Knox Jolie-Pitt Spends Some Quality Time With Grandpa

Another Jolie-Pitt twin sighting in Venice, Italy!

On Sunday (April 11), Knox Leon, 1 ½, was spotted up on the family’s balcony along with Brad Pitt’s father, William Alvin Pitt.

William and wife Jane, who was spotted through the window, are visiting their son while mama Angelina Jolie films the upcoming movie, The Tourist.

Angie and Brad are also parents to Knox’s twin sister, Vivienne, 1 ½, Shiloh, 3 ½, Zahara, 5, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 8.

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  1. LOL @ him always being on the balcony. He must love it. and my gosh him and Angelina have the same eyes!! He’s her little mini me.

  2. Knox looks sooo much like Angelina!!! specially when she was little, she had the same baby figure like Knox!

  3. Wow, Brad’s father is aging very well. On the other note, I do agree Knox looks so much like Angie .

  4. We have no way of knowing unless they decide to tell us, but I get the distinct impression Viv is less inclined to be w/anyone but mom first, and dad second, while Knox seems cool held by anyone w/wo a parent in the room. I had one who would go w/anyone! It was scary. Just trusting of anyone. She’s extremely social still while her sister didn’t even want anyone in the house who wasn’t immediate family lol. Not even grand’s or aunts or anyone but mom first, and dad 2nd. She’d grab their hand and walk them to the door!

  5. Angelina is pregnant!! a few mags, sites and insiders claim it. she’s thinner, she has mourning sickness, refuses to drink alcohol, etc… besides they want 13 kids(brad stated it??), so it could be true!!

  6. OMG! Knox is absolutely adorable! He definitely is pointing something to his granddad. Maybe he saw a boat or something else interesting. Knox is Angie´s little mini-me but he also has some features from the Pitt side of the family. I can see something of Bill Pitt in Knox in these pics. Brad´s dad has aged really well and I can easily imagine what Brad – and his bro Doug – will look like when they are as old as their handsome dad. And if and when these good looks run in the Pitt family Knox will look like that in the future too. His outlook will change many times in the coming years. So if he looks like Angie right now he can easily look like Brad the Dad in the future. But the main thing is that he and the rest of the family stays healthy.

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