’m seeing their middle names. LOVE them. On another note, i am firm in my opinion that jon is a douche, and kate is the lesser of two evils. I just hope these kids make it through without any scars, although i doubt it. The least they’ll have to endure is hour-long therapy sessions every week. I’m thinking the twins could already use some. poor girls!

  8. Jon needs to grow up. He has found that the grass is not as green on ther other side of the fence. He has cheated and is a big fat liar. Leave her alone and stop making things harder on the kids. You got what you wanted now shut up.

  9. I say good for Kate! I wish her all the best, and hope she has much success on TV as well as off! The jerk she was married to is a low life cheating scumbag, who could have cared less about his kids while he was running around the globe with one young silly girl after the other…. He is immature, and a poor excuse for a Dad!
    Kate is so much better off and I am glad to see her moving on with her life, I only hope one day she finds a real “stepdad” for her children, she deserves to be loved by someone who cares about others more then themselves.
    Jon, you are a loser! Leave your ex alone. You got what you wanted, wallow in it. I will watch her new show! I have enjoyed her on DWTS, and hope she makes it as far as possible! She is brave to try something new.

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