Suri Cruise Brings Her Bottle On Set

Suri Cruise had her favorite blanket and stuffed elephant in tow as she visited her movie star mama Katie Holmes on the New York set of her new film Son of No One yesterday (April 9). The pretty preschooler – who will be celebrating her 4th birthday next week – was also spotted drinking from a bottle.

Last fall experts weighed in on the fact that Suri doesn’t seem to be weaned from her bottle, with some saying it’s far past time for her to give up the comfort object and others arguing it’s no big deal.

What do you think: Is it time for Suri to give up the bottle?

What do you think?

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  1. Why do I get the feeling that a lot of people will comment on this post?
    And why do I have the feeling that it is Exactly what Kaite wants ? 😉

    Imo shes too old for the bottle, but her mother is the one whos suppose to want / know the best for her.
    If Suris teeth will be screwed up, they alawys got the money to fix it 😉 lol

  2. I had a bottle until I was 5 years old. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a comfort item for the child, like a blanket or a stuffed animal. Now it would be a big deal if she ONLY drank from a bottle or sippy cup but I’m sure that’s not the case. Trust me, I lived it and I don’t see the harm.

  3. It is absolutely disgusting to let a child that old such on a baby bottle . What the hell is wrong with Katie. She needs to make the child advance from infancy. SHE IS NOT AN INFANT.

  4. Suri has also been spotted in a diaper. Now nobody can say this is normal for a 4 year old to still be in diapers and bottles. It is terrible parenting.

  5. She is way TOO old for a bottle. It doesn’t matter if certain people were 5 and still sucking on a bottle, that doesn’t make it right. This kid is nothing but a spoiled little brat and she’ll get worse when she gets older. If she’s ever sent to school, she’ll certainly be made fun of.

  6. It’s the discrepancy that amazes me. This is a child who usually is dressed (dresses herself?) likes she’s in her twenties complete with high heels, lipstick and jewellery. And yet she stills needs her baby blanket and baby bottle and apparently diapers. And strange and icky combination.

  7. I dont think that a little girl of 3 years old can be too old for drink on a bottle, some children of more than 3 has it..

    Suri is so cute, this candid is very sweet !

  8. I don’t necessarily have a problem with kids her age still drinking bottles, I dont think there really is a specific age they have to stop (but an 8 year old would be more disturbing I guess).
    But on the other hand, if you’re old enough to wear heels, I guess you’re also old enough to stop drinking in bottles. (I’m not trying to launch an endless debate about this again, but the contrast just seems odd to me)

    But in the end, it’s the parents’ choise, and since she’s not harming anybody by drinking that way, who cares what we all think 🙂

  9. Hasn’t Katie commented before that scientologists don’t say no to their children? If that is in fact the case, if Suri wants to have a bottle and wear diapers when she’s 8 – I guess Katie will have to go that route?

  10. Apart from the strange combination of high heels and a baby bottle, I am amazed at how underdressed this little girl is. Mom Katie is wearing jeans and a jacket which suggest not a super warm day. Yet daughter Suri is in a sleeveless summer dress. And then needs a blanket to stay warm. Ever heard of a sweater ? Or even sleeves ?

    • Haven’t you ever seen a person with jeans and a sweatshirt in 80 degree weather? I have. Just because you see Katie with sleeves and jeans does NOT mean it isn’t hot enough to go sleeveless. Did you see a couple of pictures down? Katie is out in a t-shirt. On the same day. Why oh why are people so fixated on these stupid little things about Suri? The child is happily smiling, and you don’t hear stories about her being sickly. So why on earth do people continue to bring up the sleeveless issue?

  11. It is up to the parents and they can decide when to stop. My son drank tons of milk before I quit the bottle and once I stopped refuses milk now. I would honestly have him on a bottle still if it means he would drink milk for me. It is basically none of our business.

  12. It is certainly nobody’s business. It’s up to the parents and Suri. Why even post this as all it does it bring up comments from people that are derogatory and unkind….not cool.

    • Lol, Tazina, that’s EXACTLY why they posted it, because they know people will jump. Agreed, nobody else’s business… if you don’t like a 4-year-old with a bottle, don’t give yours one. Stop judging, people. One lady even had the nerve to bring up Suri not wearing sleeves… I mean, really? We’re still talking about that?

  13. Not going to judge but I will say I don’t understand it. I get thumb sucking, and I even get pull ups on even a 6yr old, but I personally encouraged less dependancy on paci’s and such not because I felt there was a certain age they should be done with them. I did it because after a bit, it’s more about “us” allowing attachments to form that maybe wouldn’t exist if not for the conveniance.

  14. my daughter will be 4 next week and she still drinks from a bottle too every now and then. it’s not a big deal especially since there have been photos of suri drinking from sippy cups and regular cups. i’m sure it’s just a comfort thing.

  15. i agree its JUST A COMFORT THING omg you should just leave their personal bussines and just enjoy the photos of a beautiful little girl and her mom, she is so cutee

  16. I see nothing wrong with her having a bottle. Yes, she might be on the older side but who cares! She seems like a very happy little girl!! One day, she will stop using the bottle, and it won’t do anything to her now for using one. Let this poor child be!!! She seems happy, healthy, and well loved. Shouldn’t that be enough? Let her parents decide one what is good for her, not everyone else!

  17. it’s disgusting how mean people are to this family. That is a private moment for Suri and photos shouldn’t be published.

  18. The nannies raising this “celebrity” child better get with the program. When a child is old enough to hold a cup, that’s when they start to use them. Do they allow these children to bring bottles to school or what?
    This child wears high heels, wears designer clothing worth thousands and carries purses (bags) that costs more than most people have to support their families for a month. Hire a nanny that can wean her…she starts school in September.

  19. It’s not anyone’s business if she is still using a bottle, or is almost 4 and wears a diaper. To all the “Mothers” who commented saying it’s “awful” they are a “sick” Family, it’s a shame your parenting skills are not on a blog for everyone to comment on, how would you like strangers talking about you or your Child??

    Not one person who left a comment on this post knows this Family personally, you have no right to call them names or make assumptions. My Daughter just got potty trained and stopped using her bottle and she is Suri’s age. Some of the best Pediatrician’s recommend you do not pressure your Child to go potty or stop using a bottle until they are ready, you give them the tools and encourage it but you do not force a child to give up something until they are fully ready. Did you all just forget she is a LITTLE innocent GIRL, leave her alone. Leave a comment fine, but to put down the family or this little child is just wrong. I’m not the perfect parent, neither is anyone on here, nor is Katie. We just do the best we can and LOVE our Children.

  20. Wow. I would love for all your parenting faults to be published and the rest of us can judge you. Its none of our business. Its a bottle. A BOTTLE. Who decides what best for our children? We do, their parents. Not perfect strangers to comment rudely about the decisions they make. Maybe helpful tips on what worked for you to wean the kids from the bottle or pacifier? Enough useless criticism.

    Get a grip all you perfect mothers out there and get a life.

  21. I was under the impression that drinking from a bottle can mess with a child’s teeth after a while. If that’s the case then she isn’t doing her child any favors by continuing with it.

  22. I know it’s difficult to wean kids off bottles, or a pacifier. But I think with Suri it goes beyond that. I think she makes the rules and does what she wants. We have heard that she dresses herself, she certainly has more clothes and shoes than I own ! And the heels and bottle combination is just wierd. She seems to want to grow up and appear grown up but in all reality she’s still just a baby. Poor thing is confused and NEEDS PARENTAL GUIDANCE !

  23. Suri is beyond help. Her parents allow her to choose what she wears, what she eats, when she goes to bed and when to give up her bottle. I personally think that Scientology is not only the most insane ‘religion’ around but is also bring up kids to be very ‘me, me, me’. She will be a spoilt little brat, which I am not blaming her for. I so see her as Veruka from Charlie and the chocolate factory – ‘Daddy I want an oompa loompa and I want it nowwwww” .. to which Tom will go and fetch on command.

  24. THIS CREEPS ME OUT!! why oh why is this little girl still drinking from a bottle. those weird scientology people.

  25. Oh for heavens sakes, who cares! She’s obviously a happy kid, and some of these photos are just stunning. Suri’s a gorgeous little thing, I think we need to stop scrutinising everything she and her parents do.

  26. Who the hell cares?? She is a little girl. Suri is only drinking from a bottle, it’s not like she is drinking a can of beer or smoking a cigerrette!! It’s not our right to judge. Kids grow up to fast anyway keep them little as long as possible. She will give up the bottle when she is ready.

  27. NOOOOO! AN INDULGED CHILD! NOOOOOOOO! Forget starving children worldwide, the children enslaved and the children beaten! This extremely wealthy and coddled child gets to pick her own clothes and drink from a container with a nipple. NOOOOO!

    I mean really, people, do you have to deal with her? Is she being reared into some sort of terrorist? Is she impeding on your life or somehow taking something away from you and your family? Good lord. Disgusting to me is someone who is so judgmental that they can despise a family for not rearing their child the way a little parenting book might suggest. Good luck to your kids when they grow to have a voice that perhaps doesn’t meet your standards! Ouch! Ten bucks says that every single one of you here willingly purchases items crafted by an enslaved child on a weekly basis. What about investing your energy in caring about the kids who are actually suffering?

  28. some of you guys are sick. so what if she still drinks from the bottle when she’s 60. like this’ really your business??? a 4 year old is still very young. my boss breastfed her son till he’s 5 1/2. thank god she was in germany at the time, otherwise you all american ladies would’ve crucified her like crazy.

  29. I would also like to add the fact that CBB had a ton of pictures of Suri, yet it chooses the one where she is drinking a bottle to post with the headine “Suri brings her bottle to the set” knowing how many comments it would bring…Why even add such a photo & headline so a little 3 year old and her Family can be picked apart..I mean what kind of people do that…she is not a “celebrity” this is not TMZ..she is a little girl and CBB opened this up for all the negative comments to be added. Shame on you guys, really..I’m going back to Celebrity baby blog, they do not treat “celebrity” Children like this on that blog. =(

  30. Shes too old, the idea of a bottle if for a baby to suck, shes 4 and shouldnt need a bottle, people call Shiloh for not being girly enough and not getting enough attention ect but i see Shiloh growing up sane and pretty normal same as all of the Jolie-Pitt kids, but Suri i think will gorw up like Paris Hilton a spoilt brat!

  31. I do understand the issue–my daughter is 18 months and we need to start weaning her from her bottles. She likes drinking from cups, especially her favorite Tommy Tippee ones, but having bottles first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and if she needs comfort during the day are important. And she’s still my baby, I don’t want her giving up baby things just yet. However, she isn’t four years old. Suri should quit the bottle, it’s not good for her peer development if nothing else, other kids will call her a baby. Or maybe normal kids aren’t allowed around the special child. I could be wrong but I believe that sucking on bottles can affect the way a child’s teeth grow in and will make braces necessary later. To Cruise wore braces in his thirties or forties, you’d think he’d want to do his best to keep his daughter from needing them.

  32. I wouldn’t want to have to keep up with a bottle. But kid looks happy and healthy. If I had my preferences, I would want it gone by the time of starting school and it probably will be. 2

  33. the child’s hair is unbrushed and the adult in this photo has left their barn door open (zipper down). she must have overslept that morning and ran out the door .

  34. tom and katies style of parenting is weird. suri is not only growing up in a cult environment but they seem to let her do whatever she wants. wear makeup, high heel shoes, pajamas outdoor, no coat or sweaters in the winter, no socialization with other children her age. this child needs some discipline and rules. she will grow up to be spoiled brat.

  35. They treath Suri as an accesoiry which is so annoying. Katie can’t just be out without Suri and she’s ALWAYS carriying her. Damn, she turns 4 next week! They threat her like a baby, seriously. If you want another, just take another and don’t treath your 4 year old like one

  36. Its not really anyones place to judge, but when you’re in the public eye you would think more of an effort would be made. I have a 3 year old who is almost out of pull ups at night and never had a bottle. Parents seem to let these ‘baby’ traits happen because its easier than dealing with them, or they simply dont want them to grow up.
    My concern is not that she has a bottle, but the damage that has been done to her teeth and speech.
    At the end of the day its her parents problem!

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