Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady’s Paris Pal

It’s our first clear glimpse of baby Benjamin!

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady looked like honeymooners as they did some sightseeing in Paris, France on Thursday (April 8). The new parents doted on their gorgeous 4-month-old son as they took a boat cruise with some family in the romantic city.

We just spotted the Brady bunch in Brazil at Gisele’s twin sister Patrícia’s wedding late last month.

Benjamin is Gisele’s first child. Tom and his ex, Bridget Moynahan, have a 2-year-old son John.

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    • Sorry but Giselle’s baby is nowhere as cute as John Moynahan, no way. Giselle is really ugly to begin with whereas Bridget is absolutely stunning

    • Why is he a loser because he was already broken up with someone who then discovered she was pregnant? You don’t get back together with someone for that reason. You do the best you can. They both love their son. Grow up.

  1. These photos are bittersweet. They look so smitten with eachother and baby Benjamin, but it makes me sad to know that Bridget and John/Jack didn’t get to experience this. (Not a Bridget fan at all, but every new momma and baby deserve that!)

  2. exactly. sweet pics, really. but too damn bad bridget and john didn’t have him around that much. it seems like they could’ve used it. John n Ben sure are two sweet boys though. Ben’s so big!

  3. They do spend plenty of time with John, but i’m sure Bridget wasn’t excited about the idea of John going to Paris with them. I wish she would’ve let him go along with them- Tom is his father, after all and Gisele seems to take great care of him. It would’ve been nice to see the whole family together, but I’m sure we’ll get to see that soon.
    They’re such a gorgeous, happy family. How refreshing to see this when all we hear about lately is cheating scandals and nasty divorces.

  4. i was thinking the same thing where is his older son , before ben came he was always with him now we never see lil jack ???????????????

    • You are so dumb. Just because we saw pics of Tom with his other son doesnt mean he was ALWAYS with him. And just because we see one pic with Tom with his new son only doesnt mean he is NEVER with his other son. Get a life.

      • lala get a life !!! u are so dumb , u must me one unhappy person to be calling someone u don’t even know DUMB .The last picssss i have seen has only been of her , tom and HER baby …. who the hell do u think u are !!! i can comment what i think its a open blog !!!!!

    • I’ve seen plenty of pics of him with Jack since Ben was born. Jack was with them in Boston in January when Tom took him to the park almost every day. They then went to LA to see him after the football season ended and they went there (LA) again before leaving for Brazil. There were a few pics of Tom taking him out of the car and into their home, but just because you don’t see as many pics anymore doesn’t mean they don’t spend time with him anymore.
      Jack is his son and like any normal human being i’m sure Tom loves his son and wants to spend as much time with him as possible but its difficult to always together considering the circumstances they’re in. I think he seems to be balancing everything well.

  5. at her sisters wedding tom , her and ben , at the park , tom her and ben , tom with with the baby , now this one they are all together but john’s not there .. lala maybe needs her eyers looked at so she can see better

  6. Lala must not know how to count either IN the post it says “We just spotted the Brady bunch in Brazil at Gisele’s twin sister Patrícia’s wedding late last month.” so thats more than one !!!! I have seen many pixs of just them and not john all together . John is Toms son no matter what he should of been at the wedding . I don’t want to hear that Bridget Moynahan didn’t want him at the wedding . No mother would want her child to feel lefted out , now he has a new family thats great good for him , that would make him / bridget want john to be even more aprat of things . Even if Bridget was nervous about her son going to the wedding in Brazil she could of went and traveled with him and not went to the wedding so she felt better he was with her .

    • I’m going to assume English is not your primary language because I only understood half of that. Why on earth should John have been at Gisele’s twin sister’s wedding? I’m not getting that one at all. If my sister got married, I wouldn’t expect my ex-husband’s son with his new wife to be there, and yes it’s the same thing, just new semantics. “Lefted out?” More like Bridget would see no reason for him to go and if I were his mother, I’d have to agree. Gisele and Tom would be heavily involved in the wedding party events and would barely have time with Ben, much less with John. Can you imagine how awkward it would have been for HER to go along? Good lord.

      I agree with every single intelligent person who said as people who don’t live in Tom, Gisele or Bridget’s pockets, we have zero idea of what sort of parents they are or how much time each of them spends with their children. For all any of us know, Tom just got done spending two whole weeks with no one but John on an African safari. Nuts? Of course, but not as nuts as all the X-Files enthusiasts saying he doesn’t love his son based on the number of times he’s been photographed with him vs. the number of times he’s been photographed with Ben.

      Maybe, just maybe… Bridget doesn’t care to be a part of Gisele and Tom’s life, but she is mature enough to let John be an active part of their life. And maybe, just maybe, Tom and Gisele aren’t forcing themselves down Bridget’s throat but are making time to be part of John’s life away from the paps as much as possible, especially during the NFL off-season? Could it really be that simple? Mm?

      • THANK YOU! for the maturity regarding your comments. What a novel approach! Don’t forget that just because John is Tom’s there is such a thing as VISITATION! Bridget (I assume) has primary physical custody. And aren’t they on different sides of the country?

        Just like John, Ben is truly beautiful!

  7. Basically you all want to see Gisele and Tom taking John to everywhere, isn’t that right? If they do that, I’m pretty sure you all will complain claiming that they are selfish and don’t care about Bridget’s feelings. Did you ever thought that perhaps Bridget do not want to see her son everywhere in the world without her?
    Why would Bridget let Tom and Gisele to take John to her homecountry Brazil to celebrate her sister’s wedding? C’mon!
    About Tom not spending too much time with John, if I remember well Gisele and Tom go to Los Angeles but not frequently and while they’re there they enjoy time with John. And John sometimes go to Boston spend time with his father and stepmother.
    If Bridget wanted so much Tom she should have fought for him without the press, the woman announced her pregnancy to all the world and expected to see Tom change his mind and go back to her with his tail between legs to play mommy and daddy happily married. A not good move. I don’t think Tom and Gisele’s relationship started in good terms but they got over the problem caused by Bridget’s fans.

  8. who said that ???????????? OMG i can see why alot of people don’t post on here anymore it just a bunch Bitter woman who only look to start and fight over other peoples post . Its a blog people have the RIGHT to say their opinions. Why beacuse someone says their opinion and we have people jumping down their throat beacuse its not what they think .

  9. what kind a name is LALA anywayz Must be a nickname she got from her parents whenever she wanted to speak to them they must have said ” LALALALALALALALALA” So they didn’t have to hear her mouth !!!!!!!!

  10. Baby Ben is so cute and I LOVE Tom & Gi but im kinda sad because I have never seen Tom show as much love and affection and even a kiss to John like he is doing in these photos..he seems proud of Ben.. they are beautiful non the less and Ben is a big baby..

  11. these pictures are adorable. great fam and unlike some people I wish anyone the best in life! espcially my fav celeb couple, lol. Tom is always with John, if you read boston websites they always report about it, its just Gi is the money shot girl. she is the one the paps shoot most. tom rarely gets candid shots unless he is with gisele. you just “hear” of it. with gisele you hear and see it. then with gisele,tom,baby it real $$$$. thats all it is. Of course tom and (yes even gisele she said in her vogue article) john was with them over the holidays, did we see pics of it? no. he is with his other son alot. you people quit assuming so much. of course he is naturally going to be with his WIFE more often. Bridget has primariy custody and john is going to be with her more often. its only natural and what other most step families do. why wouldnt tom? bc he is married to supermodel gisele and we want to believe they are horrible people? lol mkay

  12. I have a friend who lives near them in Boston and she says that she sees John with them often. Tom takes him to the park, they go for a walk in the evenings, etc. The truth is, they spend a lot more time with John than most people know. Its just that usually they’re pretty low-key and there aren’t many paps in Boston.
    If you think about it, the only times you see pics of them is when they’re in LA or traveling internationally. Understandably, John doesn’t travel abroad with them. However, I did see some pics of Tom with John in LA just a few weeks ago.
    And to everyone saying he doesn’t show affection to his older son…are you with them 24/7 or something? All you see is a few pics here and there in LA where the paps are usually in their face and they’re getting in and out of the car. From that you make the assumption that he doesn’t care for his son?
    I’m sure he loves him just as much, but the reality is that he can’t be with John all the time. You people are ridiculous…Tom seems like a great dad from what I know and they look like a loving, happy family.
    This whole Bridget/John drama is a non-story now, they’ve all moved on maybe you guys should too.

  13. First-Beautiful and lovely family. You can see the love they have for each other and Ben.


    There are no such things as “accidental” pregnancies in an age where we have several forms of birth control. It’s about protecting one’s body which Bridget didn’t do.

    If Bridget didn’t want to be a single mother, then she should not have had unprotected sex with a man who wasn’t her HUSBAND!

    At the end of the day it’s a woman body and playing Russian Roulette with your body is a poor choice when a woman will be the primary caregiver to her child.

    Bridget was always the NFL’s version of the Unsuccessful Juanita Jordan. I give Juanita Jordan credit-she actually sandbagged Michael Jordan into marriage by hitting him with that paternity suit for Jeffery Jordan.

    Same story-Juanita was older by several years and wanted marriage. Gave birth to Jeffery, Michael still giving her the run around on marriage, she hits him with a paternity suit, and BAM it’s a tacky wedding in Las Vegas. And we all know how that ended.

    Bridget was desperate in more ways than one.

    1. She was 35 years old with her biological clock ticking. If she leaves the relationship to start over what are the chances of her finding someone else with Tom Brady’s money and status? Not good. She has to compete with women in their 20s and early 30s.

    2. She and Brady were at the 3 year mark. Every or most studies show that if a man hasn’t asked you to marry by the 2 year mark he isn’t going to.

    3. Relationships don’t break up overnight. Bridget saw the relationship was coming to a close.

    So what are Bridget’s options at this point? Start over or try to hang on to Tom? What to do? What to do? Toss the birth control and take her chances, and which backfired on her.

    Brady works in an sports industry where these “accidental” pregnancies are a dime a dozen. He didn’t fall off the turnip truck. You think Brady bought that after sleeping together for probably the better part of 3 years Bridget had an “accidental” pregnancy? Not likely.

    Bridget wanted marriage, and Brady probably agreed to support the baby and that’s all. That’s why she announced her pregnancy the way she did-To get Tom bad publicity and thought he would come back with a marriage proposal to get rid of the bad publicity just like Michael Jordan had to with that paternity suit for Jeffery Jordan. It backfired on Bridget big time. All she did was bring Brady and Gisele closer together, and become a bad stereotype-Bitter NFL Baby Mama.

    Bridget’s bitter because she’s stuck in the life she didn’t want-pushing 40 single mother having to compete with 20s/early 30s women for a husband while her son’s father moved on with his life (which they always do) married (to a Supermodel no less) with a family of his own. Gisele has the life she wanted with Tom, and Tom didn’t want her in general much less as his wife.

    Bridget has to see that everyday in celeb magazines and television, but Bridget was the creator and ringmaster of this B-List Bermuda Triangle in her desperation to get Tom to marry her.

    It’s like that saying-Try to Trap a Man, and You Trap Yourself.

    • your comment is the best!you are the smartest person here!iloved that Try to Trap a Man, and You Trap are totally right!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wow a simple “What a cute baby” would have sufficed. These comments are ridiculous..who cares if he doesn’t spend every waking moment with John, just because he hasn’t been pictured a lot lately doesn’t mean they don’t see him or love him anymore…sheesh.

  15. Whoa..Tom, Giselle, Bridget, John is always a hot topic.. lol Baby Ben looks like a cutie.. I love the pics of Tom & Giselle doting on him. I doubt Bridget even cares she has her son.. I think she would rather have her boy in her arms than to see pics of him online with Tom & Giselle overseas.. Tom is married to Giselle so naturally he is going to spend more time with his kids with Giselle than John. He has to SHARE John..he doesnt have to SHARE his time with Ben because they all roll together..get it?

  16. Are there mods in this blog? Some comments need to be erased. What’s with the personal attacks. And i’m sure i’ll be attacked just for saying this.

  17. well both tom and gisele say everytime they’re asked that they never wanted bridget’s son jack from the beginning. as a result, tom’s golden boy image took a big hit. he should just reach a financial settlement with bridget, and relinquish his paternal rights to HER son before the kid is old enough to realize he’s a second class citizen compared to gisele’s son. oh wait, that would require tom doing the RIGHT thing. something he’s NEVER been known for.

  18. Beautiful picture. Beautiful moment. I hope they’re enjoying because when the boy grow up will be hell on earth. Teenagers are awful.

    The funny thing is if the situation was the same but the sexes of the people were different all this discussion wouldn’t be happen because stepfathers do not take the same hit as the stepmothers do. People expect that every stepmother must be an awful witch but in reality not every one is like that so that must irritate people. And we all know how much women are monstruous, they spend more time hitting each other than helping each other. I’ve no idea how they find spare some time to take care of the kids.

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