Report: Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Is Pregnant

According to the New York Post, Georgina Chapman, wife of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, 58, is expecting the couple’s first child together!

“They are very happy,” says a spokeswoman at the Weinstein Co.

Though this is the first child for the 33-year-old Marchesa designer, it will be the fourth for Harvey, who is father to three daughters, – Lily, Emma and Ruthie – from his first marriage to Eve Chilton.

The baby is due around Labor Day.

Congratulations to Georgina and Harvey!


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  1. I’m sorry…. but really! She’s with him. Not saying he’s not hot enough to get her, but really…..I smell a gold digging *****!…LOL

  2. There are sooo many rumors going around Hollywood about his love of using the casting couch. Supposedly he is a real pig and man ho, even if married to an attractive, successful lady like Georgina.

  3. She is not a gold digging pig.. she is a millionaire designer on her own..
    So go blow it.. o.k… SO glad to see Harvey in a photo with Ben Affleck and
    Matt Damon..!!! At Matty’s Award show….Just like Good Will Hunting days..
    And now that Harv has a lot of movies coming out this year …it is nice to see
    that he is a father..

    • “she is a millionaire designer on her own..”
      Oh come on! Who are you trying to fool?
      Nobody would be wearing her clothes if it weren’t for her husband who delegates the wardrobe to the actresses starring in his movies.

  4. If the ages were reversed, there would be at least 20 comments depicting outrage (even without the baby). Double standards rule even to this day.

  5. Well I guess Jlo an a lot of celebrities that have never been in Harvey’s movies… the only person using the couch these days is Jlo who has to
    to make it big …!!! Give it up she is famous in ther own right.. yeah just
    like how other designers started before she met her husband..

    • Wrong! JLo has actually been in two Weinstein movies. And what do you mean with “a lot of actresses that have never been in Harvey’s movies”? You’ll be hard pressed to find a single one. And that’s why Marchesa is so often seen on the red carpet. They all want to please Harvey. Occasionally there’s a nice dress to be found.

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