Jennifer Hudson Is “Trying To Find The Balance”

She’s got a new album in the works, a new gig as the celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers and she’s getting set to tackle the lead role in an upcoming biopic about Winnie Mandela: It’s safe to say that Jennifer Hudson is a very busy mom!

The 28-year-old Dreamgirls star, who has 8-month-old son David Daniel Otunga Jr, admits she’s still trying to find the right balance between work and motherhood.

“Whew! Trying to find the balance. Like, everything is so demanding. Work is demanding, of course; being a new mom is demanding,” Jennifer says. “And it’s so hard to part from the baby, because he’s so new and I want to spend every minute, every chance I can get with him. But it’s good. Its just a matter of finding balance for me, and balancing it out, so I’m working on it, and I’m learning.”

As for her post-baby weight loss goals, Jennifer says she feels no pressure to conform to Hollywood ideals.

“I’m just as comfortable now as I was however many pounds ago, however many sizes ago. I never really felt pressure to say, ‘OK, I need to be a size 2, a size 0.’ I don’t want to be that, and I will never be that. And that’s fine with me. So it was never, ‘OK, I need to be this because this is the way Hollywood says you’re supposed to be.'”

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